Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) Episode 6


sorry for the late update lets get into the story straight
the day pragya was unable to sleep as those words said by Abhi was echoing in her ears she was taking turns while lying on the bed but the words U CAN’T WIN FROM ME EVER CRRAM ROLL were not ready to leave her she was thinking what if he is the same person whom she is waiting from past 15 years is it possible that he knows me and I am unable to recognize him no it he is the same so what my soul will recognize him his eyes are familiar to me I will recognize him for sure ? ” then she called Bulbul and asked about the matter and narrated the incident and said ” Bulbul is it possible that he is the same person” Bulbul said “listen if u have doubt so u must clear that right ?? what’s the need of giving pain to your head and at night to sleepy people also u know I was just going to give a tight bone crushing hug to Purab and u disturbed me ??” Pragya asks “you are with Purab at this much late night ???” Bulbul says “No in dreams I was going to do so idiot” Pragya laughs harder and says “???Ok ok u continue idiot but I will start my doubt clearance from tomorrow morning itself ? if he is the same person then he have to answer my several questions ??” Bulbul says ” Ok baba now sleep and let others also sleep???” Pragya says bye and ends the call and as soon she ends the call Bulbul calls Abhi and Abhi picks up the call and says ” Hey ghochu ? how did u called” Bulbul said ” why can’t I call u now??” Abhi says ” hey ghochu chill yr I was asking as u have called me at 1:00 in night and u are not from those who use to stay awake at this much late so…?” Bulbul said “leave my thought Mr. because our plan is going to fail?” Abhi asked “what are u saying bulbul ?” Bulbul said “your cream roll is going to inquire about you as she have strong doubt that u r the same person and if she got to know so soon then what will she do you even can’t think Abhi ?” Abhi said” ??this is the problem then there is no problem let her try her best but she won’t find me and if she succeeded then I will get to know one thing about which I am unsure and want to know weather I am thinking right or not ☺” Bulbul asks “what are u saying I am unable to understand dude ??” Abhi laughed and said” ??nothing Bulbul don’t try to understand just think that you are going to get time for ur beloved purab so enjoy with him” and he ends the call and bulbul also murmurs “both are crazy ?” and she slept.
it was next day morning and Pragya was on her mission by morning itself the first thing she did was she checked her FB and there she searched about Abhishek and didn’t found anything she got his profile but as it was updated then she didn’t got any clue about that she was about to log out but then she saw a thing which increased her doubt more it was his relationship status which was showing that he is in relationship with someone but whom it was not written but it was not the reason for her doubt to be get increased it was the status on his timeline which was the reason of her doubt and there was written “FINALLY IT GOT ABOUT 20 YEARS COMPLETED SINCE I AM WITH HER I HAVE HER MEMORIES WITH ME DON’T KNOW WHERE IS SHE BUT YES WHEN I WILL MEET HER IT WILL.BE THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE…??? DON’T KNOW WHEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER BUT YES THE THING I KNOW IS I LOVE MY CREAM ROLL A LOT ??? WAITING TO MEET HER EAGERLY?”…. by reading this she was again in thoughts and wanted to believe that he is the same person but again when she read comments her believe changed into doubts because abhi had replied to one comment that I haven’t met her yet it was just my thoughts which I shared ” so she logged OFF the account as she was getting late for college today she didn’t took her luxury car for the college today she went by her scootey all the college was wonder that how that stubborn Pragya was today now on scooty but she ignored everyone and went inside there she took help of one of her junior class mate and asked him to hack the administration details as she needs something important so he also agreed and they both inquired about that and then she came to know that Abhi his full name is Abhishek Mehra just this she got to know as they were sitting in library and that time librarian came there as she was going today on half day she have to close the library and the laptop they were using was of library but Pragya’s doubt was raising rapidly as she was getting clue by clue her doubt was increasing but she didn’t got a clear view of that but one thing was clear that his name was Abhishek and people use to call him Abhi once she thought of leaving the matter but then she reminded how he was close to her and how he was saying that word cream roll the. she thought something and went to search him and finally she found him in the basketball court playing basketball he was in his waist and his t shirt was tied on his waist and he was sweating a lot it seems he is playing since long time she looked at him and thought something then she went and hid behind the pillar near there and started singing a song “dil mere tu deewana hai (oh my heart u r crazy)
pagal hai Maine mana hai (I agree that u r mad)
pal pal aahen bharta hai ( moment by moment u admire someone)
kehne se kyu darta hai (then why u r afraid of saying that)
as she starts singing Abhi stops and a flashback is shown when Abhi and Pragya was at age of 15 both use to sing the same song as this was their favourite song but Abhi liked the song when Pragya use to sing this it was his favorite song in her voice and he can’t resist that he came out of flash back when he again heard the voice she was singing again and he started moving towards the way from where the voice was coming
dil mere tu deewana hai (oh my heart u r crazy)
pagal hai Maine mana hai ( I agree that u r mad )
pal pal aanhein bharta hai (u admire someone moment by moment)
kehne se kyu darta hai (then why are u afraid of saying)
he reached near the door where she was standing and as she sensed that he is coming near she moved from there and hid behind the tree near the court as the court was like a hall so he was out now and she was hidden behind the tree and started singing again
nadiyon ko ehsaas hai (Rivers had realized this)
sagar ko bhi pyas hai (ocean is also thirsty)
she stopped after singing this and Abhi who was searching here and there to.look who is singing as the voice wasn’t same but it was attracting him and Pragya was here thinking that if he is same then he will continue for sure and he did… So he started singing….
mana ki hai andhera ghana( I agree that darkness is high)
kisne kiya tujhko mana ( then who stopped u)
taron ki shamma jala ( lit the lamp.of stars)
he was singing but Pragya again started singing
such hongey sapne bhi (dreams will come true)
aisa hai Maine suna (I have heard that)
as he was near her about to find her she escaped again and now she was sure that he is the same person the same Abhi who left her with out meeting her without telling her she continued singing now she was hiding behind the pillar of the college auditorium and Abhi was also there this time he caught her and the scenario was as……
Pragya singing while having tears in her eyes but trying to hide them :
Dil mere tu deewana hai ( oh my heart u r crazy)
Abhi moving towards Pragya with teary eyes :
Pagal hai Maine mana hai ?
Pragya moving towards him : pal pal aanhein bharta hai ?
Abhi to her : kehne se kyu darta hai ?
both of them ran towards each other and hugged tightly Pragya was crying and Abhi doing so he was feeling as he has got his life back and he was in mixed emotions and happy as his thoughts were cleared now he wanted to know weather she loves him or not and today he got his answer………….

Credit to: sukanya

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