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Recap: introduction of laksh and leela smiles at ragini… thoughts of ragini, sanskar & kunj
Ragini’s point of view:
Omg I just cant believe tat my snob English prof can even be so frndly… its akward… I mean he acts so strict in the college and has a completely opposite face around his brothers… I really feel sad tat he too is an orphan like me… I know wat it feels like to be an orphan as I too am one… I do have a very loving family… maa, baba, dadi… everyone but the one who gave birth to me is not there for me… I do love my family, m not complaining but I just feel tat some part of me is missing with the missing knowledge about my parents!
Laksh’s point of view:
Ragini… I never thought tat she cud be such a fun loving girl… she seems so different! Yes… I do like her for her academical abilities but I never thought tat being around her wud ever make me so happy… her laugh seems so musical and her eyes speak happiness… who knew tat I wud ever be praising my student for anything other than her acadamical abilities… life is fun! Sure… I really have a gud feeling tat something is going to happen in my life which will give it a 180 degree turn… hope tat the turn leads to something gud!
Twinkle’s point to view:
I am sooooooo happy! I just cant believe m wearing his shirt!… must say… he smells sooo gud! I really think tat wat I have with kunj is not only frndship…. He means sooo much more than a frnd shud… the only fear I am having right now is just abt his feelings for me… I hope tat he too feels the same but… I just don’t know… I think tat I shud ask him wat he feels abt me… but I fear tat he wud start avoiding me… I guess tat its too quick… I think at least I shud be clear abt my feelings before telling him anything… hope things go well… well… all I can do is only hope now!
Swara’s point of view:
I just hope tat sanskar does not feel anything for me anymore… m trying very hard not to avoid him and hurt him for the sake of our frndship… but at times he makes it soooo difficult! I still remember the hurt in his face wen I said… I don’t love him the way he does… I too was hurt seeing him hurt but I don’t think its my mistake tat I don’t believe in love! I hope he is not thinking abt me the same way like he was before a year… I just don’t want him to be broken, at least because of me… I know how to fix this… I will discuss this with twinkle di, only she can tell me wat I can do now as I want him to understand tat I wud never be able to love him the way he does as I don’t believe in love and I don’t want to end up being the bad girl hurting his feelings… love sure is complicated!
Kunj’s point of view:
I don’t know wat I am supposed to do with twinkle… back then I used to be her hero… I used to fix all her problems… I cud also console her wen her dad died… but now… I feel like I don’t know her! I really want to fix her issues… she looks so uncomfortable around me… it just kills me to see my bestie like this… I am going to talk to her about this and will also make sure tat she talks to me about her issues… I want to become her hero once again! I want to make sure tat she doesn’t feel guilty for something she never did… just like she blamed herself for her dad’s accident back then just because she fought wid her dad the night before his death for not buying her a new Barbie doll… I just hope she doesn’t do some of her idiotic antics in her depression mode!
Sanskar’s point of view:
Swaraaaa… she really means her name! Her voice seems so musical… nothing has changed… she is still the same… a very pure soul who doesn’t believe in love because her maasi ( leela) underwent a broken marriage, and then became a single mother… I understand her insecurities… but I cant stop loving her… she has to understand tat all men are not the same… there r some gud guys too, just like me who will only want her happiness and not her money! I know she doesn’t love me… may be she never will but I just want to take away her fears of falling in love! If she is happy… then I am happy, just for the sake of my happiness I want her happy… I know I am being selfish but… I know I wont be burning in the fire of hell if I wish for her happiness!
Precap… no precap! Wait & enjoy! 😛
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