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Ragsan wr in car,no one speak a single word,sanskar stares at ragini while ragini silently cries facing window side….they reached their home..sanskar gets down frm car,ragini still sits in car nd lost somewhere,sanskar sees her ,he opens door , he holds her hand nd takes her to inside,he took some medical reports frm cupboard nd shows to ragini,ragini ws shocked….
That day,when ragini ws telling to sanskar about kavitha,then he gt a cl,he left,after that she goes to kitchen,suddenly she felt that her body was aching,first she ignores it,but pain was increased,she had a pain killer tablet,aftersometime again pain started ,so she went to hospital,after doctor check-up nd all,she got to know that she is suffering frm a disease,which would make her paralysed in future[guys sry i dnt know the disease name],ragini ws shocked..she reached home,after taking her reports,she eas only thinking about sanskar,if he would know about this,how ll he react,after somedays , i wl gt paralysed,then sanskar become shattered,seeing me like that,nd i cant give any happiness to him..thinking about all this,she decided to move away frm him,jst then she gt a call frm hotel,first she was shocked to seeing kavsan like that,then she understands it ws kavitha’s plan,but she thought it is d chance to get away frm him,so she takes it advantage nd behaved like that…

Fb ends
ragini sees d reports nd thinks how could i forget these reports here,sanskar asks so this isd reason f for ur behaviour,not abt kavitha,right ????,ragini kept silent,sanskar says i asked u something,answer me dammit,she said ha while crying…
Sanskar : So u thought to go away frm me,leaving me like this,how could u think like that ragini
ragini :then what should i do sanskar,after somedays i wl het paralysed,i cannot move any parts of my body,i cant give any happiness t
o u,it will give only pain to u..i dnt want to snรกtch ur happiness.
sanskar :u r my happiness,how can i be happy without u
ragini :no u wont be happy with me,nd i cannot be a burden to u..
Sanskar :burden?do u know what r u saying…

ragini :ha i know,forget me,marry someone,who can give life long happiness……
sanskar gets angrily hearing this,he slaps ragini,nd angrily leaves…..ragini keeps crying…sanskar also crying outside

sanskar came to rm nd sees ragini was sleeping on floor itself,he picks her up nd make lie on bed,he too lies thinking about ragini…
Epi ends.

[sorry if it wss bad,i dnt know any details about this disease,jst i knew that there is a some disease like this ] lovely:thank u for ur edits,my fb id ws lahari only,but i didnt get ur id…

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  1. I think this is also kavita plan to trap sanskar next part soon

  2. Silent_writer


  3. Sindhura

    Dont make her like that

  4. Saaaaara

    oooh dear ragini . this is soo saad
    plzz make it longer next time
    amazing epi

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  6. Sreevijayan

    OMG…poor my ragu..pls dnt let nythng happen to our ragu

  7. Shana98

    awesome loved it… please dont make her like that x

  8. superb update other ff also dear

  9. Nice episode.xx

  10. I am silent reader but today’s part compels me to comment you are solo amazing tour ff is mindblowing pls update soon

  11. AWESOME… …. !!!!!!!!!

  12. AMkideewani

    Mindblowing yaarโค๏ธ

  13. Bad epi…

  14. Sherin

    emotional….feeling bad for ragini

  15. Ragz_teju

    awesome dear.. hope ragini gets well soon

  16. Pls dont separate ragsan….I hope u will make everything fine….waiting for next part…..

  17. A.xx

    great,,,,feel bad for sanskaar as he loves her soo much and can’t bear to see her like this.xx

  18. ohhh but is this also a plan of kavitha i think so and hope also

  19. Awesome

  20. Hemalattha

    I think this is also kavita plan to trap sanskar and awesome.

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