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Recap: twinkle’s arrival to Mumbai, swara and twinkle’s bonding and conversation of kunj and sanskar over the phone

Kunj drives himself to the head office of ‘DURGAMAN TRAVELS’… he thinks to himself tat wat kind of work is this!… everybody enjoys travelling and we have to just sit here and make everyone travel, how boring… life shud b interesting, there shud be some adventure… with a sigh he says ‘I just cant do anything about it so let me better go in before I get late’… he enters the office and manohar says ‘finally u had to come… good, now go and meet that client in your cabin… actually wait even I will accompany u’. Kunj and manohar enter kunj’s cabin… they see a girl waiting for them… before that girl cud say anything manohar starts… ‘hello beta, u have come to the right place as our agency is the best in mumbai… why only Mumbai…

it provides the best services all over the country…’ kunj is just spellbound by the girl… he keeps looking at her without even blinking… the girl says ‘hello uncle this is Twinkle taneja…u remember, leela taneja’s daughter, mom asked me to arrange for our return tickets to Amritsar… we need 3 tickets’ manohar says ‘yes beta I know ur family well… so don’t worry, for when do u want the tickets?’… twinkle says ‘opps, I didn’t ask mom about that, plz wait uncle I will just call her and ask…’ then twinkle calls leela and asks her about wen they have to go back to Amritsar and also asks her permission to stay in Mumbai for a week, leela replies that she has got to return day after tomorrow and allows twinkle to stay in mumbai for a week but asks her to return exactly after a week, twinkle says ‘uncle, mom asked to book tickets for her day after tomorrow and for me and dida plz book the tickets after a week’ he checks for tickets and says ‘beta just think tat ur tickets are booked!, I will message the details of the tickets to leela ma’m’. Twinkle greets manohar and turns to leave but as soon as she turns she finds her duppatta stuck to something… her duppatta was stuck to kunj’s watch, kunj removes her duppatta frm his watch and twinkle smiles to him as a gesture of gratitude and starts leaving frm there…

koi mil gaya song plays… kunj feels as if he is dreaming… twinkle smilingly looks at kunj. Manohar says ‘twinkle beta ur phone is ringing’.

Twinkle reaches her phone and a huge smile is put up on her face  , kunj gets irked by this and thinks may be her boyfriend is calling otherwise y wud she keep such a ringtone. Twinkle leaves frm there and attends the call by saying ‘hi!!! Sanky, how are u? how come u called me at this time, u were doing ur assignment na…’ sanskar says ‘twinkle how many questions do u ask? Now which question am I supposed to answer first?’ twinkle laughs at it and she signs swara that the tickets are done… they both leave for the icecream parlour and twinkle says ‘sanky just tell me y u called me now’ sanskar says ‘I just wanted ur help twinkle… I got to know that u r in Mumbai… u remember I always talk about my bhai… he lives in mumbai’ twinkle says ‘I remember but wat help am I supposed to do…’ sanskar says ‘bhai just wants to give me a cd and I don’t know wat is there in that cd that bhai is asking me to get it personally…

I will be coming to Amritsar to visit the golden temple next week so if u can…’ twinkle says ‘but ur bhai can also send that cd by courier na… anyways don’t worry, I will bring it along with me ’ sanskar says ‘tysm yaar… without u I don’t know wat I wud have answered to bhai… I will text u the address’ twinkle says ‘ohk sanskar bye I will bring it’ sanskar says ‘ty bye ‘
Twinkle is lost in her thoughts and kunj’s face keeps flashing in her mind… she just does’nt understand that anything and just then she is jerked by swara… swara waved her hands in front of twinkle’s face and said ‘di… where are u lost, see we reached our destination ’. Twinkle and swara both enjoys icecreams and then leave for gadodia nivas.
Twinkle informs leela about the tickets and leela says that she already received the message frm manohar.

Shoba goes to parvati’s room and asks her ‘are u not happy that I am here?’ parvati says ‘nothing like that shoba… y do u even think like that?… I was just worried about leela’ shoba says ‘yes… I too miss the old leela that my daughter used to be…’ parvati says ‘I am sry shoba… it’s all because of my son that leela has become like this… she is always quiet, doesn’t even talk properly with twimkle… it seems as if she killed herself, she killed the most caring person she used to be…’ shoba becomes teary eyed and says ‘paro don’t think about the past… let the past be in the past, whatever happens… only happens for the good’… before parvati says anything, swara and twinkle come to parvati’s room and say ‘whats happening here… looks like there is a senior citizen’s meeting going on here :P’ in a chorus, all laugh and parvati and shoba feel relieved as their grand daughters did not listen anything. Shoba says ‘how can we have any meeting with an incomplete group?’ swara says ‘oh yeah! I remember ur frnd babee…’ twinkle says ‘if u both are missing her then y don’t u call her here… I will also get a chance to meet her’

Precap: birthday special

Credit to: SHIVANI

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