Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) Episode 2


Hey guys again I am here guys I wanna make you one thing clear that I am not Surbhi who is writing that story Games of destiny I think OK let’s come to the point I was telling that I am not Surbhi My name is Sukanya I know I said that you people know me but I am sorry it was a prank I was just wanted to know if I will write the initial then whose name will be the first which will come into your mind and I was amazed that there were only names of either Somiya or Surbhi I think you are great fan of them anyways sorry again for that and yes I am Sukanya…… now let’s go to the story
recap : Pragya Abhis intro
the episode starts with Pragya saying Bulbul I need every detail of him Bulbul says OK I will find out who is he but already tell me what happened???? Pragya handles the car keys in her hand with a glare killing look and says look your self what happened!! Bulbul says wow Pragya new car haah this color is good from where did you took and painted your car in this color haah!!! Pragya pats Bulbul’s head and says that’s why you doesn’t have any good friend can’t you see that he made my car bath in mud silly dumbo!! bulbul said oh I see so your car wasn’t washed so what was the need of making it bath in mud already it was dirty with your dirty attitude…… Pragya asked what???? what did you say just now?? bulbul with widening her eyes ??said nothing just blabbered nothing else… Pragya says better and leaves from there and Bulbul says gosh today you escaped Bulbul otherwise this akdu might have killed you if she have heard that anyways I hope this person will change her attitude I should meet him and made him friend also hmmmmm……….. Good idea Bulbul go for it and saying this she also left.?
it was the time for class all were present there and chatting about Abhi who was became the point of attraction in just one day girls were getting mad over him and boys were getting jealous over him….. just then Pragya entered with Bulbul and looked for a seat and as she enters all the boys starts offering her their seat and she refused with attitude then one boy who was sitting next to the seat of Abhi who was looking almost Chashmish was leaning in his books she went and sat with him and said to Bulbul with attitude that the person gets lucky if I sit with him I can’t make anyone this much lucky on first day so better to make lucky to some one else……??? bulbul rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief and said gosh please good send someone who can break her attitude not attitude false attitude she is so much stubborn over her beauty……..??
Abhi who was looking all this from distance said to Bulbul by throwing a piece of paper on her where he had written “don’t worry the person had arrived your wish will become true very soon” Bulbul read it and looked here and there then she looked that Abhi was showing hand to her saying hiiii….. and he was calling her with gestures then she took excuse from Pragya for the name sake of drinking water and went to meet him out side the class room and asked to him hey Mr what do you think of your self haah what you was saying you will teach a lesson to my friend so listen me I will break your legs if you thought about that…… she was blabbering and Abhi got irritated so he kept his hand on her mouth and dragged her aside and said offo ghochu how much you will speak you h haven’t changed yet haah still having that habit of blabbering as same as childhood….. bulbul got shocked as she heard that name and a voice echoed in her mind OYE GHOCHU YOU CAN’T CHANGE EVER UNDERSTAND EVEN GOD WILL ALSO GET FAIL IN CHANGING YOU and when Abhi shook her she came out of thoughts and he asked did you remembered something….. haah ??
bulbul with a shocked expression said Abhi ?? Abhi nodded yes? and Bulbul hugged him and said you left us long time ago and suddenly came back how you was in America right with your parents !!!! Abhi answered yeah r returned last week as dad settled his business in India also and so I thought to meet you people but luckily I met that sadu in morning and that time itself I understood that she is only out sadu who has become little bit stubborn now so I thought that you also will be with her and as she entered you was the first person who meet her so I thought that it’s none other than ghochu that’s it….???
bulbul answered yes she has become little bit money minded also….. ?
Abhi answered not fear when Abhi is here we will make her realise that values again ??
Hope you liked it one more thing guys I was little bit confused that why you people wàs thinking that it is Surbhi who is writing this haah I think she is most popular among you people but let me clear one thing I don’t know how you will react but I didn’t like her way of writing she just drags one feeling in full episode nothing else I have read her both the ffs remember the first one I think the name was story of faith she made Pragya mother of almost every child in that ff I think there were almost 6 to 7 kids I can’t understand one thing that in reality a person can’t handle even a single child so easily how can she show that the main lead is taking care of almost 7 children I can’t think that it was good many more writers are there who are best from her as Tisha she is best she have no match in writing then others are also there but I am huge fan of Tisha I never use to comment on her ff but I have read all her episodes and they deserves the tag of best writer…..
and yup again sorry if I hurt anyone of you but I just kept my point of view before u guys hope u will understand …..

Credit to: Sukanya

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  1. amm well to be honest i loved your episode but didn’t loved ur comments over my favorite writer see i m not saying like your ff isn’t good, its amazing loved it the way abhi and bulbul lol loved it 😉 but here the thing is about surbhi she doesn’t drags her content she is the one who makes everyone feel about little little things! her story of faith was spectacular ff and it’s ending was not a dragging, it was salute to all those army officer’s out there! she started from the current track of kkb and ended it with so much humor,love feelings that no one can imagine of see i m not here to crticize you or what i… it’s just that i didn’t liked the way u said that surbhi drags if u will go through her ff for once open heartily u will find it amazing! And again i m saying U are best at writing! so carry on! i just shared my point of view and nothing else, may be it’s bcoz i can’t hear anything against the creativity of my fav person! sorry if my any thing hurted you, The way u open heartily said about surbhi , in that way i just said about surbhi, That’s it but if still u think that i hurted you then Sorry dear i didn’t meant it! I will be eagrly waitung for ur next update and again sorry

    1. and haan i m feeling very sorry that u didn’t felt her episodes actually her ff was almost consist of feelings but if u would have felt u would have knew the beauty, the charm, the allure ,the elegance, the grace of the ff! the ff had too deep meaning, too deep feelings! ha well u didn’t felt it! that’s regretful! Sorry if it hurted u!

  2. Ur episode s nice yaar bt 1 thg tat ur saying abt surbhi’s writing s totally wrong I’m not saying tz coz I felt hurt by ur words nt lk tat coz I know everyone HV the different mentality some likes horror some lks romantic some lks action lk tat lks goes on depends upon their view n thoughts bt once if u read our surbhi’s ff open heartedly n just feel it while reading I’m damn sure tat u won’t feel tat surbhi’s way of writing s dragging she just not only read her ff she makes us to feel it lk it has happening in their own life thn another one thg yeah nowadays upbringing the child s really a get task coz of their naughtiness n even smartness bt not 4 a mom a mom she s the one can handle her baby with grt smartness thn 1 thg I thk u r a unique person coz ur way of thinking s diff 4m others so I hope that uniqueness vl appear in ur ff too… Thn anyway u just suggest ur opinion v just suggest our opinion I thk 4 a writer a best thk s their fans only not any awards r anythg which shows thy r best to the world a best writer shd win a hrt I thk our surbhi’s done tat thn if I’m SD anythg which hurts u I’m sry I just want to say my opinion tats it… No odd feeling… I’m waiting for your next episode eagerly…

  3. I loved ur episode alot yaar… N ur frankness
    But surbhi is also good writer.. Her ff’s are full of emotions n feeling.. I think u didn’t felt that
    That’s y u r talking like that
    Anyways if I hurts u I’m sorry…..

  4. Ur ff is nice..I like the way u write..but one the thing u r saying about surbhi is totally wrong…everyone has their own opinion….she is my favourite writer..I think u were not able to feel the emotions In her ff…if once u will go through her ff open heartedly I am pretty sure that u r going to like her way of writing….again I am saying that the u write is very nice I just shared my point of view..and I am sorry if I hurted u….nd I am waiting for ur next part…

  5. Ur ff was awesome abhi bulbul was amazing but don’t ever take me wrong sukanya coz u HV said ur point of on surbhi’s writing but the reality is u really didnt see the real content of her story’s i am a jabra fan of her and she is my elder sis too yes u are right normally a person cant handle a single child but if u see these are ff so u take it lightly but the thing i didnt take it lightly it was a part of my day she really tells in a great way of explaining every kind of emotions in the second last episode she has made everyone cry and feel the pain by just reading hers not seeing i am just saying as i love her so only dont take me wrong I am saying my view there are so many fans fr surbhi here so they will say their view so dont take them wrong na pls pls..

  6. akshaya kannan

    How dare to tell about my surubhi

    1. Chill!

  7. Sukanya …nice episode…but i am not saying wrong abt ur view…u r saying frankly…but in that frankness others shuld not be hurted…if u say personally to her. ..she will try to change it…and ff is an imagination. …it is one’s imagination…we shuld not mix real and imagination. …and surbhi writes evrythng with a feel …and this wat i am saying…really sorry if I hurted u ..but this is my view.

  8. Ur ff is nice. But I don’t like your thoughts of surbi. She is amazing writer. She make us feel the story. She is my favourite writer. And I love her ff a lot. Don’t take me wrong. I just say my opinion. If I hurt you I am sorry.

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    The Episode is Superb…….I like it a lot…….I think u r Unique…..& Ur Saying abt Surbhi’s writing….. I am Big fan of her writings….& She is my frnd also…..She doesn’t dragss her content….She is the one who described abt feelings through her words….& we felt it also………I think u don’t read her FF Open heartily….. That’s y u r saying like this……..I don’t want to criticize U…….I am just telling that…Don’t try to hurt My frnd…….
    Meri frnd ki writings samjhne keliye na…..Dimaag ki Nahi…….DIL ki Zaroorat hoti hei…….Shayad aapko VO nahi hoga………..In my Point of view,She is BEST…….

  10. I want to tell you one think. Think twice before you say or do something. Because it can make other people hurt. Once we say or do something we can’t get those things back.

  11. Sukanya ur episode is nice..but pls don’t tell about surbhi di u can’t say that she is dragging the episode she is trying her level best to bring the emotions in her ff and one more thing u said how can a person handle 6-7 children do u think it is impossible no its possible in those days there are 6-7 children for a I think u understand I don’t know y u didn’t like her episode but pls don’t compare with any other writers all r doing their best in writing their ff pls don’t compare tisha and surbhi di… I didn’t meant to hurt you but it’s wrong to compare one ff with another soo plss don’t do this again

  12. Well said somiya.?This is not the way to say about anyone.She expressess all the feelings which a mother,daughter,father each and every person should feel.And i think you didn’t feel anything.Har inssan jaisa sochta hai wo waisa hi likhta hai.I didn’t mean to hurt you.But you have really hurted us by saying to our favourite writer.And 6 to 7 kids then she has explained child age by age emotions,attitude,respect e.t.c.Sorry,but……………..Kisi kai bare mai aise nahi kehna chaheye.Jahan tak tisha ki baat hai She is also a great writer.

  13. Hello Sukanya I’m Sasmerra I am more into a silent reader but I just thought to comment. I’m more into all the ff I love somiya writing very much I think Tisha is a good writer I think her ff is called abhi and pragya eternel love. I think everyone has space to like their own ff writer.I think your story is different and also awesome I like the way abhi and pragya play a different role I think you should stop thinking badly about SURBHI she is my favorite among all. Her ff made my feelings real. She can make me go to where she is writing she is better than ekta kapoor who writes kkb. The words you are telling about SURBHI can really hurt us you might make people overlook your comment about aurbhi as u could even loose your readers. She is the best. I love SURBHI more than the real kkb her story is very u would cry .touching and realistic. GO READ HER FFS OR EVEN JUST the THE LAST one I don’t know anyone better than her imagine yourself in SURBHI s and she would be so hurt reading your comment . I know this is your ff Sukanya but I just need to say HATS OFF TO YOU SURBHI. I LOVE U SURBHI.I know I must be reacting a bit rude but pls change your thinking about SURBHI. She like my sister.?

    1. And sorry somiya if you feel hurt.

      1. Hey hey wait why would i feel hurt? See for sukanya, i don’t know who is she but what she said hurted me too Right! Coz we are Surbhians, like fan of surbhi, as for me Surbhi is best writer and i don’t think from any perspective your comment would hurt me bcoz Surbhi is Surbhi no one could take her place! Hats off to her for such an amazong talent of making people feel the little things! And definitely Surbhi is 1000000000, or infinite times better than the real kkb writer! And i suggest same to sukanya just open heartily go through surbhi’s ff! And you will know why all the comments are right now asking you to not pass comment like this over surbhi! As Sasmera said imagine youself as surbhi and you will know how much it hurts! See sukanya we are not here to criticise you or put you down we all are just representing our point of view for surbhi as you represented yours! Right! You are amazing writer, in these 2 epi’s i loved the content but what u just said made me comment like this! And Sasmera i m still confused why would i be hurt with your comment? ?

      2. As I said surbhi is my favorite???? Its okay

  14. Hey nice episode but what you said about subi di is totally wrong!! You should not say like that and you said somiya and surbhi are famous na its all because of their hardwork and you said she dragging Na I think you didn’t see the real kkb because in that they dragged tanu’s drama for a whole year still she didn’t get expose in surbhi di ff she will never drag and you said how can a girl can be a mother of 6-7 children na why can’t they be I’ve seen a lot of people who is the mother of 7-8 children and in her ff pragya is mother of 3 children only and other 2 are adopted and in her ff she showed the love of brother, sister, siblings, mother, father……etc. She showed the love of them very perfectly and to be honest I thought her ff will be boring but one day I read one of her episode and I really loved that episode and from that time only I started to read comments all the while I was a silent reader and the first time commented is on surbhi di’s ff only because she is the best. She is the best writer for me as well as everyone. She is my favourite writer and I don’t tell that I don’t like your ff but I like your ff too and you said you don’t like her way of writing Na everybody has their own style of writing and everyone are unique actually I don’t have any siblings and I will cry badly for that but after reading her fan fiction I don’t ever cry that I don’t have any siblings because she showed me how the siblings’s love will and when she ended her ff I really cried a lot even now I missing it badly and in her ff she made tribute to the Indian army and she know how to make people laugh and cry because she is real writer and I thought she is professional at writing and I would recommend you to read her preveiouse ff story of faith you should read it with whole heartedly

    I like your frankness and I have one request if you don’t like anyone’s something means tell it politely and or don’t say it!! and if you dont like it means as a friend correct them polietly you should not say i dont like it and i like your fan fiction too very very very very sorry if i hurted anyone

  15. Though ur point of view is someway right coz at times i have felt the same but u should not hav told it this much frankly. I bet she must be worried by now but even am surprised to see this much ppl supporting her. So seeing this all her worries would have gone away! Am also a biggest fan of tisha! Its better to tell people their positives but not their negatives unless u knew them personally…. And ur ff is also good… My lil advice dont be too frank?

    1. Lol wellwisher who told you surbhi would be worrying ???? wrong guess man!

    2. Better read it properly yar!

      1. I don’t get you well wisher what do you mean in your comments

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