Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) Episode 3

OK I think because of my thoughts every one was hurt her as I said about your fax writer but what I thought she is not only your favourite writer but your friend am I right? anyways no need to be sorry guys as I kept my thoughts you kept your thoughts in front of me so doesn’t matter but yes because I hurt you all so I am says that I am extremely sorry that I hurt you all and I have to say that she is very lucky that she got this much friends through writing hope I will also be successful in getting friends like this so accept my apology as I have hurt you people but wasn’t too clear that I don’t have any personal rival with her but I was just irritated that you all were only taking her name nothing else so again sorry for that 🙂
Abhi says we will bring that akdu back in the old way but I need help will you help me….???
bulbul says why not as I also don’t like this money minded akdu..??
Abhi says OK partner we will make a plan together now but not in front of her as I don’t want that she recognize me before changing herself because if it happens then don’t know about her reaction but surely I will do something to her because I can’t handle this type of girls ugh…. so irritating ???
relax relax Abhi I will take care of it she won’t recognize you believe me as I won’t let this happen ????said Bulbul
good thanks ghochu now we should leave otherwise that akdu will come here said Abhi
Bulbul said yes you are right she will kill me as I have took this much time in drinking water???
Abhi said yeah till now you have Emptied the whole water tank??????
Bulbul said shut up idiot and think about the plan I will catch you later?
Abhi said am I looking like ball to you which have been thrown by someone so you are saying catch you later????that’s why I always say ghochu learn something……
bulbul gives a glare look to him and says disgusting and leaves from there….? Abhi said OYE I was just kidding yr…
in the class room Pragya was showing her tantrums to every one looking at that as usual girls were getting irritated and boys were assuming to get her attention just then Bulbul enters in the class and sits but Pragya interrupt and says come Bulbul we are going to play basket ball…
bulbul asked now? have you gone mad this is time of economics lecture and already we have short attendance in that and you are asking to bunk that also you know right he will not permit us to sit in exams due to short attendance???

Pragya said I don’t care I will take care of that you come with me??? and she drags Bulbul with her and Abhi who was looking all this from distance said time for action ??? miss Pragya Arora see how you attend that class now and saying this he also left and as Pragya was about to do the basket Abhi catches the ball and said it’s good to play alone there is no fear of losing in that???
Pragya got irked and said oh yeah now you will tell me how to play and with whom to play and by the way why the hell you are to interrupt my game??
Abhi goes near her and said looking in her eyes the game which is played alone are not considered as games it shows that you can’t win???
Pragya says listen you?
Abhi says Abhishek it my name??

Pragya says who ever you are I don’t care I just wanna say that I can play with others and I am a player so there is no chance of losing ?
Abhi says really now let’s have a challenge if I win then you will attend the class which you are bunking and if you win then I will do whatever you will say?
Pragya says done and both started playing first two rounds Pragya won the match and she was showing her attitude then the next two rounds were won by Abhi as it was a tie so one more match was played by them and that also won by Abhi and Pragya got irked and Abhi said get ready miss Pragya time to attend the class ????and saying this he left and Pragya said this defeat will cost expensive me Abhishek just wait and watch what I will do with you now????? screen freezes there
OK as I have already said sorry but I want to say one thing mr or miss who do ever you are well wisher you should not say like that the person about whom I am talking about will feel worried because I have just kept my point of view I am not saying that as a feel of rival OK I hope you will understand

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  1. Nice episode sukanya really nice loved it

  2. its really nice….
    hai guys dont be so rude……we all r frnds….ur comments r hurting all ff readers….
    so plzzzz….. avoid this guys….

  3. I’m here I know your feelings but your comments can really hurt the other ff readers . I don’t understand why you feel irritated though. ……………. OK as for your episode is nice but I need to say something your emojis are very colorful. I think sukanya you can be a little bit more polite in commenting , sorry if I had hurted your feelings yesterday or per you episode???????????????????
    ☕ Cheer Up ?
    ? ✨ )) ✨ ?
    ?┃ (( * ┣┓ ?
    ?┃*? ┣┛ ?
    ?┗━━┛ ?
    ? For YOU ?
    ??????( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  4. sorry ya…..nice episode…..

  5. Nice episode yaar whatever happens just leave tat n just forgot abt it if I hurt u by any harsh words I dint mean so 4 tat im sry…soooo just leave all the thgs in last episode thn today’s episode s really awesome n im eagerly waiting for NXT episode frd…

  6. awesome superbbbbbbb

  7. Actually Sorry! No seriously I m sorry, actually the thing is i don’t know why i said so much, it was nothing but u kept your point of view, soo My mistake! ? Acha leave it! But loved today’s episode soooo muchhh and i love that word Ghochu ????? the way abhi says, and pragya akadu, that’s different, … It’s so awesome best thing is Abhi made pragya attend the lecture, but i have a request can u make it longer please! But overall it’s sooo good! And yes again sorry, i think i said hurting words to you, i didn’t meant it, i don’t know why but i said i m still in thoughts why did i said it! Okayy it is confusing me but Yes I M Sorry, and We all are not writers or fans, we all are friends! Soo leave Sorry and thank you and catch the next episode, arey it made me remember abhi’s dialogue am i ball that u will catch ???? loved it

  8. hey ….juz leave it yaar ….we all will forget about tat ……….u shared ur views towards an ff and this is not wrong ……..u can criticize an ff but it should be done in a way that it doesn’t make others feel bad . Ok now forget about this incident …….

    Coming to ur ff . I loved ur concept it is extremely different and the emoji’s are soo good . Keep continuing and don’t forget to update regularly. Pls dontt mistake me for givin my lectures and if u can accept me as ur frnd and take my advice into cosiderance

  9. karthi srithi

    Hi the episode was good yaar but can u make abhigya together fast pls just a request pa

  10. Guys read my comment again and come! I dont understand y u ppl dont get it! I told surbhi will be happy to see all the support towards her! Thats wat i meant! If u dont understand i cant do anything about it! Wateva ur epi is good! But the last part was rude! Polite in front of people who support!

  11. Abhigya.....

    Superb episode…nd yeah forget about that…u just shared ur view… U can share ur view but in a way that others should not get hurt…anyways I am waiting for next part..update it soon…

  12. Nice yaar???
    Waiting for next part?

  13. Wow its awesome and I loved it and I’m so sorry if I hurtted you okay let’s forget about the past and let’s all be friends

  14. hey ya. superb funny too ????

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