I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-3

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Sanskar waking up ragini..

Sanskar:dear wake up..

Ragini:let me sleep for sometime na..plzz

Sanskar:its already 8

Ragini:tho cant i sleep(she pout in sleep only)

Sanskar(smiles):u can dear..(he kissed her foreheadnd cover her with blanket)

sanskar got fresh..nd made breakfast..

Sanskar came to room frm kitchen nd sees ragini who sits on bed..(still in sleepy mood)

Sanskar:good mrng dear

Ragini:good mng..im hungry

Sanskar:ok.brush ur teeth first

Ragini:make me brush..

Sanskar smiles..he moves towars her nd lifts her into his arms nd brushed her teeth..he again lifts her nd takes her to dining,nd served breakfast..

sanskar:how is breakfast

Ragini:not bad..u should have wake me up..i would have prepare yummy breakfast..

Sanskar:but dear..i had u woken up..
Ragini:when..i didnt remember anything(mischivious)
Sanskar:dont u remember(innocently)
Ragini(hiding her smile):no..u r lying..lier..

Sanskar(noticed her smile):fine..sorry.

Ragini:i wont forgive u..u will hav punishment

Sanskar:what should i do..

Ragini:give 3 kisses..

Sanskar:is it punshment(smiles naughtly)…
Ragini:ha..but u have 5min time limit..
Sanskar:i will complete in 2min..
Ragini pushed him nd runs while saying ur times starts now..sanskar smiles nd chases her…
Ragini:1min got over
Sanskar:still has 4mins hai na..
Ragini runs around sofa..sanskar catches her nd pulls,but he misbalanced both fell on sofa..sanskar was top on ragini..

Ragini smiles breathing heavily..Sanskar stares at her lovingly.her smile is enough for him to live his life..

Ragini:oye mr hero, where u lost..u hav only 1min..

Sanskar smiles ,he leaned to her lips,ragini covered her face with her both hands..

Sanskar smiles nd kissed on her neck..

Sanskar:not only face,i hav so many places to kiss..

Ragini pouts..

he about to give second kiss,thy hear knock..
Ragini:sanskar,get up..someone came..
Sanskar:let them wait..i will complete my work..
Sanskar( smiles):fine..i will go nd see..u stay here..
Ragini nodded..

Sanskar opens d door,nd sees swalak there..

Sanskar(not expected):laksh tum dono

Laksh(hugs him emotionally):How are u Bhai

Sanskar:fine laksh..

Laksh:dont u invite inside ur home

Sanskar:laksh u knw..
Laksh:bhai it had been 1year..
Sanskar:but still we r in pain laksh..
Laksh:ragini only called us bhai..she will feel happy seeing us..
Sanskar:she may feel happy laksh but i knw she would feel pain in every second being swara around..
swara eyes got moist she looks at her womb(7 months pregenent)..
Sanskar:plzz dont misunderstand swara,it does not mean she was not happy with ur pregenency..
SWara:i can understand sanskar..but
Sanskar:plzzz give some time to us..u knw i cant tolarate her pain..
Swalak nodded..nd leaves helplessly….
Sanskar closed d door ,he also feels bad..

Ragini:who was it

Sanskar:they came to wrong address

Ragini:oh..ok..u lost

Sanskar( pouts):now what i should i do

Ragini:make me get reday

Sanskar smile widely nd lifts her into his arms nd takes her to washroom..but ragini runs out frm washroom..
sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:catch me..
Sanskar:today u became kid..
Ragini:i dont have a chance to give kid to u na,,so i became kid(she said sadly)
Sanskar:will u stop thinking about that..
Ragini nodded controlling her tears..

Sanskar moves to her nd kissed on her lips to control her pain before she could burst out…(he makes her forget all her pain with his love)
Sanskar(brkd d kiss):i love u
Ragini smiles wkly..
Sanskar lifts her nd takes to washroom,ragini,stares at him lovingly….
Sanskar back hugs ragini,who is cooking..
Ragini jerks..

Sanskar:kya hua dear
Ragini doesnt say anything,pretends as she was busy in cooking..
Sanskar makes her turn to him nd cupped her face..
Ragini turned her face..

Sanskar:kya hua..
Ragini:what r u trying to proove sanskar..y u sent swalak without meeting me..
Sanskar:ohh..u got to knw this
Ragini:ha..i got to knw..y r u doing all these sanskar..
Sanskar:leave that matter..come we should eat dinner..
Ragini:dont divert topic…it has been i year,i havnt seen our family..i want see them nd spent time with them..

Sanskar:but u will get pain in this..no need to anyone..we r enough for eo..
Ragini:no..i want our family..
Ragini cries holding his coaller..
sanskar:ragini dont cry
Ragini sobs loudly..
Sanskar:plz stop cry,seeing ur tears i feel like to die..
Ragini( slaps him on his cheek):are u mad..how could u talk like that..
Sanskar smiles through his tears..he hugs her..ragini holds him tight weeping..
Sanskar:i will call maa papa tomorrow..
Ragini (brks d hug):sach mein
Sanskar(wiped her tears):nodded
Ragini:then swalak..
Sanskar doesnt say anything..

Ragini:plzz…i wont feel bad nd i wont cry..promise..
Ragini smiles happily nd hugs him..sanskar feels happy seeing her smile..
Sanskar(brk d hug):u hitted me hard(he placed his hand on his cheek)
Ragini:if u again talk like that na..i dont knw what will i do..(she warned him )
Sanskar nodded like a kid..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:shall we eat dinner
Ragini nodded..
both sits dinner..

sanskar about serve curry,ragini stops him..
sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:vo..vo..dont eat this curry
Ragini:vo..vo..i was angry on u na..so i put more mirchi powder in it..
Ragini:what what.. i called swara nd fought with herv as they didnt came,but she said mistakenly they came here..u knw how much got i angry on u..
Sanskar takes a spoon full of curry..
Ragini:sanskar what r u doing..
Sanskar:having punishment(he ate)

Ragini:sanskar i told u na dont eat..
Sanskar:i dont knw u got on me this much angry(his mouth is burning.)
Sanskar:ahh..its burning..
Ragini holds his face nd placed her lips on his lips..she sucks his every corner of lip to reduce spicyness..sanskar taste strawberry flavour frm her lips..
Ragini(brks d kiss):are u ok..
Sanskar pulls her on him nd said naughtily perfectly..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar pecks on her lips nd lifts her in his arms..

Ragini (rolled her eyes):sanskar..where
Sansakar:to bedroom..
sabskar:we will do it later..first let me have my strawberry..
Ragini blushes..
they goes to room..sanskar closed d door….

Aliya:sorry for making u angry sis..plz forgive ur sister..i will post i hate that i love u soon dear..

sry for late..hope u like this part…i have 3 new concepts in mind but i have no time to write..but surely i will update all myffs guys..
thank u so much for commenting nd loving my ffs..

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