Love Vs Friendship (Intro)

Hi guys this is my first ff and its completely different from the track. Hope you like it……

Before starting just tell me do you miss Karan Mehra in the show?? This story is completely focused on Naksh, Naira, Karthik, and Gaya.
Episode starts with introduction of characters. First Gayu Singhania aka Gayathri Singhania and her parent Naitik and Akshara. Neighbours of Mehra’s from 10 years.
Naksh Mehra lives in their neighbourhood with his father Anand Mehra (played by Karan Mehra). Naksh has a sister named Naira who he loves more than his life. Their mother Arthi Mehra passed away 4 years back and Naira was then 14 years old (now she is 18) and was unable to digest the truth that her mother don’t exists any more. So, he father sent her to America. Naira learns Dance there as it was her mother’s last wish.

Karthik Kapoor- his parents are divorced and he was forced to live with his mother Durga kapoor (played by Kishwar Merchant) who also tries to control his life. Loves dance but his mother always wants him to score good.

Karthik, Naksh and Gayu are studying B-Tech 2nd year in St. Theresa college (guys do you remember school from Student of the year, the same is convert to college here). Naksh and Karthik are bff. Naksh treats Gayu as his sister. Gayu and Naira are best friends, actually Gayu is naira’s only friend. They are more of sisters than friends. Gayu has a secret crush on Karthik ever since they first met.

So guys how is my intro plz comment

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  1. Wow dear this is good different one from the serial it will be great reading it
    but sincerely I request it should be kaira love story dont give them some other partners plzzz
    thank u dear
    plzz continue

    1. Keerthi_pratyusha

      Thank you shilpa… and ofcourse its gonna be kaira

  2. Vrushy

    It would be more sensible if naksh and naira would be akshara and naitiks kids since their names are a collabaration of ak and nk. I just can’t imagine them to be kids of some other couple.
    The rest was good !

    1. Keerthi_pratyusha

      actually i want to you mother sentiment to make kaira closer.. and i cant kill akshara so changed their parents… Just comment kill akshara is better or naksh and naira as children of others

  3. It was awesome.
    Really amazing track.
    Just waiting for next part

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