Love vs Trust-epi-16

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Episode 15

ragini wakes up nd sees she was on sanskar nd remembers last night,she blushes,jst then sanskr wakes up nd says good mng my lovely wify,ragini replies good morning my cute hubby…sanskar says cute!!!im not a girl,he poutes…ragini smiles nd says k sorry my handsome hubby..sanskar smiles..nd he noticed love byte on her neck..he gently touches it and asks is it paining,she replies as no…he placed his lips on that gently smooches…ragini tightly hugged him…after a while he released her nd says i love u..ragini smiles nd says its already late i will make breakfast saying this she was about to get up,sanskar pulls her and says..i want my gud morning kiss…ragini asks gud mrng kiss!!!!…sanskar says ha…nowonwards u have to give daily,gd mrng kiss gd night kiss,if u can,u have to give gud mid night kiss also….ragini blushes nd gives a kiss on his cheeks…

sanskar asks what is this,not here and shows his lips…ragini says plz let me go sanskar its already late,dnt u go to office…sanskar says first give my kiss,nd says k u dnt want to give,i will take saying this he captured her lips,ragini too reciprocates…after a long kiss they aparts..ragini runs to washroom while blushing…sanskar also blushes thinking about their romantic moments…

ragini gets fresh nd went to make breakfast,while sanskar got ready for office…they had breakfast while feeding each other…he pecks her forehead nd went to office…ragini completes kitchen work nd all….

ragini gets a call frm sanskar
sanskar:missing me
sanskar:no!!u havnt missed me
ragini:why should i…u r always with me in my heart ..,
sanskar was touched and says i love u so much..
ragini:i love u too
sanskar:had ur lunch
ragini:ha nd u
sanskar:ha…k get ready for tonight
ragini:sanskar(while blushing)
sanskar:dnt blush like this…i will come now only
ragin:chi sanskar..
they had some romantic talk….

sanskar came frm office nd surprised to see his family there…[ap,dp,rp,sujatha,parish nd their kids r came to see ragsan,swalak also came]sanskar:maa,papa..when did u all came
ap:jst before 1hour
sanskar:u didn’t informed me
ap:we missed u both so we came..we thought to give surprise to u..thats y didn’t informed
sanskar smiles nd went to fresh up…after sometime they all had dinner…after dinner all r sitting in hall nd talking,while ragini was playing with parish kids ansh nd Sara….sanskar sees ragini with corner of his eyes…pari asked ansh,sara to sleep..but they says today we want to sleep with ragini chachi…ragini agreed,sanskar gave a angry look to ragini,ragini pleaded sanskar with her eyes sanskar smiles…nd they went to sleep…ragini,ansh,Sara,swara in one room,sanskar nd laksh sleeps in one room….after sometime ragini got a call frm sanskar…
sanskar asked to ragini r they slept…ragini replied ha nd asks haven’t u slept..sanskar says how can i sleep without u..ragini smiles..sanskar asks at least give me my gud night kiss….ragini gives a kiss on phone…sanskar says not like this i want directly…ragini says how can i…sanskar asked to come kitchen,im waiting for u,before she could speak he cutted d call…ragini went to kitchen nd see sanskar there…sanskar pulled her towards him by holding her waist…ragini says sanskar what is this,if anyone can see,what they thought about us…sanskar says no one will come,dnt be tension,ragini says but….,sanskar stops her…shhh,he kisses her on her forehead nd he sees at her lips nd moves close to them bd about to kiss,they hear some footsteps,quickly sanskar hides behind door…sujatha came nd asks ragini what she was doing here..,ragini stammers nd says i came for water…sujatha says k,i m also came for water,they took 2bottles…ragini was standing there,sujatha asks still y r u standing ,chalo na saying this sujatha takes ragini with her…ragini gave sorry look to sanskar…sanskar stands there helplessly nd went to sleep…

epi ends

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