HEY GUYS… m too happy to see ur cmmnts… love u all… well… this epi is kind of a filler so, don’t hate me for this! so straight to the episode without rambling today!
Happy reading!
Recap: twinkle’s confession of her mixed feelings for kunj to kunj and her 15 day experiment!
The call is frm leela…
L: ( with worry written all over her voice) hey princess… I have to tell u something…its just tat… u will have to quit ur modeling dreams and u will have to take over the new office of swarankle artifacts… in mumbai… plz don’t say no!
T: ma… u know I want to become a model… then y r u doing this to me?
L: I know my princess… but try to understand! U can still be a model… u can be our brand ambassador!
T: ohk whatever!
L: twinkle….
T: ohk ma I will take over the new office… happy now?
L: yeah! Very… love u my princess! All ur things will be shifted in ur maasi’s house within 3 days!
T: how mean… u r really doing this to me?
L: yes mere baccha!
T: ohk then atleast take care tat all my flutes reach here in a single piece!
L: aye aye captain! Ur wish my command! 😛
Twinkle is happy as well as sad tat she has to shift in Mumbai for forever! She is happy for the fact tat she can be around kunj but she also loves Amritsar to the core… ragini and swara try to cheer her up!
Twinkle calls kunj and informs him abt her shifting… kunj is happy for her!
At sarna mansion
K: hey sanky… till wen r u here?
S: idk bro… I wanna be here forever… with s… uh nothing bro… I am just bored… well, I will be going back this weekend and then after my final semester… I will be back !
K: my little baby brother… do u think I am blind… even a blind person wud say tat u love swara!
S: whoa! Do I look so desperate in front of her?
K: no! its just tat I know u very well so I said so!
S: hmm… but bhai I do love her and she doesn’t believe in love… but she doesn’t HATE me
K: hmm… did u tell her tat u love her?
S: yeah… a year back! She said no clearly 🙁
K: ohk! I get it… so, u love her, she doesn’t believe in love but she is not with anyone else or hates u… u have a chance there buddy!
S: how?
K: u just have to make her feel loved, make her feel secure and safe around u… more than that, u will have to make her miss u!
Precap: swasan and twinj scenes!
Hope u all don’t hate me for being so irregular wid the updates!… hope I update soon!… well, I have a gud news as well as a bad news for u all which I’ll be telling u on the next epi… until then, take care,
With love, shivani!

Credit to: SHIVANI

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