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Recap: swara and ragini tease twinkle… while a heated argument follows between sumi and leela
*Tears are welled up in both the sister’s eyes*
S: no di… she is just not like who u think she is… she is sooo much like jiju… tat sometimes, ma (parvati) says tat her laado is a shadow of rt jiju!
L: tats my point sumi… she is literally a shadow of rt! The man who I hate the most in my life!
S: di… I understand y u hate him, but u just cant deny tat he did not do something like this on purpose!
L: but the truth is he did… in whatever state he did something like this to me… to twinkle, he did this to us sumi!
S: di… he was extremely drunk tat day and tat witch just took advantage of jiju because he wud never even look at her… well anyone else for tat matter, wen he his sane! Ragini was a mistake tat jiju did not do wen he had all his wits… jiju did not even know this before we found ragini is a basket with a letter attached to the basket about who her parents were!
L: I can never forget tat dreadful day… never ever! It was the fateful day wen I lost my loving husband… in a drunk and drive situation… I don’t hate him for ragini but for his drinking habits tat led to everything… his death!
S: di… I did not mean like tat… calm down!
*Both of them cry*
L: no sumi… he is the one who changed me… made me this arrogant and stubborn, I always wanted to take care of my princess twinkle… but I cudn’t because I had to take over all the business… swarankle handicrafts can’t be afforded to be doomed in those days… he was the one who forced me to become like this by attaining death!
S: my point di is… y do u hate ragini?
L: her mother was the one who drugged my husband… made him addicted to alcohol… in short she was the one who ruined my life… how am I not supposed to hate her daughter?
S: di… u said u can never bring her up… so I took the responsibility to bring her up as my own daughter… she is as swara is to me… think of her as my daughter di…
L: however hard I try to… I just cant think of her as ur daughter sumi… I can never! Plz… stop, I can not handle more of this anymore please!
S: ok di… but plz do consider wat I said!
The girls think of going somewhwre out… they thought of going to the beach! As a matter of coincidence, kunj as well as sanskar are at the beach
Twinkle beams a heartstopping smile as she spots kunj in all his perfectly fitted chothes… kunj acknowledges her and flashes her a smile tat just makes twinkle feel giddy… swara clears her throat and smiles genuinely at the two men, ragini also does the same.
Sanskar is just too happy to find swara near him, he sees her much more than a frnd but swara seems to see him as only a very gud potential frnd… as she is someone who doesn’t believe in all those fairy tales in which the princess is swept off of her feet just by the glimpse of prince charming
Everything seems to go gud between the guys until kunj smiles mischievously at sanskar… and sanskar nods understandingly at his big brother

Precap: a day full of fun at the beach!

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