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Sanskar and kunj lift twinkle and throw her into the sea… well, not tat deep, they throw her into chilly shallow waters that drench her… this makes sanskar and kunj laugh hysterically, while twinkle shoots death glares in the direction of these both, as if she was trying to burn these two with her eyes 😛
Swara and ragini both gasp at wat just happened… they too end up laughing and earning death glares from our twinkle and then our kunj offers his shirt to now shivering twinkle, who is too mad at kunj for pulling such a stunt! Thankfully, this day is’nt one of those rushed weekends so there is not much of an audience for this other then the some too very much in love couples who doesn’t bother to anything than their significant others and some little toddlers with their parents who are busy looking after them 😛

Kunj apologises dramatically to twinkle, while twinkle forgives him with a punch on his shoulders 😛
Ragini goes to buy herself some icecream while swara and sanskar catch up a talk about ipl and our twinkle is admiring kunj’s body which seems chiseled in complete awe and kunj admires the Arabian sea in all it’s summer’s glory
Swara: hey sanskar! Do u like cricket?
Sanskar: yeah… I do, who is ur fav cricketer?
Swara: I love it as a game… all players r gud… fav… is definitely our captain cool for all his speeches after winning or losing the match… for they never end to make me admire him!
Sanskar: oh tats great… he is a gud player while my fav is abd
Swara: yeah he is a gud player… so, u supporting rcb in ipl?
Sanskar: ipl is quite the festival… I have my fav players all scattered in all of the teams… I do support rcb, but Mumbai is my fav for the sachinist I am !
Swara: ohk tats great but I miss csk this ipl… ipl does not seem to be fun without csk, but yeah wen there is no csk…
I am supporting pune, gujrat and sunrisers for bhuvi and dhawan!

Meanwhile, ragini and twinj come and join the talk
T: I love kkr… srk is d best!
K: same pinch twinkle! 😀 but I like kkr more for the players tat r in kkr 😛
R: di… this is ipl not any movie! My fav is raina… so yeah gujrat is my team this year!
Twinkle is irked… and she crosses her hands on the front and acts as a little brat, kunj comports her… she feels as if in heaven! Twinkle smiles admiring kunj and blushes
Swasan steal glances…
Suddenly someone comes out of the blue and says ‘boooo’ the girls don’t recognize him but kunj and sanskar hugs him as if they were best buddies from forever!

Precap: new entry

Thank u sooo much guys to come along with me this long <3 love u all and yeah have fun this summer, keep urselves hydrated and embrace urselves for all the entertaining ipl games ! hope ur fav team wins this season 😀
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