Hey guys! We r doing great recently… a episode a day does feel gud… hope I am regular in the future too… well m sry for being so demanding in the last episode but yeah I had some studies to do so I used the time u ppl took for cmmnts to write this epi 😛 … I know I was being mean… well sry for tat part and love u all for being here wid me reading my ff 😀
Tysm panchi, shan, Chandra, tamanna for ur cmmnts… and harna u r right… I guess m not gud at introducing new characters… hope I do gud in the future!
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Recap: twinkle was pranked by the brothers and a lot of talk about ipl
Ragini is shocked to see her English professor to be hugged by her new best frnds kunj and sanskar… her professor is amused to see her in the beach with his brothers as ragini is an introvert and is not easy to talk to
Sanskar: hi bro…. y so late? Was expecting u frm a long time… u missed a lot of my bestie twinky and her drama queen activities! 😛
Kunj: whoa! Who r u talking to sanky…. This is the guy who even after being a college prof is so late, maybe he is still unaware abt the existence of a quality known as punctuality… I don’t know wat he teaches his students wen he himself is not punctual… I just cant imagine the horror of his students wen he gives his lectures… I will never be able to stand his lectures even for a minute!
Ragini bursts out layghing and her prof grins sheepishly at everyone

T: enough sanky and raj uh… I mean kunj stop teasing him… be men and not boys, grow up but who is he sanky?
Sanskar: he is my cousin… u remember the one whose parents died in a bomb blast years ago… its him, now he is working as an eng prof!
Ragini feels sry for her prof… while twinkle moves her hand gesturing for a handshake
T: hi… I am twinkle taneja… a bestie of sanky!
Prof: hi twinkle… I am laksh maheshwari… pleasure meeting u… I take it as u r ragini’s sister… well I am her eng prof
Ragini makes a puppy face so tat her sister wont tell her prof abt all her thoughts of murdering him for giving so much essays to practice… twinkle acknowledges her with a nod and doesn’t say much! 😛
Everyone again goes to the playful mode where twinkle admires kunj… sanskar having butterflies in his stomach wenever he sees swara smiling… laksh is just being mysterious and looks as if he is smiing mystery!

They all leave the beach and go home… the girls find out tat leela is leaving for Amritsar, but something unbelievable happened… leela smiled a weak smile to ragini as she left… all thanks to sumi’s talks early today! Ragini was literally on cloud nine as leela has always been too strict to her… but something impossible happened today in her life! The maasi whom she thought probably hate her just smiled at her & not yelled at her for any of the silliest issues and her not so friendly prof laksh turned out to be a very friendly person… maybe her prof just became her new best frnd! Ragini actually marked this day on her calendar!

Sanskar just grins lovingly at the photographs of swara tat they clicked in the beach… his happiness knows no boundaries! But then his happy grin fades into a sad smile… wen he realizes tat swara does not feel the same!

Kunj is apparently a little disturbed by the fact tat his childhood bestie twinkle or simran he wud like to call her feels so uncomfortable wen he is around… he used to read her mind effortlessly in their childhood but now he is just questioning himself about does he really know the girl who twinkle is now?

Precap: special epi with point of view of most of the characters… don’t miss!

I can never love u guys enough for being cool abt my writing style… I love u a lottttt… I know m not gud with introducing new characters but… just hope u like my ff

Note: raglak will not be my primary focus… my primary focus will always be swasan amd twinj! m sry to all the raglak fans but I just don’t think tat I can manage 3 couples at a time

Feel free to contact me wenever u think u need me… here is my email id: [email protected]

With love, shivani

Credit to: SHIVANI

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