Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi- 12)

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Love Vs. Betrayal (Epi-12)

YUVRAJ’S PoV Cont’d….

Snoopy woke up.. He winked at me, and then left from there.. I smiled thinking how everyone knew about it, including snoopy, but only she didn’t.. I turned my face towards her.. Her face still rested on my shoulder..

After sometime, the sun shone brighter.. She moved her face a lil and locked her arms around my neck.. I couldn’t get what to do.. It was her normal time to wake up.. So, I pretended to cough..


I opened my eyes.. Seeing the posture I was in, I was highly embarrassed.. I moved my hands away and got up.. Yuvraj looked at me.. I couldn’t make eye-contact with him..
I said looking left and right- I’m sorry.. I didn’t know when I fell asleep…..
He replied- its ok..
We left..

I went for shower, got ready, and we worshipped God.. I was moving the plate round and round while chanting the Aarti.. Somebody held the plate along with me after a few mins.. I turned to my right.. It was sambhav.. He faked a smile.. I didn’t respond.. Yuvraj came and stood beside sambhav.. Yuv stared at him angrily and gave me that ‘I’ll kill him’ kind of a look.. I shook my head.. He looked away..

At the breakfast table, I didn’t make eye contact with yuv, not only due to embarrassment, but also something which I myself couldn’t understand.. I believed that eyes are expressive, and I didn’t want him to read mine.. I went to my room to take my purse.. Sam came there.. He locked the door.. I looked at him.. He threatened me for the way I behaved with him last night..
I said- u deserve worse than that..
He asked- from where did u get the courage to talk to ur husband like this? Is it coz of yuvraj?
I yelled at him- sambhav.. Don’t drag yuvraj into this..
He moved away and said- sweetheart, there is a problem with me.. I can’t tolerate any other man in ur life.. Like there was ur dad, and I had to kill him..

I was hell-shocked.. We had a huge argument.. He handed me the papers of the property and said that he would kill yuvraj too if I didn’t sign them within 72 hours.. I said that I won’t sign and would make sure that he is punished..

I left for the clinic.. All I could think about was that sam had killed my dad and I had to punish him.. Not only that, I had to ensure yuv’s safety too..

Two hours later, my phone rang.. It was barbie.. She told me that yuv had fallen down the stairs.. I was shocked.. I was sure it was done by sam.. I rushed to see him..

At home..
After checking yuv, doc told that he was fine, he just needed rest.. He had a minor injury on his forehead, and severe pain in his hand.. Yuv was resting on the bed.. Barbie was sitting beside him, holding his hand.. She was concerned about him.. I too was, of course.. I looked at sam with hatred.. He held his ears and smirked..

It was lunch time.. I brought yuv’s lunch to his room..
He asked- suhani, why are u avoiding me since morning?
I replied- yuvraj, u have helped me a lot.. Thank u so much for everything.. But now I’ll deal with sam alone.. As soon as u recover, leave Mumbai and go back home!!

Saying that, I left from there.. I had no option.. Sam was cruel and heartless.. He was a monster.. God knew what else was there that I didn’t know about him.. How could I risk yuv’s life? He had nothing to do with the mess created, then why would he suffer? It was wrong..


How could she say that? Did she really want me to leave? Was I that bad? Or something else was the matter? I had to find it out..

I had my lunch.. While having my juice, the glass slipped from my hand and my shirt got stained..
I frowned and said- yuckk….
I immediately got up from the bed and unbuttoned my shirt.. I tried to take it off, but due to pain in my hand, I couldn’t.. I buttoned it back and called out for Barbie.. I called her name twice and thrice, but she didn’t respond.. Instead, suhani came there..
She asked- what happened yuvraj? Do u need something?
I replied a lil rudely- no.. Just send barbie.. Right now..
She replied- she is on the terrace, with snoopy.. Tell me what happened..
I said- just like u don’t need my help, I don’t need urs.. I’m unable to change my shirt myself, so I need barbie’s help.. U can go.. Saying that, I turned against her..


Why did his rude behaviour affect me so much? Why did it hurt me? Why??
I was about to leave when barbie entered the room..
She asked- what happened yuvraj?
He yelled at her, looking at me- if u also want me to stay away from u, just tell me..
She asked- what are u saying? I’ll never leave u.. I came here for u, and will go back only with u..
He smiled and said- thanks.. Can u help me change my shirt? Due to pain……
He stopped as she placed her finger on his lips..
I looked away..
She said- I don’t need any explanation from u..

Barbie started to unbutton his shirt..
I turned around and said- I should leave..
Yuv said- ya sure.. And don’t forget to close the door..
I looked at him from the corner of my eye, and left, shutting the door hard..

At night..
It was time for bed.. Sam entered the room and reminded me that I had 60 hours left.. I felt irritated and left from there.. I walked towards the lawn.. On my way, I collided with someone.. I was about to fall..

I was sure I would end up falling down and breaking my bones.. But no.. I fell into yuv’s arms.. He held me by my waist..


We had an eye-lock for a few secs.. I was so lost that I didn’t even realise that my hand started paining again..
I steadied her and said taunting- u may or may not agree, but u will always need my help..
I looked at my hand.. She understood that it was paining, so she asked me to take rest.. I didn’t budge..
I said- first u tell me why did u ask me to leave from here?
She said- coz…..sam…. sambhav… had killed my dad..
I was shocked to know that he was a murderer too..
She continued- and if u stay here, then he will………
She burst out crying and rested her face on my chest.. I consoled her..


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  1. Wonderful episode but I expected suhani will help him its ok even though I am happy suhani feel little bit jealous

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you Pooja.. 🙂 I knew what was on readers’ mind after reading the precap.. 😉

  2. Wooo amazing….muje laga suhani help karengi yuvi ka bt thum bi na jaysa hum soch tha he uska oppose kartha hu…. suhani thoda jealous hogaya….plzz Jaldi upload kartho next episode ethana late kyu hotha hee…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you zahnab.. 🙂 I’ll update soon.. 🙂

  3. Yuvani

    Just awesome!! Yuvani are damn cute!! Loved the way you expressed their emotions and thereby their love, simply superb, Thank you

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you anjaly 🙂

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode….

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you shilpa 🙂

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