HEY GUYS! I JUST DON’T KNOW Y BUT I REALLY JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE WRITING THESE DAYS… plz don’t think tat I take u all for granted… but seriously, I just don’t feel like doing anything… let alone writing! I am right now going through some serious drama with my besties… I am not complaining tough but I just felt like u ppl need to know! I am sry… well, the gud news is I may be planning a sequel to this ff and the bad news is I will be ending it in a few more episodes… well, I find it better to end it, at least this season of this ff wen I think I have no direction to give to ur fav characters! I am really sorry… plz understand me and don’t hate me… even if u hate me… I do understand!
Happy reading!
Precap: twinkle’s shifting into Mumbai and a talk between sanky ans kunj
A week gone by and still our bubbly twinkle is unable to sort out her mixed feelings for kunj! Sanskar on the other hand is trying too hard to hide his love for swara… he keeps sending her all those cute 🙂 good mrng, gud nite mssg stuffs… he helps swara with her studies over the phone as he went back home to Kolkata! 🙁
After 15 days
Ragini finds laksh way more attractive in her lectures in college… she finds it very difficult to take her gaze away from him… they lock their eyes in the middile of the lectures… but ragini thinks of this as inappropriate as laksh is her prof… and having these kinds of feelings for a prof is not all gud, she tries to avoid him, but is unable to do so as laksh on the other hand gives ragini a drive home after college everyday! Ragini is as confused as hell!
Swara is happy as she is no more guilty of spoiling sanskar’s life… as in her belief, sanskar seems to be moving on frm her while the truth is extremely the opposite… they behave as best buddies ever… they share the littlest detail of their day with each other… swara really feels tat sanky is a very gud guy and the girl who gets to marry him is really very blessed! All of a sudden sanskar seems to be avoiding swara for the silliest excuses he cud ever make like for instance… he hangs up on her for the sake of watering his plants 😛 swara just feels abandoned… she is unable to find wats wrong with her… she doesn’t understand y sanky’s avoiding her is making such a big difference to her!
Twinkle is just pissed of on her as all tat she felt was love just turned out to be a stupid infatuation as kunj successfully makes twinkle believe tat she was just infatuated by him and not really in love wid him! He cheers her up… they hang out at kunj’s house as all of his family is gone to Kolkata to visit the maheshwaris… Well but by this time kunj develops feelings for twinkle but he thinks of it as his concern for his sweet little simran! Kunj helps twinkle to recover by buying her all her fav stuffs like… stuffed toys… teddys to be specific and all tat tubs of chocolate icecreams accompanied by hot strong streaming coffee! 😛

Precap: I didn’t plan anything sry!

Hate me if u want to but plz… do forgive me… I AM SORRY… REALLY REALLY SORRY!
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Credit to: SHIVANI

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