Love v/s Destiny (Kumkum Bhagya) Episode 1


sorry guys i know i am late i promised to come at 28 but came late so sorry for that yr… lets go to the story

Mumbai city of dreams various kind of families live here some are from rich backgrounds some from normal and in that city here is Mansion of Aroras whose owner is Sarla Arora who is owner of almost 6 five stars hotels in all over Mumbai her husband died several years back in an accident she have one and only daughter that is also so much stubborn as a result of over pampering she got every thing in hand from her childhood and that also without any trouble so she doesnt value of anything and yes as she is this much rich she always use to show her money power. And in the same city one more mansion is there it is the home of Mr. Ramesh Mehra who is the owner of 10 malls which is among all over the Mumbai in 8 in overseas and his wife Karuna Mehra and one son Abhishek Mehra he is our soft hearted boy who use to stay busy in books or music as he dont want to stay with those people who are always like passing clouds and be with him for his money.

It was great fine day Pragya was coming to college by her car and there our Abhi was on bike as he doesnt believe in showing your money power so he use to stay like a normal person he came and parked his bike just then Pragya arrived in her car and looking Abhi’s bike parked over her parking area got irked and got out of the car and shouted hey you Abhi turned and she continued you have parked your bike at wrong place it is my place my means Pragya Arora’s car parking place so take off your bike from here He said have you got authority over here she replied yes i have now stop your bak bak and do what i said and yea after parking your bike at someother place park my car also here are the keys and take this 500 rupees for parking that keep the change ok Abhi took keys from her and after parking his bike he took Pragya’s car looking this she smirked and he drove the car to the ground which was watered just few minutes ago and he drifted the car there he drove it as like the racing car and the car was now turned from red to dark brown and looking this Pragya fumed in anger he gets down off car and gave those keys and 500 rupee to Pragya and said now you keep this and get your car cleaned by it and yea if some money left then keep the change ok he passed a smile over her and she was fuming in anger just then her friend came and asked what happened Abhi answered nothing just got a new car for her good luck miss Arora and saying this he left and Pragya said to her friend Bulbul i need this boy’s every detail i want to know who is he dare to mess with me i will not leave him now not even his single minute will spent with peace………..


hey guys i am not disclosing my name to you now as i will disclose it in last episode of mine hope you will like my story please please do comment yr

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  1. Shruthi Ravichandran

    Hey but this car scene is lke student of the year movie
    But it really gud a new theme by making pragya as cme from a wealthier family

  2. really nice…i hope it was surbhi….rite…???

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb…….. Something Different………

  4. I think its surbhi …sorry if it’s wrong

  5. Superb yaar its really awesome n get answers by abhi to pragya I mean tat car scene it’s really superb

  6. i know its u di ……..I would not hav identified if u would hav changed the cover pic ….did u forget it di

  7. Awesome is that you surbhi di or who pls tell

  8. Superb story ..I think this is surbhi…tum surbhi hey na…I am sorry this is not surbhi…just my guess……nice episode keep going

  9. Surbhi???
    Its awesome yaar???❤?

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