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recap: kunj goes to durgaman travels and there he sees twinkle, sanskar calls twinkle, twinkle and swara feast over icecreams and shoba and parvati have a conversation over leela

Shoba decides to call babee but twinkle says
Twinkle: dida… first we will have our dinner and then u do anything u want to, u call ur frnd or ur enemy, I don’t care but now come lets eat… u have to take u medicines, remember?
shoba makes a sad face and all of them go to the dinner table where the rest of the family is waiting for them, the whole family enjoys the dinner except for leela… leela is just lost in her thoughts… her eyes are searching for someone but her heart just wishes that she never meets that person… sumi notices her sister’s restlessness and goes near her, keeps her hand on leela’s shoulders to comfort her and says
sumi: di.. don’t worry she is not here now… she will come after two days, after u leave
leela feels peace… all go to their respective rooms and sleep, except for swara and twinkle.
In swara’s room, swara says that she is sleepy and now she is not in a mood of doing masti, she asks her sweet twinkle di too to sleep, but twinkle is unable to sleep… she feels that there is a mysterious connection between her and the kunj… she keeps on thinking about him… she is just not able to get him out off her thoughts… finally she comes to the conclusion that may be I must have met him somewhere that is the reason that I am feeling I know him and nothing else… and goes to sleep.
On the other hand, our kunj is very happy… he just doesn’t wants to get the twinkling eyes of twinkle off his mind… he is just repeating twinkle’s name like a small kid, he is very happy to know her name… he feels there is definitely something in that girl that makes me think of her even at this hour… he sees the time and realizes that its too late and goes to sleep in the thoughts of twinkle…
The sun rises again and makes the surrounding warm by it’s tender rays, the birds are chirping, the dew drops over the leaves seems like jewels that are adorned by the trees… the whole surrounding feels happy as if nature is celebrating a very special occasion!
Swara wakes everyone by playing her guitar, all wake happily and after completing their morning rituals, they assemble for breakfast which is made by twinkle… all praise twinkle’s cooking skills.
But twinkle feels bad as she thinks everybody forgot her birthday… she actually gets too angry as nobody even wished her on her birthday, she tries to make everyone remember her birthday by giving hints… but all make silly excuses and say they don’t remember anything special about this day. Twinkle gets irritated and goes to swara and asks for her vespa keys .
Twinkle goes to an isolated place which seems to be a garden and says ‘how can all be so mean! Nobody remembers my birthday… how can they be so rude… and that sanskar… he keeps saying that I am his best frnd but he too forgot my birthday… and swara… and mom! ’ she is almost about to cry … and suddenly she seems determined and says ‘I am just not gonna talk to anyone that’s it!’
She just takes up her flute and starts playing a melodious tune.
A guy passes by the road adjoining the garden and is surprised to hear the melodious tune of the flute as that place is a very silent one where one can hear himself breathe. Out of curiosity he goes inside the garden and finds a girl standing under a tree who is playing flute… he is mesmerized by the girl… twinkle feels that someone is listening to her play the flute and opens her eyes and is surprised to see kunj.
Kunj: are u alright twinkle?… I mean u are here at this garden where nobody comes and moreover u are playing flute
Twinkle: noooo, I am just not alright… I am damn tooooo angry on all… and I play my flute whenever something good or bad happens
Kunj : so I guess that something bad happened today?
Twinkle :yes… nobody remembers my birthday… nobody is bothered about me… BUT wait… y am I telling u all these when I don’t even know u… I am sry to have bothered u
Twinkle: yes it is my birthday today but wat do u mean by it’s ur birthday too tody?
Kunj :its my birthday today  and I wish u a very happy birthday… may all ur worries go away and this birthday bring in only the colour of happiness in ur life so that u need not play flute when u are miffed with someon’
Twinkle : ohk now… that’s a very long birthday wish… happy birthday to u too 
Kunj :I know that I am the first person to wish u as none of ur family or frnds wished u… don’t u think I deserve a thank you? 😛
Twinkle: ‘yes… u do deserve a thank u but I thought there is no sry and no thank you between frnds :P’
Kunj is happy to hear that and forwards his hands to twinkle saying ‘hello this is Kunj Sarna… Kunj Manohar Sarna, wud u like to be my frnd?’
Twinkle smiles and says ‘yes… I accept ur frndship and u shud be proud to be a frnd of Twinkle Taneja u know.’
They both share a cute laughter.

PRECAP: flashback and sanskar’s entry

Credit to: SHIVANI

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