I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-5

I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-4

Sanskar getting ready for office..
Sanskar:kya dear..
Ragini:maa nd i want to go shopping..can we go
Sanskar(remembered last day):no
Sanskar:u both cant go
ragini pouts…
Sanskar:dont make that face..i will take u both shopping
Sanskar:haan..i will come home early today,we will go
Ragini:thank u
she pecks his lips..
Sanskar:this is not fair..u give half kiss..
Ragini:do u want full
Sanskar nodded smiling..
Ragini comes to him,looking at him romantically..sanskar parted his lips…Ragini rubs his lips with her thumb..
sanskar kissed hre thumb..ragini smiles nd pushed him..
sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:im not in mood..
Saying she runs smiling..sanskar pouts..

Sanskar came home nd they went shopping..
Ragini gives one shirt to sanskar nd asks him to try..
Sanskar:come with me na..
Sanskar:to trail room
(he dont want to leave her alone)
Sanskar:come na…it has been years,we did romance in trail room..we will recall those moments in trail room..come na..
Ragini:sanskar..maa papa here only..are u mad
Sanskar:they r busy in shopping..plzzz
Ragini:always in romantic mood
Sanskar:then what to do..my wife tho s*xy ,hot na..i must be romantic..
Ragini:stop it sanskar..go nd try..
Sanskar(pulls her close):come nd make me wear
saying he drags her into trail room..
Ragini glares at him..sanskar smiles sheepishly..
Sanskar:make me wear
Ragini makes angry face nd unbuttoning his shirt..
sanskar(pulls her close):tum bahut cute lagati hu when u r angry..he kissed her cheek..
Ragini doesnt say anything she removes his shirt nd makes him wera new shirt nd buttoning his shirt with stern face..
sanskar:ok baba sry..u no need to help..go..(he said seeing her face)
She turns to go..sanskar holds her hand..
Ragini:what..u asked me to go
Sanskar(with puppy face):i thought u wouldnt go..but u got reday to go..(he makes cry face)
Ragini(pinched his nose smiling):this face doesnt suits u..
Sanskar:then what suits me.(he asks pulling her more closer,giving romantic look to her)
Ragini(holds his coaller nd pulls him close to her):this suits u..
Sanskar smiles..he moves towards hr lips to kiss her..ragini stops him..
ragini:not here sanskar..plzz
Sanskar:ok..but i will take this night..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar pecked her forehead..
Ragini:how is this shirt
Sanskar:u selected me naa..perfect
Ragini(smiles):fine..u change nd come..i will go
Sanskar:no..u should only do..
Ragini:maa must be searching for me
Sanskar:i will manage

Both comes out…jst then suji came..
suji:ragini where did u went..i was searching for u
Ragini:sanskar maa asking bolo
Sanskar(glares at her):maa vo..she went to trail room to trail this(he shows his shirt)
Sanskar hits his head..Ragini giggles..
Sanskar:vo maa..
Ragini(glares at sanskar as he said he will manage but now he stammering):maa i went to trail room to try one dress but it was not good i left..
Suji:then where are u sanskar
Ragini:maa he went to try this shirt..
they nodded.suji walks..
Ragini(immitates sanskar):i will manage
Sanskar pouts..
Ragini(pulls his cheek):chalo
Sanskar nodded nd goes wirth her..he was haapy seeing her like this forgetting all her pain..
All sat nd having casual talk..
sanskar:kya maa
Suji:sanskar y cant u both cme MM..all want to see u both..they missed u both alot sanskar..
Sanskar:maa u knw i dont like to cme there..
Suji:what had hapend happend..forget sanskar..
Sanskar:how can i maa..how can i..
Suji:but sanskar
Sanskar:no maa..no more argument..its already late..
go nd sleep..
he holds ragini hand nd takes her along with him..
suji ram stood helpless…
Ragini sat on bed sadly..sanskar sat beside her..
sanskar:do u want to go..
Ragini nodded happily..
Sanskar:i knw u want to go there..but u knw very well i wont agree for this…
Ragini:plzz sanskar..
Ragini:i dont want to sleep..u sleep
Sanskar (smiles,he pulls her on bed nd hugs):sleep
Ragini pouts nd sleeps on sanskar..
Sanskar caressed her hair nd says in mind,how can i forget what had happend..they hurted u…
Ragsan wr happy couple…their love towards eo..their care..always make family happy…but all their happiness ruined when ragsan got to knw ragini cant be praganent as she had complications in her Ovary…Ragsan shattered with this news…Ragini goes into depreession…sanskar nd laksh did many efforts to make her normal..they someohow made her out of that trance…

After somedays..swara got preganent..All r happy..Ragini used to take care of her all things…
It was swara,s 3rd month..swara had a misscarriage due to food poisioning…again all shattered…
one day
Ragini consoles swara…
Pari:y did u do this ragini
Ragini looks at her confused..
Pari:u r the reason for her misscarriage
Ragini stood numb for her accusion..
Suji:pari..are u mad
Pari:im telling truth chachi…ragini only used to take care her swara na..she only used to made food for her..think about once..she cant get preganent na..she gets jealous by all our love towards swara nd her child..so she did..
tears rolling down from ragini eyes..
Ap:pari shut up
Pari:y dont u all understand..she did it intentionally…
Ragini goes into her room nd loccked herself nd cries..all got worried..nd knocks d door but she doesnt open…
sanskar who came from office sees all r near door..
Sanskar:what happend..
Sanskar(hearing ragini..he got helll worried):what happend maa
Suji told what had happend
sanskar looked at pari angrily who gives a ignore look..
he brkd d door nd goes inside nd sees ragini who is crying badly..sanskar heart sank..he hugs her tight…
Sanskar:dont cry dear…
RAgini(hugs him tight):sanskar..i didnt do like that..u knw about me na..how could she thought like that..she is my sister..im not that bad sanskar… she sobs loud..
Sanskar:dear plz dont bother about those words..
Swara came towards them..
Sanskar:plzz all leave left us alone for sometime..he shouts..
all left..
He brks d hug nd wiped her tears..
here all r scolding pari for this….
Ragsan came along with luggege..all shocked..Ragini doesnt want to go but sanksar made her agrred..
Suji:sanskar what is this..
Sanskar:we r going ma..
Ap:sanskar…plz dont do this..we knw about ragini na…leave that pari..
Swara:haan sanskar plz..it was my mistake i should be carefull,there is no ragini fault…plz stay..
Sanskar doesnt care about all words..
he walks out holding ragini hand..without paying any heed to family who r trying to stop them..
Fb ends…
sanskar kissed sleeping ragini foreheed nd says u can forgive them but i will never forgive who have hurted u..
@nxt day
Sanskar came home from office nd sees ragini who stood with serious face….
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:how could u do this sanskar..
Sanskar( got tense):wh…wh..what
Ragini:how could u hide this big thing from me..
Sanskar shocked he says in mind how she came to knw..did maa told but how could she..
Ragini:i never thought sanskar i never thought..
Ragini laughs loud seeing sanskar expression..sanskar looked at her puzzled..
Ragini:i fooled u..
Sanskar got relieved..he took a deep breath..
Ragini:see ur expression
Sanskar:u became crazy now a days..
Ragini(smiles..she moved to sanskar nd wiped the sweat frm his foerehead):sanskar..y u got tense..is there anything..u r hiding from me..
Sanskar in mind sorry..
Ragini:tell sanskar
Sanskar:haaan..big thing
Sanskar(came towards her nd whispered in her ear):i have second wife..
Ragini:oh..poor girl
Sanskar:poor girl??
Ragini:haan..u gave all love to ur first wife naa..poor girl she cant get any love from u..
Sanskar:no need to pity..i hav so much love to share
Ragini( pushed him):then go nd love ur second wife..
Sanskar:are u jealous..
Ragini:no..y should i..in fact im happy
Ragini:ha..kya hai na..i got bored by u,i will get rid of u some days..
sanskar sat on bed pouting..
Ragini sat beside him..
sanskar doesnt say anything..
Ragini looks at him smiling..Sanskar looks at her with corner of his eyes..
Ragini:can i call ur secondwife
sanskar glars at her..he pushed ragini on bed nd comes over her..
Sanskar(bited her neck):u got bored of me..u want to get rid of me naa..
Sanskar:i will not leave u today

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