Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) preview


This is just a promo guys your coments will decide that weather i should start this ff or not i have totally changed Pragya and Abhi’s character in it and it is going to be different story and yup i am not taking any relevance from original story guys it is totally my imagination so it will not have characters from original kkb also hope you will like it

A girl is shown wearing blue jeans and Red and Black combo of check print shirt sleeve folded upto elbow and her hairs are tied tightly playing with basket ball wearing sports shoes someone calls her and says what are you doing here if teacher caught us then he will start giving lecture here only come fast

Pragya : ARey leave me no one have guts to punish Pragya Arora understand
Yes she is Pragya bold and full naughty believes in making friends she is fearless having no fear of anyone she is used to be known as tomboy of college and loves to play basket ball
then screen shifts and a face of decent boy shown someone was calling him Hey yr always being in books or your radio or your guitar not fare yrr come with me and the boy replies dont say anything about books as they have the greatest fun in reading them and if you are talking about guitar then let me tell you that i use to play it in my free time to live aside by your stupid talks ok
and he is none other then Abhi he is a sweet simple boy who is very fond of books and songs books are his best friends and he believes in fantacies that one day he will get her girl who will be different from others he use to stay away from the people who use to think that love is time pass
And then the screen shows Pragya saying dont talk about love from me and Abhi is looking at her with tears in his eyes

then a voice over says
if their paths were different then how they met and if they met then what happened so that daring girl changed into stone heart and weak personality what happend and why who knows what game destiny has played with them to know that wait for 28 April

guys please do comments weather i should continue or not and yup who am i you have to guess it because many of you are familiar with me this is promo of new story

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  1. Nice one yaar plz continue..

  2. i guess surbhi or somiya or srimathi … pls tell ur name ..and nice preview

  3. awesome it was amazing yaar pls continue

  4. yaaar its vry intrstng dooooo continue I tooo wanna knw the destiny game nd I like the montage vrrrrrrry much its awesome nd damn gud wat is ur name

  5. hey its really awesome dr.i cant wait till 28.plz update regular ma.i think its srithi….

  6. Its Just Superbbbbbbbb……………Different Plot…………..Sooooo To read the update we have to wait til April 28th…………..By the way ,Ur familiar to us!!!!!Hei na????Ur Name starts with “S”………. Is it SOMIYA ????If its not,Plzzzz forgive me…….I am Really Sorry ………..

  7. BTW story line is superb yaar????

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Just Awesome……… Superbbbbbbbb Start………….Sooo we have to wait til April 28 to read the update!!!!!U r Familiar to us!!!!! Ur Name starts with”S”……Somiya Hei na?????

  9. Interesting story with diff concept ya. Definitely u shud continue.

  10. Hey amazing story line. Is it srimathi Akka?

  11. Nice yaar… Really superb n plzzzz continue with Ur ff thn i thk it’s surbhi… If I’m wrong sry…

  12. Nice plzzzz continue

  13. I think its surbhi. A promising promo! ?

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