Hey guys…tysm srija, panchi, sonali, nataksha & tamanna for ur cmmnts… yeah I am better than before now! love u all for sticking wid me and my ff for this long… tysm for tolerating me guys! This too is short, but u guys need to know tat I am busy wid my study schedules… I hardly get some free time and wen I get, I write… so plz bear me!
Happy reading 😀
Recap: ragini shows her trip’s photos to twinkle and swara… twinkle notices laksh always seeing ragini… a talk between swara and twinkle about sanskaar and love! Twinj’s plan to meet at a park
K: hey!
T: ( blushing) hi kunj!
K: I want to talk something… its about u… ( takes a deep breath) wats wrong wid u twinkle?
Twinkle gets butterflies in her stomach but then wen kunj asks her wats wrong wid her… she gets confused
T: nothing is wrong wid me kunj! Y did u even think so?
K: I know something is wrong wid u… ur behavior says it all… the way u behave around me… its just weird… plz tell if something is wrong… I promise to fix it!
Twinkle’s throat dries hearing the word weird
T : kunj… idk wat u will say abt this… I don’t think tat u will b able to fix this!
K: are u challenging me? I can fix everything in ur life ! 😛
T: then hear this… ( tears well up in her eyes and kunj gets concerned) I think u r not just any frnd of mine… I think u r much more than only a frnd, but I myself don’t know wat I feel… I am sooo confused… I just didn’t wanted to bother u wid my stupid doubts tats y I didn’t tell u… I thought u wud avoid me if I told u something like this…
Twinkle just cries… her knees give up and she sits on the ground… kunj sits on his knees and hugs her!
K: shhhhh… don’t cry my simran… I just cant blame u if u have feelings for me… I know I am sooo handsome 😛 (twinkle wipes her tears and punches kunj on his shoulder playfully) but don’t worry… I will help u and not avoid u! 😀
T: help me? How can u help me?
K: see… u feel tat u feel for me, i.e. u think tat u love me may be… but this can also be because of we never met in these years… u look different now… I look different now… so this can also be some kind of infatuation thing… so, just forget all these things and try to be my frnd, for 15 days… in these 15 days u will come to know wat u feel for me… if its love then u wont be able to be only my frnd and if its not love then u will be able to be my frnd… right?
T: tysm… I guess tat these 15 days will surely bring meaning to my life… to us!
K: ohk so… smile my drama queen! ( kunj pinches twinkle’s cheeks and she grins at him) lets leave… everyone will be worried for us!
T: yeah… I guess its time to leave… bye kunj!
Twinkle goes to gadodia nivas… they all have their supper
After dinner, twinkle gets a call… she picks the call nervously
Precap: the phone call!
Love u forever guys… I need u all to know one thing… its just tat I will be posting the episode on alternate days as I am too busy wid my studies now! M sry… but I promise to be regular wid the alternate days arrangement!
Feel free to contact me wenever u think u need me… here is my email id: [email protected]
With love, shivani

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