Love vs Trust-epi-11


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Episode 10

ragini opened d door nd saw sanskar with Yuvraj (guys hope u remembered him,i told him about 3 r 4 episode)..both r shocked to see each other..
sanskar:ragini kya hua
ragini:kuch nahi

sanskar:k this is yuvraj Malhotra..our new business partner..nd mr Malhotra she is my wife Ragini sanskar maheswari
Ragini gave fake smile…sanskar offers dinner for Yuvi he agees they had dinner md san,yuvi discuss about business..after a while yuvi left..sanskar went to get fresh..ragini was thinking about yuvi ..sanskar comes out frm washroom nd sees ragini lost..
sanskar:kya hua,r u fine
ragini:im k

sanskar:u r looking dull
ragini:nothing like that and gives him a weak smile
sanskar smiles nd goes to sofa and works on laptop..ragini goes to bed and thinls’y yuvi was here,should i tell sanskar about yuvi &me..what if he misunderstoods me..god help me i don’t know what i should do now..while thinking she dozzed off..sanskar completes his work nd sees ragini was sleeping..he stares at her lovingly nd kissed on her forehead..he too dozed off on sofa…

morning sanskar left for office..ragini was doing work in kitchen..door bell rings..she opened d door
yuvi:ha y did u do this to me
ragini:what i did..i have to ask this question to u..y did u cheated me
yuvi:what..i cheated u..what r u talking ragini..
ragini:truth yuvi…before my marriage i tried to contact u..but no response frm u..i felt ashamed to that i loved u once..
yuvi:no dear..dnt misunderstands me

ragini:dnt dare to call me like that
yuvi:k listen..after i went abroad for my business..i lost my mobile..thats y im not able to contact with u..after i returned i was searched fr u..but no use
ragini :dnt lie
yuvi:trust me ragini..i loved u truly..still i love u..i love u so much
ragini:shut up..jst shut now Mrs sanskar maheswari..nd i love my husband very much
yuvi:dnt say like that ragini..i love u

ragini:plz leave..stay away from me nd my husband…saying this she pushes him out nd lock d door..
yuvi:i can’t leave u ragini..i cant… saying this he left..
ragini was crying…and decided to tell about this to sanskar…

sanskar came frm office..before ragini could speak,sanskar asks her to get ready we r goingg party..ragini said she has no interest nd says she wont come anywhere..but sanskar makes her agree..she got ready in red color saree..sanskar was mesmerised to see her…he moves close to her and says u looks gorgeous she smiles..they left

@party venue
yuvi was waiting fr ragini(he only arranged party)…ragsan enters..yuvi also mesmerised to see ragini..he was staring at her she felt uncomfortable…sanskar gets a call nd went aside to talk,ragini stands there alone,yuvi comes there nd saysto ragini u r looking hot in this redsaree…ragini sees him angrily nd said shut up saying she moved frm there…sanskar comes to ragini nd asks for a dance..ragini agrees. janam janam(frm dilwale)song plays..sanskar one hand on ragini shoulder nd other one is on her waist..ragini both hands on his both shoulders..they r dancing romantically.both r lost…seeing this yuvi gets angry..ragsan came sense bcoz of clapping sound…after sometime ragsan left fr home..ragini tries to talk to sanskar but he was busy in his work…

epi ends

sorry fr grammar,typing mistakes….
j-im not d writer of that ff
sanam- in this ff swara nd san wr sibilings

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  3. Megha123

    Awsm bt i hope sanky doesn’t misunderstand ragu much ….???

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    Great… 😉
    but i think Yuvi is going to cause trouble to RagSan 🙁

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  7. very nyc episode…….sorry for not Commenting in ur previous episodes…….episode is awesome

  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Hope Sanskar doesn’t misunderstand Ragini now
    Loved it
    Loved Ragsan dance
    Waiting for the next one……….

  9. nice epi….hope there wont be any big misunderstanding between RagSan

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