I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-11

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Days are passing ,sanskar feels weird about ragini behaviour…but he didnt question her anything…
Sanskar stood at balcony nd staring at sky…ragini comes nd hugs him behind…
Ragini:i wont ask what are u thinking bcz i knw u r thinking about me only ,but i want to knw what u are thinking about me..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:bolo naa
Sanskar (brks d hug nd cups her face):are u hiding something from me..
Ragini(stammers):h…hi..hiding me..no..
Sanskar:are u sure..
Ragini(pouts):are u doubting me..
Sanskar:its not like that dear..
Sanskar:nothing leave it..come we will sleep..
Ragini:vo..vo..sanskar u sleep..i have some work..i have to sent some designs to someone..
Sanskar:when i sleep without u..i will wait..u complete ur work soon..
Ragini nodded…
Sanskar sat on bed nd staring at ragini who sat on sofa nd working..
Some time passed sanskar fallen asleep while waiting for ragini..ragini closed her laptop nd comes to sanskar..she kissed his forehead nd says sorry…she makes him sleep on bed properly she too sleeps hugging him…

Ragini( wakes him up):sanskar wake up..
Sanskar opened his eyes nd gives a warm smile…
Sanskar:good mng wify…u r looking beautiful..
Ragini:stop flirting ,get up its already 8am..saying she about to get up..but sanskar pulls her on him..
Sanskar(removing her wet hair frm her face):really u r looking so pretty today..
Sanskar:no.saying he rolls her nd comes over her..Ragini widened her eyes…
Sanskar looks at her romantically..
Sanskar kissed her lips before she could complete…he kisses her wildy..they brk the kiss nd breaths heavily..
Sanskar:sorry..i feel i missed u so much..so i kissed u like that..
Ragini feels bad for sanskar…it has been 20days ragini keeping sanskar away from her..she always gives excuses..she knw it hurts him but she was helpless..
Sanskar:what are u thinking..
Ragini nodded as nothing nd hugs him tight…Sanskar too hugs her tight…
Ragini( brks d hug nd kissed his forehead cheeks nd lips):i love u so much..
Sanakar smiles nd kissed her forehead..
Ragini:Vo..sanskar..i have to go to botique early..
Sanakar(smiling a lil):fine..
Saying he got up from her nd goes to washroom..ragini feels bad…

Ragini comes out frm washroom nd sees sanskar who jst came from office…
Ragini:when did u cme
Sanskar:now only
Ragini:ok..go nd fresh
Sanakar:will u come with me..it has been so many days we had bath together..
Ragini:sanskar im tired..
Sanskar:no need..take rest..he pecks her lips nd goes to washroom…
Ragini says still 10days sanskar..all will be fine..hope u will understand..

@next day
Sanskar:ragini are u going to ur boutique…
Ragini:haan sanskar..kyun
Sanskar:today i dont wanna go office..u too stay na..we will go out together..
Ragini gets thinking..
Sanskar:kya hua dear
Ragini:kuch nay sanskar..vo..i have work..
Sanskar feels sad..
Ragini:but i will come with u..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:i will go boutique nd come in 2hours after complete my work..then we will go out..
Sanskar:ok..can i drop u..
Ragini:u didnt hav bath yet..go nd get ready i will cme soon..
Sanskar:i will wait…
Ragini pecks her lips nd goes…

Ragini comes to hospital as today she hav appointment..she met a doc….after sometime she came out frm hospital…her heart skipped a beat seeing sanskar who stood crossing his arms near her car…
[Sanskar had bath nd opened cupboard for his cloths..while he was searching for ragini fav shirt ,he noticed some paper ,where some medicine written on it nd he was shocked to see the doctor name..immediately he called ragini boutique to check is ragini there or not..hearing ragini isnt there..his heart started to ache…he found she was in hospital through gps…]
Sanskar looks and her sternly nd grabs the report frm ragini hand..he was shocked…

Sanskar:get into car
Sanskar:i said get in
Ragini nodded nd sat in car..sanskar drives car rashly being angry….
As soon as they reached home ,sanskar drags her to their room..
Sanskar:what is all this..
[Ragini met doctor once..he said before one month only he operated same case like her..he got positive result..ragini gets a hope..but doc told her to think once…later ragini tried to talk to Sanskar but always he avoided that topic..but ragini couldnt able to keep quite..she want Kid..she decided to take risk without telling sanskar but she knw it will hurt him when he gt to knw..she thinks she will make him understand…after thinking so much..she went to doc nd told she was ready for that…but after checking her doc told she is wk ,she has to take some medicine for one month ,when she is stable he will operate her…nd doc told this one month she has to stay away frm sanskar(i mean they should not get intimate)…ragini agreed…]
Ragini:im sorry sanakar..
Sanskar looks at her hurt..
Ragini:sanakar..10days all will be fine…trust me…nothing will happened to me..
Sanskar gives her look nd turns to go..ragini holds his hand..
Ragini (hugs him frm back):plz try to understand..im really sorry for hiding this from u…u want my happiness only na..i will be very happy sanakar..plz sanskar dont angry on me…
Sanskar jerks her nd leaves angrily..ragini stood in tears…



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