Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) Episode 5

the episode starts with abhi calling bulbul said ” hey Ghochu don’t come to college tomorrow OK ?” bulbul asked” but why would I do so ? are u out of your mind that pragya will kill me for that no no I can’t take the risk ??” abhi said “I knew it you will answer the same and I said Purab also that u won’t agree upon taking leave from college but he said that she will see I was right ??” bulbul being shocked” really did purab called me ? he said this to you ??” abhi answered “of course ghochu he only said this to me ??” bulbul said “ahm ?? abhi that’s nothing like that yr I will take leave from Clg tomorrow because I am not feeling well today so it is possible that I won’t come to college tomorrow ??? ok I think pragya is calling I have to attend her call bye ??” she ended the call and Abhi jumped in excitement said” trapped ????? ghochu I know what u will do now u will call purab and ask him for outing ????? it is so easy to make y fool but there was no other option to make that cream roll alone so that I can enjoy with her ???”

and as Abhi said Bulbul did the same she called purab and luckily he agreed for outing ….
next day when Pragya came to college she didn’t found bulbul anywhere she called her but the no was switched off and she was getting irked then she went and sat near the basket ball court and started waiting for the court to get free so that she can play there and remove her frustration and that time Abhi also came there with one of his class mate and said to him indicating towards the Pragya “niketan now a days people have become so alone right ??? that they didn’t having any friend with them to play basket ball also ???” Pragya being irked got up from there and went near the basket ball court and started playing with others and Abhi smiled naughtily and said” Madame if u have courage then compete me ???”

pragya being in her attitude said” what’s the need of courage I know I can defeat u ??” Abhi asked “really then lets start the game ?” pragya said “sure” they started playing and there happens five rounds first two were won by Abhi pragya was irked and next two were won by Pragya and she started showing her attitude again and it was last round now ball was with pragya she was defending it to do basket and Abhi covered her from back in terms of snatching the ball but an unusual thing happened Pragya’s heart started beating fastly ?? as he was so close to her and she was able to.feel his breathe and he was looking towards her eyes and whispered to her said “u can’t win from me ever cream roll after all u r the cream roll” and Pragya got shocked by the words said by him and her expressions were ???? and she said ” did he said cream roll no no I am over thinking” his thoughts were disturbed by the sound of clap which were for Abhi as he won the match and by this she was extremely angry but she was in thoughts also that did she heard that word cream roll …..

Precap : Pragya inquiries about Abhi l..

so what would happen next will Pragya be able to know that he is her Abhi
lets see

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  2. Super super super yaarrrrr… Really super bt can u pls give us long episode.. Pls dr

  3. really happy to see this ff once again…….if possible update it regularly…..all the best…really loved it……

  4. Guess Prags will bcme angry abt y did Abhi left her w/o saying anthg……..I loved this episode

  5. cream roll. wow

  6. Superb yaar waiting fr nxt part?☺

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    super dr………

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  9. Oh my god oh my god I can’t wait I’m eagerly waiting vl pragya cones to know abt abhi ahhhh really excited yaar ahhh thn nick name really sooooo cute….

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