LOVE UNITE THEM (kkb) episode 2


FB shown…

Abhi was returning aftr the meeting .at railway station, a grl suddenly hit him and she fall on him. They have an eyelock(none other than Pragya )she tried to get up but further she was close to him his lip touch
her’s and they were stunned.. After both of them came to sense and got up…
Pragya :i’m so sorry i’m not mean to do that
Abhi:don’t u have eyes?? Y r u rushing like
this!!? Damn it
Pragya:hey mind ur words… I told sorry na..

And pragya leaves . Abhi was
dumbstruck.everyone was watching him
He get into the train…. He take her seat and pragya also came to sit beside him with
her sister, Bulbul. Both were shocked
.. All their way they fought for evrythng… Both were angry to each other…
FB ends….

Abhi looks Purab… But he was bsy with his laptop… This enhanced Abhi’s anger. He shout at him.
Abhi:purab ,wat r u dng?
Purab :vow bhai i’m just listening nd i’ve got an imp mail…. Look bhai…. I’ve got admsn in MMC …..and I’ve to join tmrw itself…
Abhi:ho its amazing yaar.. I know it’s ur great dream na….. I’m very happy…
Abhi again goes in some thoughts
Purab:bhai r u still thinking abt her leave it
na…. And join in my happiness…
Abhi :haan…. idiot.

Back to pragya
Bulbul:di …..y r u upset…. Come let’s go
and have some fun
Pragya :no choti I’m not feeling gud….
Bulbul :di. ….tmrw I’ve to join in my music college and u r gng to med college na… U
‘ll be very busy and not have enough time to spend with me….
Pragya :ok… let’s go….
Back to purabhi
Purab :bhai… Let’s go out na…
Abhi :haan… haan it’s for ur happiness only… Let’s go and rock..
Episode ends

PRECAP:another meeting of Abhigya

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  1. Superrrr…… But give long episode…. Waiting for next episode…..

  2. Reshma_Pradeep


  3. Nice n quite interesting as well…

  4. Prathi

    Going Good dear give some long epi

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