Thanks a bunch for all of ur cmmnts… all the swasan lovers u ppl will have to wait for sometime… this ff is for both twinj and swasan… swasan moments will be definitely shown very well in the next episode… but till then plz have patience, and do cmmnt, ur reviews are very important for small writers like me, may be u wont like my ff but plz do say… so that I can change my writing pattern… so without taking much of ur time…here we go
RECAP: twinkle and kunj , both are lost in each other’s thoughts and twinkle gets miffed with her family as nobody wishes her, she goes to an isolated garden and kunj hears her play her flute and they both discover that its their both’s birthday and became frnds.
K: twinkle how did u get to know about this garden as this garden has been closed since years and nobody dares to come to this place
T : swara and I used to play here in our childhood whenever I visited Mumbai, that’s y I am not afraid of this place, moreover loneliness is my best frnd!
Kunj is just stunned by her answer and asks her with nervousness, ‘did u have any frnds here when u were a kid?
T: yes I did have a frnd… he was a very sweet guy, very caring… but I just don’t know his name as we promised to never ask each other’s name… and u know wat… even his birthday is on the same day as mine, I mean ours!… had I been in touch with him, he wud have never forgotten my birthday… I just wish wherever he is right now, he shud be happy as he is the one who thought me wat happiness is all about!
Kunj is just blank and doesn’t understand wat to say… twinkle waves her hand in front of kunj…
T: I know I talk a lottt and I am sry to have bothered u with my childhood memories
Kunj just smiles…
K: nothing like that yaar…we are frnds and u can surely talk as much as u want with me… btw if u didn’t knew ur frnd’s name then… wat name do u used to call him?
T: we kept names for each other… I used to call him raj and he used to call me…
Before twinkle cud say anything,
K: and… he used to call u simran…
Twinkle is stunned
Kunj gives her a friendly hug,
K : I just can’t believe I met u after such a long time stupid… I can’t tell u how happy I am to see u… u can never know how badly I missed u… y did u leave without telling me?
T: so… this is my raj, wat did u eat in these years that u grew soooo tall?
They both laugh loudly…
T: I am sry for that but… the circumstances wer just not appropriate…
K: well then, go home tiny, all wud be worried for u, this situation too is not appropriate to discuss about the past
T: I will go home but first let me scold u… it was ur decision to not tell each other’s names… I too missed u sooo much, after all u were my best frnd… I mean u are my best frnd!
K: wait it was u who were hesitating to tell me ur name… I love srk and ddlj is my most fav movie so I just thought that we can call each other raj and simran… u agreed in less than a sec as u too are a srk maniac… so don’t blame me!
T: ohk fine let past be in past but now, I promise to not leave u , come wat may… now u promise me that u are never gonna leave…
K: am I mad to leave such a hot girl?
Twinkle is surprised to hear this…
K: now u go home…
They both reach near swara’s vespa and kunj’s ROYAL ENFIELD…
Kunj laughs and…
K: (in a funny tone) u remember simran… u cud not even ride a cycle properly and see now… u r trying to ride vespa 😛
T: if it is so then I will show u how nicely I can ride it… don’t say anything and sit behind me
K: as u say madam…
Twinkle rides the vespa very efficiently, but all of a sudden the brakes fail… twinkle is not able to control…they both shout in fear
K: don’t panic and try to control it, do something…!
T: how am I not supposed to panic… I don’t wanna die on my birthday, God plz do something!
K: even I don’t wanna die in such a small age… WATCH OUT!!!!!
Twinkle bumps into a truck… the truck driver gets wounded and he gets very angry and calls police… twinj try to explain themselves but the truck dirver and police doesn’t even listen to then and arrests them… they both end up in jail
T: its all happening because of u… my birthday is ruined… had u not challenged me, this accident wud have never happened!
K: as if I did this deliberately… now just shut up and think wat to do…
T: I will call swara
Twinkle calls swara tells her everything that happened… swara is shocked , she is on the verge of crying… and asks twinkle not to worry as she will come soon
On the other hand kunj calls babee and tells her everything and asks her to come as soon as possible…
Swara along with shoba reach the police station… kunj is expecting babee to come but to his surprise sanskar comes to get his bail
They get twinj out of jail… twinj are surprised to see sanskar and they both say together… ‘sanakar tum?’
Sanskar asks them are they alright and they both nod… swara hugs twinkle and sanskar hugs kunj… all of them leave for gadodia nivas as shoba says…
Shoba: u both (sanskar and kunj) also come with us… ur family is also in gadodia nivas only right now…
T: so this is (kunj) ur bhai?
Sanskar: yes twinky he is my bhai… but how do u know him?
T: tats a very long story… I will tell u wen we reach home 🙂
Swara just keeps on looking at sanskar… she is just in love with his enchanting black eyes…
Swara: hey sanskar can we exchange our eyes… I mean I just love ur eyes… they are tooooo cute 😀
Sanskar: are u crazy?
All of them laugh at swara’s childishness… but twinkle looks tensed… swara understands why twinkle is tensed…
Swara: di… don’t worry, I did not tell anything about this to anyone at home except for dida…
T: tysm shona… I was soooo worried about wat mom wud feel wen she comes to know about wat I did today… ( looking at shoba) dida plz don’t tell mom anything abt or else she wud be very angry on me and she wud be hurt too…
Shoba: don’t worry my princess, I wont tell her anything 🙂 after all even I cant see her upset… she doesn’t speak much but I can understand her pain… a child’s pain can never be hidden from her mother!
Twinkle gets teary eyed as leela is not the typical doting parent… but before anyone can see her, she says…
T: tysm dida… u r d besttttt
Kunj looks at sanskar as if he is expecting an answer…
Sanakar: don’t worry bhai, only babee and I know abt this, am I mad to make maasi (usha) tensed with all this by telling her ?
Kunj is relieved… Swara is pretty impressed with sanskar… she is just looking into his beep black eyes with a very cute smile… sanskar too looks at her and smiles, they both have a cute eyelock, but unfortunately their eyelock is broken as All of them reach gadodia nivas…
Rest of the family is eagerly waiting for their arrival at gadodia nivas….

Sry guys no precap… I am sry once again as I wont be able to update the further episodes as my exams are approaching, I wud try as much as possible but plz forgive me if I don’t update the episodes 🙂

Credit to: SHIVANI

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