Chapter 6
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Recap: twinj’s birthday celebration and entry of a mystery girl 😛
As the guests leave… swara ,twinkle and the other girl squeal with happiness and all the three share a hug.
T: love u soooooo much choti… but u wer going to come 2 days later na?
The other girl: ohhh di… how am I supposed to miss ur birthday? By the way… kunj looks too hot, does’nt he?
Swara: oh madam… kunj is way too elder to u baby sissy… no such words from u… at least for d guy who our most beautiful twinkle di has a crush on !
T: oh wait… I don’t have a crush on him… liaaaar!!!
S: oh please di… we have had enough of our ears listening to raj this… raj that…
The other girl: omg!!!!! Sooooooo raj is kunj…… WOW just wowwww!!!! U both are perfect!!!
T: enough girls… ok, I had a crush on him wen I was a kid, but now… he is just a frnd to me… and by frnd I mean only a FRND!
Twinkle blushes!
They all change their party wears and go to sleep but our twinkle seems a little… excited to have met her childhood love raj/kunj who used to make her life soooo perfert!
Kunj seems too happy for the fact tat he has his childhood bestie back in his life… twinkle was his best frnd ever… he always confided his most deepest and darkest of secrets in her… she seems to be the best frnd to kunj… yeah frnd!
The next morning everybody is too lazy from the late night birthday party hangover… but yet sumi seemd to make a very tasty breakfast i.e. aloo ka paratha tat melts the heart of her big strict sister leela as sumi thinks tat she has to do a lot of negotiating to not let her sister leave her house at any moment as a crazy mad angry woman!
Leela is suspicious tat sumi is upto something like… to bring up the past tat is filled with only wounds and scars tat terrifies her to the most… wenever leela is confronted by questions regarding her past… she just runs from it, but now, she is out of luck as it is sumi who decides to bring up the past!
S: di, I just don’t understand y u r always angry over tat helpless girl?
L: sumi… I have work to do, so plz can we talk later?
S: NO di!… u just cant run away from ur past like this… u have to be strong enough to accept tat it was neither ur fault nor ragini’s fault… both of u cudn’t do anything about it… wat happened, just happened!
L: plz! Sumi STOP! For god’s sake, STOP! I know tat it is not ragini’s fault, but she is the reason I am like this… broken!
(well… rt is the dead son or wait… the dead son of one of parvati’s best frnd, who died at the time of rt’s birth, so parvati took care of rt as her own son, hence the different surname!)

Precap: some history of the elderly ppl… but I will definitely try my best to include some swasan and twinj scenes!

How was the ragini part?… never expected her right? Or maybe u did! But then… this is my first ff, so u ppl have to tolerate me 😛 plz do say wat u feel… it feels gud wen someone says something abt u did… I will definitely appreciate it… even tough it may be negative!

Credit to: SHIVANI

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  1. Nice episode dear. I suppose u writing after a long time and I m reading it after long. So I just forgot what was the story about. So can u give me a short summary. I m so sorry for asking that but if I don’t understand the story than there would be no point of reading the ff from my side. So sorry if u r hurt by my words. And for the changing the display picture u need a wordpress account.
    U can click on this link

    1. Tysm anusha <3 m not at all hurt instead m happy tat u are reading my ff… I will post all the links in the next episode! Love u loads!

  2. Shivani….
    It was awesome..
    Both Swasan and Twinj scenes were outstanding and I really had a broad smile reading ur FF.
    Love ur FF…and u too..?

    1. Thanks smc tysm for still reading my ff… It means a lot to me!

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  5. I being a silent reader is commenting fr 1st time with I must say I m liking ur ff shivani di.

    1. Tysm cutie for cmmnting but let me tell u I am 17 so… u can definitely call me Di if u r younger to me! 😛
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