Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi-7)

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Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi-7)


I was deeply lost in my own thoughts.. Suhani was resting.. Doc said that she needed rest.. It was very difficult to convince her to sleep.. I could understand the pain she was going through.. I had been there before; the only difference was that I wasn’t betrayed..

I didn’t believe in love at first sight.. I still remember the day when pankaj uncle came to me and asked if would marry suhani.. I saw her pic, and fell in love with her.. He told me that suhani would be back to town after a week.. To know more about her, I visited her profile on Fb, insta, etc.. She was so full of life and loved to meet new people.. By the end of the week, I was completely smitten by her.. I was eager to meet her, and I was sure that she would like me.. But destiny had its own plans.. Pankaj uncle called me and apologised coz suhani had chosen her man.. I was heartbroken.. I often saw her in malls, cafes, restos, etc, sometimes with sambhav too which broke my heart.. But I never appeared in front of her..

What an irony it was: I wanted to spend my life with her, and she was unaware of my existence!!

Two months passed by.. I left Mumbai as I understood that I needed to move ahead in life which wasn’t possible there..

I was back to normal; the happy-go-lucky guy once again.. Thanks to my best friend, Barbie.. She was the one who knew me better than anyone.. Her bro Raj was a flirt.. One day, Barbie told me that Sambhav wanted raj to make suhani fall in love with him within a month.. I was shocked when I found out that sambhav was the name of suhani’s husband, and I told raj that I wanted to go instead of him.. I wanted to know his intentions so that I could save suhani.. But I didn’t tell barbie who was sambhav, as she was really angry with suhani for rejecting me..

I tried my best to figure out what sambhav wanted.. But I couldn’t.. Everything seemed pointless..


Suhani opens her eyes partly and finds herself back on the hospital bed.. Yuv comes and asks about her health..

Suh- I’m feeling better.. But, how did I come here?
Yuv- actually, u fainted on the road, so I…..brought u here..
Suh recalls Sam’s words and her slapping yuv.. She looks at yuv..
Suh- yuvraj, I’m sorry.. For not trusting u..
Yuv looks at her..
Suh holds her ears.. He smiles and nods..
Suh- give me ur phone..
He asked- why?
Suh- I wana talk to sambhav..
Yuv- no suhani.. This is not the right time.. Also, he is not in Mumbai now..
Suh- so what?
Yuv- do u trust me?
Suh nods and says- now I don’t have any reason to not trust u..
Yuv- then do as I say.. Right now, u need to rest and get well..
Suh- ok ok.. But at home, not here..
Yuv- ok.. I’ll take u home in the evening..


Yuvraj forced me to take rest.. But how could I? After whatever happened, I had lost my faith in love.. Love is a shit.. It only hurts.. This is the only bitter truth.. At times I wondered if Sam ever loved me.. I had rejected a guy like yuvraj for him, who came to help me even when I was unaware of the mess I had fallen into.. I looked at him.. He was at the door, talking to the doc.. He brought my lunch, medicines, water, soup, etc.. He had that person in him which I always wanted to see in sambhav..

In the evening…..
We were home..
Yuv- come.. Now u will have to take complete rest..
I frowned and said- yuvraj, I’m resting since morning.. If I lay down again, i’ll definitely fall ill..
Yuv- ok, then u sit here, I will make coffee for u.. Would u like to have cheese sandwich too?
I nodded and asked- yuvraj, can I ask u something?
He replied- ya, ask..
I asked- why are u doing so much for me? Whatever u’r doing, should have been done by someone else.. Then why?
Yuv seemed thoughtful.. I waited for his answer..

Finally he spoke without turning towards me- coz I care for u.. That’s all..
I looked at him.. He tried to divert the topic and told me about his best friend, Barbie.. She loved coffee with cheese sandwich.. And once, on friendship day, he wanted to make it himself for her, so he learnt to make it from YouTube..

I was really amazed to know what an awesome person he was.. He never compromised on his relations, and truly valued them and made memories, unlike sambhav!!

Yuv- tantada.. Coffee with cheese sandwich, by Chef Yuvraj Goenka..
I smiled.. He asked me to taste and give my reviews..
I said- it already smells too good..
I tasted.. It was delicious.. I appreciated him.. He thanked me.. We started eating.. His phone rang..
Yuv- it’s Barbie..

He picked up the call and talked to her.. She was angry for something and he pampered her.. I recalled the way Sam used to pamper me before marriage..


I headed towards my room when I smelt something burning.. It was coming from suhani’s room..
I murmured- is she trying to…..??

I rushed towards her room and stopped at the door.. She took out one pic from an album at a time, stared at it for a few secs, tore it into pieces and threw it into fire.. I could see her pain, her tears, her broken heart…. I wanted to help her, but I was helpless.. I just watched.. She burnt everything- gifts, cards, bracelet, or whatever she received from Sam.. And at last, her mangalsutra.. She wiped away her sindoor too.. She fell on her knees and cried.. I couldn’t see her like that, so I left from there..

I heard the maid talking to Sam over the phone.. Later, I asked her about it and threatened her that she would lose her job.. She said that Sam had told her to keep an eye on me and suhani, and keep him informed about whatever happened at home.. He also said that he was doing so coz he had a doubt that we had an affair.. I was shocked to hear that.. How cheap could he be.. I asked her to leave..

Suhani became quiet and lonely.. She was broken beyond repair.. She started spending time alone.. She seemed lost in her own thoughts.. At times, I worried if she was under depression..

A week passed by.. I decided to leave no stone unturned to help her.. I looked around for her.. She couldn’t be seen.. I went to the terrace, and there she was..

Suh- I want divorce asap..
I replied- I’m with u, but first we have to find out what Sam wants.. Whenever I asked him, he only said that he would tell me after u fall in love with me..
We looked at each other..
My phone rang.. It was Sam.. Suhani too saw it.. I looked at her.. She nodded..

I put my phone on loudspeaker mode..
Sam- hey yuvraj..
I replied- ya, say..
Sam- tomorrow there is a party and I’m also invited.. But u will go with suhani.. Drink, enjoy and have fun with her.. I will send u the address.. And don’t forget to send me the pics.. I want to see ur progress in ur task..
I said ‘ok’ and hung up..

I said- suhani, we don’t need to go anywhere..
Suh- we will go..
I looked on..
She asked me if I could tell Sam after the party that she had started liking me.. I thought for a while..
I held her hands and said- i’ll do whatever u want.. But u will have to promise me that u will never cry for that monster again..
She faked a smile and said- i’ll try..
I smiled slightly.. Our eyes locked..

I said (in mind)- Suhani, do anything, but please don’t look at me like this.. I don’t wana fall in love with u once again!!

We got out of our trance when I heard snoopy barking..
There she was, Barbie, with my snoopy.. I walked towards Barbie.. We had our usual tight hug..


Suhani watches them.. Yuv breaks the hug and bends down to talk to snoopy.. He hugs snoopy and talks to him.. Yuv introduces suhani and Barbie to each other..
Barbie- so, u’r suhani..
Suh nods..
Yuv introduces suhani to snoopy.. They shake hands.. She caresses snoopy..

Yuv- thanks for coming.. I was missing snoopy a lot..
Barbie- u will call me and I won’t come, can it happen? By the way, did u miss me?
Yuv- no, not at all.. I didn’t get time..
She slaps on his arms..
They laugh.. Yuv’s eyes fall in suhani who has hugged snoopy and is talking to him (snoopy).. She looks very happy.. Yuv smiles..


PRECAP: Revelation of Sam’s secrets..

Guys, I hope u all enjoyed it.. Awaiting ur reviews.. 🙂

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  1. Yuvani

    Loved Yuvraj through out, his past is superb!! and felt very bad for Suhani, and precap, wow,I just can’t wait to read it. Thank you

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      thank you dear.. 🙂

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode….waiting for sambhavs secret to reveal

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      thank you dear.. 🙂

  3. Tantada this is poojareddy Yuvraj please fall in love with suhani once again we r waiting is barbie positive or negative awesome update and eagerly waiting for next update to know Sam secrets and for yuvani moments

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear.. 🙂 barbie will turn negative soon..

  4. What an episode!! Just awesome n loved that mind thought of yuvraj where asking suhani not to look at him like that as he might fall in love with her once again… That was really mindblowing..made me to feel its depth…??

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  5. aww yuvi…you are so nice man….amazing epi…precap is super interesting..cant wait pls post ASAP…

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      thank you dear.. 🙂 yes, she likes him..

  7. Really superb one….. Thanks a lot for your creativity

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