I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-4

Sanskar back hugs ragini ,who was in kitchen…
Sanskar:looking so happy
Ragini(turns at him):haan..after long time ,maa , papa coming na..itna khush tho hona chahiyena..(she said smiling brightly)
Sanskar:always be like this..never let this smile fade away..
Ragini:anything for u..
Sanskar smiles nd pecked her forehead loving…
Ragini:now go..let me cook..
She turns..
Sanskar(encircleed his hands around her waist nd placed his chin on her neck nd bited her neck softly ):may i help u(huskily askd)
Ragini:no..dont disturb me thats enough..
Sanskar:what..my romance seems disturbance to u..
Saying he pulls her even more close pressing her bare waist nd nuzzles her neck with his nose romantically…
Ragini(she closed her eyes):san..sans..kar
Sanskar:still u feel disturbance
Sanskar removed her hair from back nd gives wet kisses on her back..
Ragini moans his name..
Sanskar tightened his grip on her waist nd travelled his lips towards her neck nd kisses…both lost…
They gt sense when they felt something burnt smell..both composed..
Ragini:sanskar see ..it is all bcz of u..
Ragini made a cry face
Sanskar(holding his ears):sorry dear…ok..i wont do anything..i sit quite…
He kissed her cheek nd said sorry..
Ragini smiles..he sat nd admiring her cooking..

Sanskar:wow u made so many items..
Ragini:haan..only for maa papa
Sanskar:then for me??
Ragini:daal nd paratha only
Sanskar pouts..
Ragini smiles..she pulls his cheeks nd says my cutie tell what do u want
Sanskar:something special
Sanskar:give tonight
Ragini:im asking ,what do u want to eat
Sanskar:im also telling to eat only(he winked at her)
Ragini(beats him playfully):sanskar..
Sanskar(moves her close):i wanna eat ur soft cheeks ,ur s*xy neck nd ur…
Ragini(blushes):stop it sanskar
Sanskar:no i wont stop..i wanna..
Ragini(closed his mouth):stop…i heard car horn.must be maa nd papa..
Sanskar:but i didnt heard..
Ragini:how could u hear..u r in ur world na .
Sanskar:haan i cant hear anything..when i was with u in my world.
They heard knock..
Ragini:now comes out from ur romantic world..
Sanskar:fine wify..
Ragini smiles nd both goes…

Suji ,Ram came..they hugs ragsan emotionally as it had been long time they met them…
Suji caressed ragini hair ,suji eyes got moist…sanskar wiped suji eyes nd says maa plzz..
Ram:how r u beta
Ragini:fine papa..how r u both..nd badi maa ,papa all teek tho hai naa..
Suji:haan..all fine..they said..they r missing u both so much..
Ragini looks at sanskar pouting..
Sanskar:maa papa go nd get fresh first..we will talk later..
They nodded..ragini took them to room…
All r having dinner..
Ram:ragini beta..i missed the food made by u..all items are too good..
Suji:ha ragini..u learned cooking very well..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar smiles seeing her smile…
Ragini:maa how is swara..is she fine….
Suji:haan ragini..she is perfectly fine..its her 7mnth na..laksh taking care of like a child..
Ragini smiles wkly..
Sanskar looks at ragini she assured her she is ok..
@next day
Sanskar went office ,ram too went with him..
ragini,suji went to market at evening…where they met one of suji old friend…
Lady:suji..tum here..u r staying mumbai naa..
Suji:haan mrs Rao ,my son nd dil are staying here so i came to see them..she is my dil ragini..
Ragini:namaste aunty
Lady:namaste bata..ur dil looking beautiful..
Suji (smiles):how is ur son..was he got married..
Lady:haan..it had been 2 years..they hav 2 kids too..u knw they are naughty kids..i dont knw the time when i play with them..
Ragini suji faces fell..
That lady continuously speaking about her grand childrens nd how she felt playing them all..(Uff these ladies nahh?)
Ragini in mind sry maa i cant able to give this happiness to u nd papa..she controls her sob…
Suji(looks at ragini ,nd feels bad):mrs Rao..we need to leave..
Lady:but suji
Suji holds ragini hand nd took her to out ignoring that lady…
Suji( hugs ragini):sorry beta..
Ragini:no maa..y r u saying sorry.im ok..u dont wry.
Suji nodded..
They came home..
Ragini throws herself on bed nd cries remembering that lady words ..she heard foot steps..she was not able to control her tears..she pulls blanket over her..
Sanskat came from office nd sees ragini sleeping..
Sanskar wondered,y ragini slept this much early..he can easily fnd something must be happend..he got tense..
Ragini silently wiping her tears..nd controlling her cry..
Sanskar:ragini get up..i knw u r not sleeping..get up..
Ragini takes deep breath..
Sanskar: what happend ragini..plz get up..
Ragini removes blanket over her nd smiles at sanakar..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:kuch nay..i jst pretending sleeping to tease u..but u caught me..she pouts..
Sanskar(cupped her face):did u cried..
Ragini:no..y should i..u dont like me cry na..then,how can i cry..
Sanskar knws she was lying ..he kissed her both puffy eyes…
Sanskar:tum teek tho hai na..
Ragini:ha baba..im fine..now go nd get fresh..
Sanskar nodded..he stood but stopped ..he thinks ,if he went ,she may cry again…
Ragini:where are u lost hubby..go
Sanskar:come with me
Ragini:what..sanskar maa papa is im home..plzz..
Sanskar lifts her without listening her..
Ragini:sanskar u go down i will call maa papa for dinner..
Sanskar:ragini u go..i will call them..
Ragini nodded nd went to kitchen..
Sanskar comes to suji ram..
Suji:sanskar when did u cme frm office..
Sanskar:leave that..what happened maa..
Sanskar:matlab..what had happend ,my ragini cried..
Sanskar:tell maa
Suji told what had happened..
Sanskar(clenched his fist):y maa..y all want make her cry..
Suji:sanskar ,vo..y cant u think about once ,what doc said..
Sanskar:no maa..i cant take risk..maa plz dont tell this to ragini..
Suji:but sanskar
Sanskar:plzz maa..nd plzzz dont take this matter infront of ragini…
Suji nodded helpless….
Ragsan sleeps hugging..
Sanskar:kya dear
Ragini:u should not hav married like me..
Sanskar brks d hug nd turned other side angrily.
Ragini (hugged him from back):ok..ok..sry..sry..i wont talk this matter again…sry…
Sanskar turns at her..
Sanskar hugs her tight…

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