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Ragini went to baadi,sumi hugs ragini ,nd she looks at her face,which was pale,sumi asks ragu kya hua,r u k,ragini says ha maa,im k,oh actually i want to see u&papa,so i came,sumi asks about sanskar,ragini says he has some work in office,before sumi could ask anything,ragini went to room by saying im tired,i will talk to u later…..

@ragsan home
Here sanskar was still numb,he cannot believe that what had happened,his ragini left,without listing him,he cant digest that fact …jst then he hears someone voice,seeing her sanskar clenched his fist,it was kavitha,she asks where is ragini,oh she had left right, i already told u na sanskar,she has no trust on u,she doesnt deserves u,her fate only like this,but u dont feel about her,im with u,we will start a new life,leave that bl**dy girl…sanskar angry reached peaks,he holds her neck with his two hands,nd says dnt dare to talk a single word about her,she is my life,its bcz of u ,i will kill u,he tighten his grip ,kavitha was scáred to see his angry,she struggles to remove his grip,finally she escaped frm his grip nd runs out of d house,sanskar fell on floor nd says how could u leave me like this ragini,how could u do this..he cries

ragini was staring at ragsan marriage pic,which was holding ragini,tears flowing frm her eyes,she hugs that photo tightly nd says sorry sanskar,sry for hurting u…..

2days .passed ,sumi observed ragini,she felt something wro wrong ,she asked ragini but she managed sumi….

sanskar became devdas abt ragini,one night he came to home nd goes to his room nd sees ragini was sitting on bed,sanskar hugs her nd says u came na ragini,i know that u wd cme ,i missed u so much,ragini brk d hug nd wiper
his tears nd kissed his both eyes,nd says i missed u too,how can i live with out u,sanskar hugs her nd says i love u,then he realized it was his imagination,he gets disappointed nd dozzed of thinking about ragini…….
Morning he wakes up ,he gets frsh nd opens cupboard for his clothes,then he sees empty side of cupboard nd remembers ragini,he also noticed something nd sees this nd he was shocked…he quickly dressed up nd leaves…

ragini was in rm nd remenbers their moments,door bell rings sumi opens d door nd sees sanskar,she welcomes him,sanskar came inside nd taje blessing frm sumi,sanskar asks about ragini,sumi asks is everything k bw u both,sanskar replied as positive,sumi smiles nd says ragini was in rm go nd meet her…
sanskar goes to ragini,ragini was shocked as she donnt expect sanskar here,she asks y did u come here,sanskar says lets go to our home,ragini says no i said na i cant live with u,sanskar says stop ur drama come with me,ragini says no,sumi came by knocking d dr,she brings coffee fr sanskar..

Sanskar :can i take ragini with me
suni:are sanskar y r u asking me,she is ur wife
ragini:but maa i want to stay here for some mre days
sanskar : Maa ,tell ur daughter,icant stay there,without her
sumi(smiles ) :go na rsgu
ragini thinks if i dnt agree,maa wil get doubt,i didnt want maa to know abt this..her thoughts disturbed by sanskar voice,sanskar asks should we leave,ragini nodded,they leaves..

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  1. Rafeee

    superb dear

  2. Ragz_teju

    awesome dear … hope reason for ragini leaving Sanskar will be revealed soon.. as it is not because she don’t trust Sanskar..

  3. I’m addicted to your ff, I’m glad you’re using my edits, I don’t know about your name in fb but please message me, I really want to see your stories in tevar page

  4. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

  5. Omg can’t wait what is going to happen in the house

  6. Keerthu

    Wow… Im missing ragsan cute moments..

  7. Sherin


  8. Sreevijayan

    Wooww..mindblowing update dear…loved it

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  10. Nice episode…I think ragini is pregnant…. I hope u clear misunderstanding between ragsan soon…waiting next part…

  11. Silent_writer

    Woooow suprb lovd it yr

  12. Yeah….Ray of Hope ….that they will be separated……
    Superb episode dear….amazing…..
    I loved allllooootttt….
    Lots of love and hugs frm me…hope you will accept it?

  13. I am sry….i mean *they will not get separated

  14. its to short next part soon

  15. awesome update soon

  16. Nice epi

  17. soo tgere is something which is forcing ragini

  18. Hemalattha


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