Love vs Trust-epi-26

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ragini wakes up nd sees she was on bed,nd sees sanskar side he was not there,she remembers last night,nd says sorry sanskar but i have no choice,saying she goes washroom ,gets fresh nd comes down nd sees sanskar was in hall,she goes to kitchen nd makes coffee nd gives to sanskar,but sanskar throws it nd went to room,he gets fresh nd leaves…..ragini doesn’t understand what to do,sanskar was angry on hern…..

sanskar went to hospital to know about that disease,he meets one doctor nd asks is there any treatment for this,doctor said ha there is some operation, but it was risky ,if it was failed,may she ll get lost her memory,or may she ll get into coma,after taking some information he went to office nd he thinks about doctor words he wzs restless ,he takes his purse nd sees ragini photo in it,he kissed her photo nd hugs it…

sanskar came home sits on sofa,looks so worried….ragini sees him nd curses herself for his state..
she goes to him…
Ragini : sanskar
sanskar :is there anything left tell
ragini : I want divorce
sanskar (damm angry ): r u mad,what do u think of urself,what wl u get by doing all this
ragini : I wl get ur happiness
sanskar : Oh great ragini maheswari,if u would leave me,then i will be happy right,u understands me very well
ragini : Not like that sanskar,plz try to understand me
sanskar : Can i ask one question
ragini nodded
sanskar : If i had any problem like this ,will u marry again
ragini (angry ): Shouts sanskar
sanskar : Kya hua,it hurts u na,then how could u think abt me like that
ragini :but sanskar think once about u nd ur family
sanskar : can u plz stop this matter here….
ragini leaves while crying
sanskar was fully frustrated by ragini words..he breaks d all d things in home ,his hand get cut,ragini came by hearing asounds ,she sees sanskar,who was breaking thing,she noticed his hand which was bleeding,she stops him,nd holds his hand says i wl bring first aid,sanskar pulls his hand,nd leaves..

After sometime sanskar came home nd went to rm,nd sees ragini was sleeping,he too lie down,after sanskar slept,ragini gets uo(she hasn’t slept,jst acted),she takes first aid box,nd she slowly holds his hand nd bandaid,she stares at him lovingly nd kissed his forehead nd sleeps….
sanskar wakes up,nd looks at his hand,a weak smile appears on his lips..he gets fresh,then he gets cl frm doctor,doc said,one specialist doc came here frm spain,98% ofhis operations gt succeed nd asks to bring ragini,sanskar gets happy nd goes to ragini who was in kitchen,sanskar asks come with me without asking any questions,ragini nodded,they went to hospital,ragini asks sanskar y r u took me here,sanskar sanskar says for ur operation,ragini says operation ???but sanskar it has less achances,what if it had fails,i dnto want to loose our memories,sanskar says nothing can happened,if u really loves me,then agree,ragini nodded,they talked to doctor,sanskar completes all formalities,ragini was tensed,sanskar hugs her tightly,after a while nurse came nd takes ragini to OT,operation starts,sanskar was restless..
Will ragini get fine ?

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  1. Superbbbbb pls update soon

  2. i think she will get fine but lose her memory

  3. I hope ragini will get fine….plz don’t separate ragsan…..waiting for next update eagerly….

  4. I think she loss her memory next part soon

  5. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear…their love is unconditional…pls make our ragu fine…

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  7. Love it

  8. Lila

    I hope nothing happens to ragini

  9. Malika


  10. Nice….. ..!!!!!!!

  11. Fairy

    Awesome episode dear…loved it….awww!!!feelng soooo bad for ragsan..dey love eo veryyy much,i jst cnt able to see dem in dis situation … .hope rags wl get fine ….waitng eagerly for nxt part…..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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  13. AMkideewani

    Superb dear❤️?

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  15. Wow awesome..

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  17. Nice epi…

  18. Ragz_teju

    hope ragini gets well soon.. loved Sanskar love towards ragini

  19. A.xx

    Love how much Sanskaar loves her,,, perfect husband.xx

  20. Hemalattha

    awesome.i think she will get fine but lose her memory.

  21. Superb episode….hope Rags gets fine?
    Awesome one

  22. Omg please update soon
    Love this
    Can’t wait

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