Hey guys!!! Gud to see more n more cmmnts… it really feels great to see ppl liking ur work… so tysm for ur support! I guess the POV thing didn’t work so don’t worry guys… there wont be any POV episodes in the future! I war having a viral fever so this is wat I managed to write… I know its short but… plz don’t be angry… I guess short updates are better than late updates! Today… no rambling… straight to the story!
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Recap: POV of ralgak, twinj, swasan!
Ragini is all set to go to her college…
R: oh meri twinkle di… we all know tat u r the female version of kumbhkaran but still… get up na… swara also wants to talk wid u… I want to show all my trip’s photos to u… plzzz get up na!
T: ( in a sleepy tone) as if swara sleeps less… u show me ur photos after u come back… I wont get to sleep wen I go back to Amritsar… plz let me sleep!
Swara winks to ragini… swaragini just pulls the comforter off of twinkle… twinkle gets mad at them and starts to throw pillows at them… successfully missing her targets!
Twinkle finally got up, got freshened and asked ragini to show her photos first and then she will talk wid swara! The trio glanced all the photos… but twinkle noticed something… a pair of eyes were always stuck to ragini! And they were of laksh… her prof! twinkle did not say anything as she thought saying anything will mean a panic attack to her choti… she kept quiet! After going through all the photos… ragini left for her college and swara said she needs to talk to twinkle
S: di… don’t panic… I know I have kept this as a secret for almost a year now… but… u need to understand me…
T: omg!!!! My little angel is in love…. Wowwww!!! Who is tat lucky guy? 😛
S: di…. U know its nothing like tat… and don’t worry nothing like tat will ever happen!
T: ohk calm down and say wat it is?
S: di… u know sanskar na… ur frnd… he is my frnd too… he proposed me a year ago, I said no clearly and asked him to move on… but idk wether he moved on or not… I don’t want to live in the guilt of spoiling his life… plz can u do me a favour?
T: seriously? Swara I know u r my sis… I also know abt ur fears abt love… but trust me… sanky is one of the best guys I have ever come across… he is a true gentleman! And remember… its going to be ur loss for not loving him as if he says something… he really means tat!
S: di…. I am already guilty… plz don’t make me more guilty! Plz just check wether he has moved on or not! Plzzzz
T: ohk little angel! I will… but u know wat… the best thing to do now is to love him back!
Kunj just calls twinkle and asks her to come to the park they used to play in the childhood… twinkle gets butterflies due to this… they both meet in the park
Precap: twinj epi!
I hope u ppl are not getting bored because of my ff… plz do cmmnt and let me know wat u ppl feel abt my ff!
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Credit to: SHIVANI

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