Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi-3)

Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi-3)

Suhani is in the clinic.. A patient leaves and the next one enters.. Its yuvraj..
Suh (smiling)- yuvraj.. U here?
Yuv clicks her pic..
She smiles and says- not again..
Yuv- Actually, I was getting bored at home alone, so I thought to visit ur clinic..
Suhani calls her assistant and asks her to get 2 coffees..

They talk.. Yuv makes her laugh and clicks her pictures.. Suddenly she takes a booklet.. Suhani notices him narrowing his eyes and trying to read the cover of the booklet..

Suh- facing difficulty in reading?
Yuv- no….not at all….
Suh- u need to wear glasses..
Yuv- mad or what?? My girlfriends will laugh thinking I’m growing old..
Suh laughs and says- ok, u can also put contact lenses if u want..
Yuv- that’s a better option..

Suhani checks the power of his eyes..
Suh- I think u have never used lenses, right?
Yuv nods..
Suhani calls her assistant and asks her to teach him how to put lenses..
Yuv- why she? Do u have any problem?
Suhani looks at him.. She feels ackward.. Yuvraj smiles..
Suh- no.. I mean…..ok.. I’ll teach u at home..
Yuv nods..

At night…..
They leave for home..
Yuv- come, sit..
Suh- u go, I’ll come by car..
Yuv- are u trying to show me how rich u are?
Suhani slaps on his arm, calling out his name.. They laugh..
Yuv- then come with me..
Suh- ok baba….

They reach home.. Suhani gets down the bike.. Sam is shown watching them from the window..

Yuvraj is in his room.. Suddenly it starts raining.. He takes his camera and walks towards the window.. He clicks pictures of the view outside.. Suddenly he sees suhani enjoying in the rain with her arms open.. She is still in the same kurti.. He smiles and clicks her pic but its not clear enough.. He goes downstairs and rushes to the lawn.. He is completely mesmerised by her.. Her sparkling eyes, bright smile, and innocence added to the beauty of the scenario.. He hides and clicks her pics.. She not only spins round and round, but also plays with the rain water..

“Beautiful” He says after clicking her first pic.. He continues clicking.. Suhani’s smile disappears slowly as she sees yuv clicking her pics.. They look at each other..
She turns around and asks- what……what are u doing here..?
Yuv- I’m sorry.. I was just capturing some beautiful views..
Suhani looks on, but doesn’t turn towards him.. Yuv leaves from there..

As he enters the house, sam says- I saw what u were doing just now..
Yuv- so..?
Sam- I don’t want u to fall in love with suhani..
Yuv- c’mon, that will never happen..
Sam- but I desperately want her to fall in love with u..
Yuv- that will happen soon.. Don’t worry.. Anyways, I’m too tired now.. Goodnight..
Sam- goodnight..
Yuv leaves..

Sam- suhani, here I come..
He whistles and smirks..


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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    oh wow…interesting twist…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  2. ⚡⚡⚡ I am shocked and sad too because i know suhani will suffer again one more thing beautiful episode and u r an amazing writer u r plus points r maintaing suspense and u r too good in writing romantic scenes??

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you so much dear..

  3. Yuvani

    The end part, what was that?? So they are planning something? But what,why?? I can’t wait to know, awesome piece of writing. Thank you

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear.. stay tuned to know more..

  4. Awesome..once again.. Suspense atlast.. Nice..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear..

  5. yeh sambhav pagal hain kya…..suhani ko kissi problem mein phasa raha hai..aur yuvraj bhi uske saath hai like seriously…uss baath ko chod ke epi is soo cute and nice…cant wait for the next to know what happens..pls post ASP..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear.. I’ll update soon.. stay tuned to know more..

  6. Wooo interesting twist….ye natak sambav ko phasayengi suhani ko nahi.muje lagtha he yuvi ko sach me suhani se pyar hoga….

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks dear.. let’s see what happens next..

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