Love vs Trust-epi-27

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Ragini in OT,sanskar was very tensed,maheswari’s nd gadodia’s also came to hospital as sanskar already told them….after some time,operation got over doc came out,sanskar eagerly asked,doc said operation gt succeed,all r happy,sanskar was damm happy hearing this ,he hugs doc nd said thanku,doc smiles,sanskar asks can i see her,doc says no,she was unconscious, after sometime we will change her to normal ward then u can see her,but remember one thing,she needs complete bed rest for 1mnth,she will not move any parts of her body for somedays,take care of her,all nodded,sanskar was craving to see ragini,so he requested doc,seeing his concern doc also agrees……

Sanskar went inside OT,he sits beside ragini who was unconscious,he caresses her hair ,nd kissed her forehead,tears flowing frm his eyes(happy tears)….he says do u know how much i had tensed ,now im d happiest person in world,i knew u will get fine soon ,but i cant able to forget those words,u want to get away frm me,i should not forgive u,after a while he leaves……..

ragini gets changed into another rm,she also gets conscious,all family mem qent inside,sanskar jst stands near door,ragini in mind ,y is he doesn’t come near me,is he angry on me still,sanskar plz come to me nd say something,after a while sanskar went to doc,doc gives some medicine list nd tells some precautions,nd says i u can take her to home also,sanskar nodded,he completes arrangements nd all….finally they reached home, sanskar lifts her in his arms nd make lie on bed..ap makes soup nd gives it to sanskar nd asks him to feed ragini, he went to ragini,nd feeds soup,ragini jst stares at him lovingly,nd says in her mind,sanskar plz talk to me,nd she gets teary eyed ….days r passed,sanskar only make her bath,make her wear dress,nd he feeds her daily,he cares her like a child but still he doesnt talk to ragini …..35 days passed,now ragini was 98%fine but she has to be carefull….all family mem also leaves as ragini was normal…..

One day,sanskar came frm office,he opens d door , he sees floor,beautifully written im sorry on it with rose petals,he ignores it,he went to rm nd finds so many sorry cards,he opens cupboard,it was also filled up with sorry cards,then he hears ragini voice,he turns,ragini ws at door nd cutely says sorry,sanskar doesnt bothered ,he takes all cards nd thrown aside,nd goes to washroom ,ragini sadly pouts……

sanskar gets fresh nd went to dining followed by ragini,before RAGINI could serve,sanskar servs his food by himself,nd starts to eat,ragini jst sat beside him without having food,sanskar looks at ragini who wss stares at him,sanskar takes another plate nd serves food in it nd placed infront of ragini nd he continues his dinner,but ragini doesn’t eat,she remains same,sanskar observed this,nd he takes her plate nd starts to feed her,ragini smiles,while feeding ragini bites his finger but sanskar doesnt react,they finshed din ,sanskar gives medicine to her,she ate…

Sanskar lied on bed,ragini lies beside nd moves close ti him nd says,sanskar plz talk to me,sanskar takes blanket nd covers himself,nd dozzed off…..

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  1. Aww poor ragini what happen next sanskar is really a caring husband

  2. Shana98

    Awesome loved it

  3. Awww… So cute…

  4. nice and poor ragini

  5. awe silent treatment is the best revenge

  6. Awesome episode… Sanskaar is caring….include some romantic scenes plz..

  7. Sooi cute part pls update soonn

  8. Super epi…sanskar is so sweet…poor ragini…

  9. Hemalattha

    sanskaar is really a caring husband and poor ragini sanskaardon’t talk to her.awesome.

  10. awesome

  11. aww sanky man jao ragini is going to become naughty next part soon

  12. A.xx


  13. Malika

    Superb. Ragini sad for you.

  14. Ragz_teju


  15. Silent_writer

    Awww ragini btw its somewhat cuteee

  16. Sherin

    awesome…..but poor ragini

  17. Yazhu

    So cute….loved it a lot…

  18. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear..loved it sooo much….

  19. Amazing one….sanky is angry with rags ?…
    Hope soon everthing gets fine…….
    Superb one….loved it

  20. Akshata

    my poor ragini, awesome update

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