Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) Episode 7


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Abhi and Pragya hugs each other and are emotional Abhi speaks first while remaining like that in hug “Oh Pragya finally u found me ☺☺ I am too happy even u can’t imagine that pragya how much I was desperate that u should find out that its me your burger ur Abhishek ??? u can’t imagine pragya” he was extremely happy and suddenly he felt that Pragya wasn’t speaking a word so he broke the hug to look at her and she was looking at him with several questions in her eyes which were filled with tears and he said ” please say something Pragya I know u r angry upon me as I left without informing u but at least speak to me ??” she didn’t utter a word and just asked “WHY?” he asked being clueless” what??” pragya said “it’s my question Abhi WHY you did that ? and if u did that then why u r playing with my emotions u can’t even understand what was I feeling in these past years and now u r return why to hurt me more u didn’t even thought to leave a note for me that pragya I am leaving I am not able to meet you but no u … ??? u just left Abhishek without even meeting me last time for god sake now don’t increase my problems just go back ?” Abhi remain in tears said “pragya…????” pragya said “please don’t let wake those emotions up which are burried under my heart because now I have no faith on them just go Abhi just go please because I don’t want that I again hope something from u because u will again leave me I know that I can’t even tell you that I have started to lo…?????” she was about to speak but realizing what she is going to speak she stopped and said crying bitterly “?just go” and she left from there and Abhi was stood remaining in tears and thought that this is not going to be easy I know I love u and u should also know that I am back from Canada only for you because I love u damn it ?? but I will make all misunderstanding clear soon…..
as Pragya ran from there she went towards her scooty and directly went to her home here Abhi was in college trying to hide his tears from everyone reminding the incident there bulbul comes and keeping her hand on his shoulder said “I said na ?? this will not be easy the more u will try to get close to her the more u will get hurt she is not that sweet Pragya now she has become stone hearted ??” Abhi without uttering a word hugs her and said ” I am the only reason bulbul I am the only reason but now I promise I will bring pragya old pragya back for sure ??”
Bulbul nods yes and the screen shifts to Arora mansion here Pragya is crying bitterly remebering the incident and decided that she won’t go college for two or three days as she don’t want to face him and to her luck her maid comes in to her room and said “baby ji Madame had said that u have to go Sweden for attending one business meet as she is not able to.go and sir is also not available at time so u have to attend that Madame had told me to ask ur decision and tell me” Pragya thinks it is good she will get some time to get rid of those thoughts so she said “ok say to maa that I am ready and please say to her that I will go there for one month as holidays ” the maid said ok and left and after some time pragya without informing anyone of her friends neither bulbul nor Purab so no one was having idea that where she is like this about a week spent and here Abhi was feeling extremely restless because he wanted to clear those misunderstandings as soon as possible so he asked bulbul to inquire about her from home and from there they came to know that she is in Sweden for one month and Abhi felt sad as one month now without her was looking one year for him and as soon as possible he wanted to share his feelings with her so it was more thing of sadness for him and he was like” it was difficult to spend 10 years without looking you then how I am going to spend this one month….. ” here Pragya was thinking “please stay away from my thoughts please because as more as I think about you my pain increases I want to hug you I want to share my all problems with you but I can’t as u have returned so late burger so late now everything is about to finish now ??” and screen freezes on her sad face ….

Precap : pragya is going and abhi holding her hand said with teary eyes “no not again”

what is pragya hiding from everyone why it is too late for sharing her feelings with Abhi why ? what pain is she going through ? all these answers you have to guess …

Credit to: sukanya

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