Hello guys! This is SHIVANI and I am writing a ff for the first time… I am totally new here, it’s just that I was following a few ffs, inspired by them and decided to write one of my own. Please do say in the cmmnts if u too are writing any ff… please forgive me for my mistakes and do cmmnt about your like and dislike of anything in my ff. I am sry to take much time of yours here itself… here we go.

Gadodia family: Swara, Sumi, Shekhar, Parvati (Mumbai )
Maheshwari family: Sanskar, Annapurna, Durgaprasad (Kolkata)
Sarna family: Kunj, Usha, Manohar (Mumbai)
Taneja family: Twinkle, Leela (Amritsar)
and Shoba , Babee

She is a fun loving girl… an icecream maniac and a very pampered daughter, also a loving cousin of Twinkle. Swara can do anything for her family’s happiness and loves to play guitar. ( age: 21 yrs)
She is a doting mother of swara, sister of leela, daughter of shoba and a very dutiful wife and daughter in law. ( age: 43 yrs)
He is a very loving father of swara and is a partner of leela in business, also a very loving son. ( age:45 yrs)
She is shekar’s mother and loves her grand daughter verrrry much, also treats twinkle as her own granddaughter. Friend of shoba and babee. ( age: 66 yrs)
He is a very responsible and charming young man who wants to helps his father with their family business as soon as possible, also cousin of Kunj. ( age: 23 yrs)
She is a very caring mother of Sanskar and always wants to make her son happy, also babee’s younger daughter. ( age: 45 yrs)
He is a person who is very disciplined, a very successful business tycoon… does’nt care much about his family. ( age: 47 yrs)
He is very close to his mother, a messy guy who is a happy go carefree person. He unwillingly takes care of their family business. ( age: 24 yrs)

She is a very pampering mother who has dedicated all her life for her son and is the elder daughter of babee. ( age: 47 yrs)
A father who is not bothered about his son… all he thinks about is his business. He is a partner of durgaprasad in business. ( age: 48 yrs)
A very mature person whose decisions never go wrong, she is very close to gadodia family. She aspires to become a successful model. She loves to play flute. (age: 22 yrs)
She is always busy in her business… spends very less or no time with twinkle and wants twinkle too to join her business. ( age: 45 yrs)

Shoba :
leela is her elder daughter and sumi is her younger daughter. She is also called dida by her grand daughters. Her world revolves around both of her grand daughters. ( age: 65 yrs)
Loves her family and stays with her elder daughter usha, also a very good friend of shoba and parvati. ( age: 67 yrs)

Credit to: SHIVANI

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  1. Swara and twinkle characters are so nyc…awesome yaar..

    1. Thanks sravani

  2. A gr8 start looking forward with ur ff.

    1. Sure… will post the 1st chapter very soon

  3. I’m damn sure I’ll luv your ff coz I lobe both swasan n twinj

    1. Thanks 🙂

  4. ragini and parth samathaan plz add it

    1. Hmm will try to but may I know who is parth samanthaan?

  5. Shivani awesome one I luv ur ff I m feeling its gonna be best Nd tbh I don’t see swaragini so I did not plan any ff due to fear how will I write but now seeing ur ff I alwill also post a new ff on Twinj Nd swaragini on cmng Saturday….thnx for ur support!!!!???

    1. all the best for ur ff rakshita and do say when u post ur ff, I will be waiting for urs 🙂

  6. Hi..its a good job…keep it up…awesome character list with their age…

  7. I love your ff pls if there is any character for ragini so add her with Karan taker

  8. wow shivani a great thought

  9. Interesting …different plot

  10. thank you harna,tooba,tina and meghs 🙂

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