The sun is already shining bright, the whole house is busy… everyone seems to be awaiting someone’s arrival… all of a sudden someone goes upstairs and bangs a room’s door… that person is none other than sumi and she calls ‘Shona get up… this is the third time I am knocking ur door… be quick, at least open the door dear… don’t u remember u need to go to the airport with ur baba to receive…’ just then swara opens the door and says ‘yes ma I know… ur daughter has grown up now, I will get ready and come down don’t worry… now smile ’ sumi says ‘ohk dear but please be quick’ with a smile on her face… sumi turns to leave just the swara hugs her and says ‘love u ma’ sumi smiles and says ‘shona now go and get ready quickly’
Swara gets ready and comes downstairs and starts to leave… but turns to sumi and says ‘ma see to it that all the arrangements are perfect’… sumi says ‘I know I know… now u plz go or else she will get angry again….’

Swara along with shekar reaches the airport with a huge bouquet… just then a voice comes ‘Swara… my cutie pie… congratulations u are not late this time 😛 ‘ swara turns to find her twinkle di and is very happy, a huge smile is put up on her face… swara goes to twinkle and hugs her saying ‘wat di… I don’t come late always…’ twinkle gives her an obvious look, swara says ‘ohk sometimes I am late but not always…’ and then swara and twinkle both laugh and giggle together, leela says ‘come lets reach home as soon as possible… I have come here for an important meeting’ and shoba scolds her saying ‘at least meet swara… see she brought us such a beautiful bouquet’ leela looks at the bouquet swara is holding and says ‘this is beautiful ’ swara and twinkle are very happy to see her smile. Shoba scolds swara ‘won’t u meet ur dida?’ swara says goes and hugs her saying ‘love u dida’ and kisses her dida… shoba says… ‘I know u both, once u both meet each other u both just forget me… as if I just don’t exist for u both…’ swara and twinkle look at each other, swara winks to twinkle and they both run into shoba saying love u dida… all smile, leela says ‘come lets leave I am getting late’ shekar says ‘come… all of u get into the car’ They all leave from the airport and shekar drives home.

All reach Gadodia nivas… all are happy to meet each other. Parvati greets shoba, sumi is very happy to see leela, and sumi asks her shona to show them their rooms, Swara shows dida and leela their respective rooms and says ‘twinkle di u will have to stay along with me in my room only… you will have to be here for minimum ten days, we will go for shopping, I’ll take to all the best places in Mumbai… but first let me take u to the new icecream parlour that has opened recently which comes under my list of favourite icecream parlours…and also make u meet all my frnds in college’ and goes on and on, twimkle interrupts her by saying ‘ohk baby I will surely stay in ur room and we both will go everywhere but I just can’t stay here for more than five days…’ swara makes a sad face and acts as if she is about to cry, twinkle feels bad and says ‘ohk darling not for ten days but I will try to be here for a week’ swara hugs her and says ‘thank u di, u are the best’ twinkle smiles and says ‘I will ask ma about it but now I will have to go to manohar uncle’s agency to book our return tickets’. Swara becomes blank and says ‘but my icecream di!’ twinkle says ‘I remember ur icecream… how dare anyone say no to u and ur icecream 😛 , but manohar uncle’s travel agency is on the way to ur icecream parlour so we will go to manohar uncle’s place first and then to ur icecream parlour’ swara says ‘ohk di but I will drive… u just go and get ready’ twinkle says ‘ohk shona just five min and I will be there next to your vespa’. Twinkle comes to swara, they both have a sweet argument on who will wear which coloured helmet, finally twinkle says ‘look swara I am getting late so u wear ur fav yellow coloured helmet and I will wear the green one’ swara is happy as she has got her yellow coloured helmet and they both leave for the travel agency.

A man seems bored… he just picks up his phone and dials a certain number… the other person picks up the call and greets ‘hi bhai… how did u remember me so early in the morning as it is only 11am and I guess u just woke up now’ the man says ‘enough dumbo don’t do so much acting… I know u must be missing me, but it’s just that u don’t want to accept it’ the other man says ‘listen kunj bhaiya I am busy with my college assignments, so if u called me only because u are bored then I am sry… I can’t talk now, I am very busy…once I am free, I will myself call u’ kunj says ‘ohk sanskar I am sry for disturbing you… if u want any help then just tell I will happily do’ sanskar says ‘tysm bhai… but now I’ll manage… bye tc’ kunj says ‘ohk bye’
Kunj just thinks wat to do now… he decides to go to office as he has got nothing to do other than to sleep right now and he is also not feeling sleepy… he just moves closer to his wardrobe and puts on a casual wear and goes to usha and babee to take their ashivad, usha and babee are happy to see kunj go to work, kunj leaves for work. Usha says ‘I am so happy babee that kunj is going to office without me asking him to go’. Babee says ‘yes even I am happy to see him take responsibilities’.

Precap: twinj first meeting

Credit to: SHIVANI

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