Thank u guys for all ur support… tysm sadaf khan, aarti, rupam, harna, muskan, tina, sudha, darsh, sanu and anusha for ur cmmnts, m sry if I left anyone’s name… plz do keep cmmnting… ur cmmnts give me the energy to write 🙂 before we start today’s episode, let me tell u that my next episode will be only after 10th of april… m sry for making u all wait so long… but I cant post any episodes as I am having my exams

RECAP: Twinj discover that they are childhood frnds, twinj’s nok jhok and twinj’s accident with a truck and they end up in jail, swara, shoba and sanskar come to their rescue, swara admires sanskar
All are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the birthday babies… twinkle and kunj along with sanskar shoba and swara reach gadodia nivas… sumi welcomes them by doing their aarti… swara is just gazing sanskar while sumi is doing the aarti, twinkle and kunj are surprised and happy to know that their nani are bff, and they are family frnds…
Gadodia nivas is decorated very beautifully with twinkle’s favorite yellow roses and kunj’s favourite orchids… the house looks lovely with all the floral decorations added with the lights
Twinj together cut their birthday cake… twinkle feeds the first piece of the cake to leela… leela is very happy, leela too feeds cake to twinkle… kunj is going to feed the first piece of cake to usha but he thinks something to himself and smiles… then quickly he himself eats the cake… everybody laugh and enjoy… Suddenly the power goes off… and a spotlight glows… swara is seen, she is looking too gorgeous, sanskar is unknowing staring at her in amazement…
Swara: as all of u know its my best twinkle di’s and kunj’s (kunj is a bff of swara) birthday today… so it’s time for celebration!!! And… the celebration will start with a beautiful dance on ‘abhi toh party shuru hui hai’ by my fav dida, dadi (parvati) and babee!!!
All clap and enjoy the bharatnatyam performed by the trio (shoba,parvati,babee)
Swara: amazing performance!!! I just never knew about ur dancing skills dear teenagers 😛 now it’s time for mothers’ to perform…

Meri ghar aayi ek nanhi pari plays… sumi,leela start dancing and leela calls usha too to join them and they three give a very beautiful performance
Swara appreciates them for their performance and announces that now… its time for fathers… twinkle gats sad 🙁 , and leela is angry on swara as twinkle misses her father (twinkle’s father i.e. rt dies when twinkle was 5 yrs old… frm then, leela is her mother as well as father)…
Papa kehte hai bada naam karega… plays and manohar along with shekar dance and twinkle is happy as she considers shekar as her own father
Swara: now… its time for the last but not the least performance of the day… by me!!!
Sanskar: this is not fair… wat abt me?
Swara: ohk so now, its sanskar!
Sanskar dances very brilliantly on badtamez dil… swara just keeps on admiring him… while twinkle and kunj enjoy all the celebrations

Swara is about to announce the next performance to be hers but before she cud say something… the spot light moves to the entrance and focuses on a girl and she comes in singing ek hazaron mein meri behna hai…
Her voice is familiar to the gadodia family… twinkle is very exited and says…
T: wow choti… love u… finally u came 🙂 had u missed my birthday… I wud have never spoke to u… 😀
And twinkle along with swara hugs that girl… the girl winks 😉 to swara and swara signs something to the person playing music…
Drama queen plays… swara and the other girl dance on it… they drag twinkle too with them and all three enjoy dancing…

Kunj admires twinkle’s dancing while leela gets angry and begins to leave… sumi stops leela and pleads leela to forgive her (the girl who came now) as it was not at all her mistake and there is no need to be angry on her… leela pays no heed to sumi…
Sumi: didi… at least think of twinkle and plz stay here in the party… plz
Leela agrees and waits only for the sake of twinkle… Nobody hears them as the music is loud… but twinkle notices them…

Swara is about to announce the party to be over while… yeh ladka hai deewana (kuch kuch hota hai) song plays… and kunj hits the dance floor… all cheer kunj
After kunj’s performance, twinkle complains as she did not get to dance on her fav srk’s song… swara pacifies her saying we all will definitely dance on srk’s song… all dance on lungi dance…
Leela: I am feeling uncomfortable here… I am having head ache

And… goes to rest in her room… twinkle thinks to herself that mom is upto something but I just don’t know what… but then forgets about all that and enjoys dancing…
Sarna family, maheshwari family along with babee… leave. Twinkle along with swara and the other girl take blessings of all and wave good bye to all…

Precap: relavation of the mystery girl

Sry guys… I will update the next episode only after 10th april… till then good bye and take care 🙂

Credit to: SHIVANI

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    1. Same here aarti… but can I know which ff u r writing?

  2. Wowwwwwww!i loved it especially the scenes of Swasan and Twinj….and the twist of the new girl….?❤️?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????❤️❤️??????

    1. Tysm smc… The next episode will be even more exciting than this 😛

  3. Till 10 I have to wait….but your ff is very amazing…..eagerly waiting for next episode

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  4. Very interesting! !!

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  5. Urs this epi was soo good as usval …… u shld nt stop ur epi in such suspence if u r going 2 post ur next epi on 10 april……let it be……….ur ff is just awesm waiting 4 urs next epi….n all the best 4 ur exam

    1. Tysm Rupam for ur wishes… I assure u tat after 10th April, I will post on a regular basis 😀

  6. Muskan{News reporter}

    Fantastic episode dear.

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