Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) Episode 4

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RECAP :- Abhi pragya enters college and have a short fight on first day itself bulbul comes to know that the new boy is their child hood friend Abhi and they plans to change pragyas behaviour
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The episode starts with pragya is going back to home and having full anger for abhi in her eyes and after some time she reaches home and servant, welcome her, she asked to him ” where is maa and papa” he answers “they went to temple” she said “ok when maa come back tell her that I want to talk to her” servant nods yes and she said “I am going in my room and better u take something to eat for me there” servant nods yes and she leaves there in her room she went in her closet and after getting fresh n up she came out and went to a small drawer which was kept on her side table and took out one photo frame and started talking to that she said “you know how much I hate u no u can’t know because u know I can’t hate u ? because u r the only one who was my best friend after Bulbul and in past few years I have started loving u unknowingly don’t know how it happened but yes it is and that’s the only reason that your cream roll is so harsh towards others ? its all because of you. you know how much anger ? I have upon you no you don’t know because of You am extremely angry upon you because u didn’t even thought it is important to meet me before leaving u just met Bulbul that day but didn’t met me why u did this tell me ??? I was feeling betrayed that day and still I am feeling so because I don’t know the reason why you did so ?? and I will feel so until u come and clarify that why u did so and answer my every question ??until I have to wait because I don’t know when u r going to return?”
she was talking to the frame when she was disturbed by the knock on the door and it was her maid who brought food for her and then she asked to her that” baby ji madam and sir are back they said they will talk to you while dinner this time they are busy” Pragya said “ok now leave” she again looked at pic and said “see even they don’t have time to talk with me ??”
screen shifts to Abhi’s home he is sitting on his bed and looking at a childhood pic of him where three girls are there and two boys and he said “u know cream roll how much I missed u in past years my day wasn’t completed without fighting with u and I was missing that extremely ? I know u are angry upon me that’s why I didn’t disclosed that I am back because I want to clear ur misunderstanding ? u know u r the one for meeting whom I was this much desperate but I was little bit shocked as I didn’t even thought that u will change this much ?? I know this is all because of me but I am sure that if I am the reason of ur changed behaviour then I will he the one who will change u completely for sure ? after all u are my cream roll but one more thing anger makes ur beauty double haah ??”
screen shifts to Bulbul she is talking to some one
“But Purab u know her very well if she came to know that he is Abhi then she will turn into extremely angry young women then how can I tell her that he is back??”
Purab says “why would she do so we all.know she is desperately waiting to meet him ?”
Bulbul says “because she feels that he has betrayed her just because he didn’t even met last time to her before leaving and he didn’t told her that he is leaving ??”
Purab ” Oh so it means we have to hide this from her until he tell her himself and clear all.the misunderstanding ?” bulbul says “yes”.
screen divides into two parts abhi with smile face and pragya with cried face is shown and song aahtein plays in back ground.

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