Love v/s Infatuation – Introduction

Hello!! People, I am back today but not with my ff but an introduction of my new Os[ though I have not finished Humdard yet ?]…I guess we can give an introduction for this…so basically this story came to my mind just like that and I thought why not write it because it is quite different according to me…so let’s see what the introduction has for you…
We say that we have fallen in love but is it love always? I guess no. But what is that feeling then? The answer to this is infatuation Yes, Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something like a crush which is considered to be love whereas love is a strong feeling of affection for someone without any terms and conditions, without external appreance being mattered , love is
something that can happen to you even if you don’t want to fall in love , guess this is how hearts can connect without letting their owners know about it…………
Kunj Sarna – 28 years old,A happy go lucky boy who just wants to live life to the fullest . A well behaved man . Twinkle’s Best friend and is loved by all…
Twinkle Taneja-26 years old, A bubbly, young , Punjabi pataka ….A complete package of beauty with brains…..Kunj’s bestie….The whole of Amritsar drools over her but her heart beats for only one man, her prince charming…..
Leela and Rt. Taneja- Parents of Twinkle and like parents to Kunj…They both are kind hearted humans ….
Chitra Taneja- Twinkle’s Masi i.e Leela’s youngest sister… Chitra is a grown up matured woman but still childish…At the age of 39+ she is still single due to some reasons but still loves her life to the fullest ..A complete package of Beauty and grace …anyone would fall for her beauty……
Usha and Manohar Sarna- Parents of Kunj and Business partners to Taneja’s yet more than a family to them….Love Kunj a lot….
Taneja’s and Sarna’s knew each other since Manohar and Rt. were chuddie buddies…..
But TwiNj became friends during their school days………
So guys this is the introduction…and one more thing… Who do you want to imagine as Chitra , suggest me some actresses who are old but not soo old and beautiful with grace ……Do you want to imagine Manisha Kolaria as Chitra do let me know…..and don’t forget to express your views on infatuation…what do you think it is??
Comment down below and I will see you all soon with my ff Humadard…..

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  1. Sohi

    Awesome and unique plot dear
    Looking forward to read it
    I suggest parul Chauhan for Chitra

    Waiting for the os
    Do continue
    (is it really a os or ss)

  2. Sameera

    Wow yaar CP amazinggggg intro loveddddddd it yeah u said it right about the infatuation ?????…
    Well hell waited for actual update …do cont soon ????….
    Love you ???????

  3. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Intro. Do continue

    Post ur ff soon eagerly. Waiting. For it
    Luv u so much

  4. Nishuu

    Interesting plot ..awesome
    Plzzz post epi soon

  5. Supriya18d

    oyee Cheenu baby….All the best…
    awsm concept….lub uh so much baby

  6. SidMin23

    Interesting and waiting to know more of this ff and do post other ff also post soon

  7. P.....Secret

    Awesome plot..
    Post soon..
    Love u

  8. I want rakhee vijan as chitra and it is awesome

  9. seriously very much unique
    and exciting plot dear

    and awesome concept dear

    u are right about infatuation

    and extremely sry for commenting late

    do continue

    post ur this ff & humdard ff soon

    love u a lot….♡♡♡


  10. Ramya

    Awesome cp amazing dear
    Loved the concept
    N infatuation is may be we get attracted to someone but not with heart only by brain I think so
    Awesome intro

  11. Amazing concept…Loved it…post soon

  12. sorry sry late hu.. ….
    amazing & unique plot nice????

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