Love Vs. Betrayal (*Last Epi- 15)

Hello everyone.. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is Napsha.. Here is the last epi.. As I said, this episode is a ‘Surprise Package’ because it has love, romance, drama, fun & lots more.. It is super-lengthy.. Hope you will enjoy it..

Love Vs. Betrayal (*Last* Epi-15)


Suhani hugged me tight and cried.. She seemed emotionally broken.. I somehow gathered courage to hug her back.. “Is everything ok?” I asked rubbing her back.. “I hate you Yuvraj Goenka.. I hate you!!” She cried.. I remained quiet unless she stopped crying.. “May I know my crime?” I asked.. She didn’t say anything, but sobbed.. “Suhani, I can still smell juice from your hair.. Please go and clean it..” I said.. She didn’t react.. I broke the hug and asked, “What happened?”

She held my hands.. “Please don’t go.. I was wrong.. I need you.. I realised this in the morning when I couldn’t find you anywhere..” She said looking into my eyes.. “Oh, searching for me was the first thing you did this morning.. But why?” I asked.. “Because I….. I need you, not for the plan, but to live life.. I love you too Yuvraj!!” She said.. I beamed with happiness and hugged her once again.. “Your confession is really unique, Suhani.. Instead of a red rose, there is a gun and a bulletproof jacket in your hand..” I said laughing.. She frowned.. She broke the hug and pointed the gun at me.. I pretended to get scared.. We smiled..

As we were leaving the hotel, I saw Barbie.. We couldn’t understand what was she doing there.. We walked towards her.. She was shocked seeing us.. She stared at suhani.. “What’s in this bag?” Barbie asked.. Suhani and I looked at each other.. Both of us made some different excuses and left..


At home, Barbie goes to Suhani’s room and searches for the bag.. She doesn’t find it.. “Probably, my yuvraj must have gifted her something..” She thinks.. She leaves the room.. She calls Yuvraj and asks where is he.. “I’ve left that home..” He replies.. Barbie doubts him as she recalls seeing him with Suhani.. “Barbie, I have left my jacket there in my room.. Can you keep it? I’ll take it from you some day..” Yuvraj asks her.. Barbie nods and goes to his room.. She looks for the jacket.. She opens the wardrobe and sees the bag inside.. She opens it.. She gets shocked seeing the gun and the jacket.. She hears Suhani’s voice.. She keeps it back and her eyes fall on Yuvraj’s jacket.. She takes it and leaves..

“What?? Are you sure?” Sambhav asks as Barbie tells him that Suhani is planning to kill him.. She shows him the gun and the jacket.. “Great.. Today I was thinking to kill her, and she is planning the same for me.. Let’s see who wins.. And you will definitely get your share for helping me..” Sambhav says confidently.. “Suhani’s death will be my share..” She replies boldly.. Just then, they hear some noise.. They turn around and find suhani at the door.. She looks down at her phone which dropped from her hand.. She runs.. They chase her.. They trio end up at the terrace.. It is raining heavily..

“Why do you hate me Barbie?” Suhani asks.. She looks frightened.. Barbie smirks seeing her and tells about Yuvraj loving Suhani.. Sambhav is shocked.. Barbie tells him that Yuvraj was fooling him, not Suhani.. The trio shout and argue.. Sambhav points the gun at Suhani.. “First you will have to leave this earth..” Sambhav says.. Barbie smiles, and her smile disappears when he moves the gunpoint towards her and shoots her.. He smirks triumphantly.. Barbie falls down dead.. Suhani is shocked.. “Now its that betrayer’s turn.. Call him here..” Sambhav orders Suhani.. She refuses to do so.. He raises his hand to slap her.. She holds his wrist.. Sambhav fumes.. He again points the gun at her.. Snoopy comes in the nick of time and saves Suhani.. Sambhav falls down.. Snoopy gets over him and bites him again and again.. He barks.. Sambhav screams in pain.. “I’ll kill you Suhani.. And before that, I’ll kill this dog, and that Yuvraj.. Just like I had killed your dad..” Sambhav says with pauses in between..

Suhani sees the gun.. She holds it.. Sambhav gets scared when she points it at him.. “What are you doing?? Are you mad? I’m your husband..” He manages to speak out.. “Just shut up!! You are a murderer.. You killed my dad.. And now, you wana kill me? Snoopy? And Yuvraj? You will kill Yuvraj? I won’t let you even touch him..” Suhani snaps at his face.. Sambhav begs for his life, but she doesn’t listen to him.. Yuvraj reaches there.. (Suhani was talking to him over the phone when it dropped from her hand.. He heard everything and rushed to help her.. On the way, he called the police also..)

Yuvraj asks Suhani to drop the gun.. Suhani is adament and can’t tolerate Sambhav’s existence anymore.. The police team arrives.. They hold Sambhav and take him.. Yuvraj tries to calm down Suhani.. He hugs her.. She hugs him back.. Sambhav gets furious seeing them.. “I won’t let you both win..” He thinks.. He snatches the gun from a constable and aims it at Yuvraj.. Suhani opens her eyes and sees this.. She breaks the hug and exchanges position with him..

“Suhaniii!!!!” Yuvraj screams as Suhani holds his arms and falls down.. He rests her face on his lap.. The cops take Sambhav away.. Snoopy too comes to YuvAni.. He immediately takes her to the hospital..


Three weeks later…

It was 11 pm.. We were on the way to home after attending a party.. Suhani was drunk.. I had no idea how it happened, but I was sure that she hadn’t chosen to drink on her own.. I was driving the car and she was sitting next to me..

“Yuvraj, my head is spinning..” She said holding her head.. “We will be home in half an hour, just relax.. Or you can sleep here.. I’ll wake you up when we reach home..” I said holding her hand.. She rested her face against my shoulder and held my arms.. I smiled looking at her.. She was half-asleep.. At last, we were outside the house.. I stopped the car.. I looked at her.. “Suhani, we are home..” I said shaking her.. “Hmmm..?? What happened yuvraj? Why did you stop the car? We need to go back home..” She attempted to speak.. “We have reached home.. Come.. Now you can sleep peacefully in the room..” I said.. She nodded.. We got out of the car.. She walked clumsily.. I held her by her shoulders to help her.. “Careful..” I said.. “I don’t need to take care of myself.. That’s your job..” She said smiling.. I smiled back.. I rang the doorbell.. Ramesh, the new servant, opened the door.. “Bhaiya ji, I’m going to sleep now..” He said.. I nodded.. He went to the servant quarters.. Snoopy was sleeping on the floor.. “Now go to your room and sleep..” I said to Suhani.. She went to my room instead of hers.. I followed her..


“Smile..” She said holding my camera.. I faked a smile..

“Ok, now enough.. Please go to your room and sleep.. Right now, you need it..” I said sternly.. I grabbed her arms..

“Yuvraj Goenka, this is going to be our room very soon..” She said locking her arms around my neck, and then winked.. I blushed.. She whistled.. I looked at her surprisingly and tried to look serious.. “I didn’t know that you blush too..” She said.. I smiled.. Our eyes locked for sometime..

Suhani looked so adorable in this state.. I knew that if she were sober, she wouldn’t have behaved this way.. But whatever it was, I was loving it..

“Let’s play hide & seek..”


“Yes.. In this room only.. Please..”

I couldn’t understand how to handle her..

“Look, there is no place to hide in this room..”

“There are many- under the bed, behind the curtains, bathroom..”

I laughed at her suggestions..

“Are you making fun of me? I won’t talk to you..” She said frowning and started walking away.. I held her hand.. She stopped.. I inched closer to her.. She turned towards me, giving me an angry look.. I held my ears.. She smiled.. She kissed my cheek.. I raised my brows smiling.. She looked down and blushed.. “You blush better than me..” I said.. She looked at me and blushed harder.. “Now its your turn..” She said.. “For what?” I asked.. “To kiss me..” She replied.. I touched my forehead.. “Its simple.. Either you too kiss me, or return me my kiss back..” She said, as if she was threatening me.. I looked at her with a pathetic expression on my face.. She smiled broadly and then went to the bathroom..

I moved to and fro.. “I’ll kiss her gently on her forehead and make her sleep.. I have to behave like a strict brother now.. I mean, like a strict…… I have to behave strictly..” I thought..

Suddenly the shower turned on.. “O God.. She will get all wet now..” I murmured and walked towards the bathroom.. Suhani screamed.. “No sambhav.. You have separated me from my dad.. Now I won’t let you harm Yuvraj.. I love him.. Got it?” She shouted standing under the shower.. I was watching her from the door.. The shower had reminded her of that rainy night.. I ran towards her and grabbed her arms.. “Nobody is here, Suhani.. Sambhav has been sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.. He is in jail..” I said.. “No yuv…..yuvraj.. He is here.. He will kill you.. Let me deal with him.. You go..” She said crying.. “Look at me Suhani..” I said louder, shaking her.. She looked at me.. She seemed blank; unable to comprehend what was going on.. “Can anything wrong happen with me? Will you let it happen?” I asked softly, caressing her face.. She shook her head.. I wiped her tears and inched closer to her.. She closed her eyes.. I too did the same.. My lips touched hers.. I kissed them gently.. I realised I needed to back off.. I opened my eyes.. I hugged her.. “I love you Suhani..” I whispered into her ears.. Neither did she respond, nor did she hug me back.. I looked at her.. She had fallen asleep in my arms.. I smiled and cherished the moment.. I carried her and walked out of the bathroom.. I made her lay on the bed and covered her with the blanket.. I was about to leave the room, but then I thought I should stay with her.. I went to the bathroom to change.. I slept on the sofa..


I struggled to open my eyes.. I was having a terrible headache.. I found myself in Yuvraj’s room, on his bed.. What was I doing there, I had no idea.. I couldn’t recall anything that happened last night after we left from the party.. I got up.. I realised my clothes were wet.. I called for Yuvraj twice, but he wasn’t there.. He went for his jog.. I went to the bathroom to wash my face with some cold water.. As I was leaving, I found Yuvraj’s clothes lying in a corner.. They were the same clothes which he had worn for the party.. My eyes were left wide open..

Yuvraj entered the room.. He wished me good morning.. I wished him back..

“Yuvraj.. What happened yesterday night?”

“Yesterday night.. The first night……”


“I mean, the first night when I had to be with you all time.. I had no option.. I was helpless..”

“Oh..” I felt relieved.. “But why? Did I say or do anything which……I shouldn’t have said…. Or done?”

“No.. Definitely not.. You didn’t trouble me at all..” He replied blushing..

“Then why are you blushing?”

“That’s a secret.. Last night was a very peaceful one.. I certainly won’t forget it all my life..” He replied smiling and touching his cheek..

*****THE END*****

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  1. Yuvani

    Wonderful ending, loved it Yuvani were damn cute in this!! Everything was just perfect in this!! Truly a superb story!
    Thank you . hope o see you soon with another beautiful story.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much anjaly.. ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll be back soon..

  2. Yuvani

    Wonderful ending, loved it, Yuvani were damn cute in this!! Everything was just perfect in this!! Truly a superb story!
    Thank you . hope o see you soon with another beautiful story.

  3. Amazing superb yuvani are so cute and there is lot of fun in this episode small doubt is yuvani married

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much Pooja.. ๐Ÿ™‚ they aren’t married yet.. Remember yuvraj asked her to go to her room and she said that his room will become their room soon.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Suberb…????

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      Thank you dear.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thank you shilpa.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be back soon..

  6. aww yuvani are so cute…Amazing story it is…will be missing it..come back soon with another awesome FF of yours

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      Thank you prabha.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll soon be back..

  7. Wooo mindblowing….bolenekeliye kuch nahi sab superb he.. hamara cute yuvani.plzz jaldi wapas aooo ek intersting story ke saath wait kartha hu…sry late comment keliye

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      Thank you zahnab.. ๐Ÿ™‚ please don’t be sorry..

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