I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-26)


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Sanskar was coming out frm washroom nd sees ragini who was jst coming into room…sanskar asks where wr u i didnt find u when i wokeup…ragini said i was with swara…sanskar asks is swara fine now…ragini replies as yes…sanskar asks now u r happy…ragini smiles…sanskar came close to her ,he encircled his both hands around her waist nd says now u have to make me happy…ragini looks at him confusingly…sanskar pulls her close nd whispered in her ear i want u badly…ragini blushes…sanskar said if u r blushing like this i cant even wait 1min saying he lifts her..ragini widened her eyes..he makes lie on bed …ragini said sanskar what r u doing ,its morning …sanskar leaned to her neck..ragini closed her eyes tightly nd says ,all r
must be waitnig for us at dining plz sanskar,swara will come anytime to call me.. …after a while she opend her eyes nd sees
sanskar who was getting dressed…ragini moves to him ,back hugs him nd says sorry…sanskar turns at her nd says i can understand…ragini smiles nd kissed his cheek..after sanskar got ready they both leaves for bf…after they had bf…sanskar asks laksh r u ready to come office…laksh said yes bhai with annoying face..laksh hugs suji nd ap nd said miss u …sanskar says stop ur drama u r behaving like u r going to firstday ot ur shool..laksh glares at sanskar while swarag giggles..after a while they left for office…..

Sanlak came for office early as ragini called
sanskar to come as she wants to go for
shopping…after sanlak got fresh they leaves for shopping…

Sanlak wr talking some far away frm swaRag..Ragini selected one lehenga for swara nd asks her to try it..swara nodded nd went to dressing room..ragini asks her to dnt lock d door i will bring another one swara said k..ragini smiles nd she takes one shirt for laksh nd drags him near dressing room which was using swara….laksh asks y did u take me laado…ragini gave him shirt nd asks him to try it..laksh said if u like it then take no need of try..ragini in mind if u r not go there my plan will fail nd says no laksh try it for me once plz..laksh nodded nd he takes shirt nd goes into dressing room…ragini smiles evilly nd she locks d room frm outside…laksh went inside nd shicked to sees swara who was folding her dupatta(she was in blouse nd lehenga only)..swara sees laksh through d mirror ,she turns at him shockingly…
Here ragini stands near dressing room nd smiling thinking about swalak…some one come nd drags her to another trialroom nd locks d door nd he pins her to d wall…who can it be, it was sanskar…sanskar said plz give sometime for ur husband also..ragini about to speak..sanskar stops her nd he gives her one short dress asks her to wear this now …ragini said no i will wear it later…sanskar said i want to see u now only…ragini said no sanskar not now i have to go…sanskar gets annoyed nd said k ur wish saying he was about to go…ragini
noticed him upset nd holds his hand….

Both r shocked..laksh stammers vo..vo..i dnt know that u r inside.he asks y she doesnt lock d door…swara was still in shock she jst stands like statue..laksh shakes her …swara came to sense nd looks at herself nd quickly turns otherside..laksh lools at her bare back nd moved close to her nd tying her bloue not which was opened…swara lost in his touch md closed her eyes..laksh sees her through d mirror nd lost in her innocent face…after a while them came to sense md avoides eo eye contact..swara takes her dupatta nd wears while laksh turns showing his back to her…nd he goes open door but it was not open…laksh was trying ,swara asks what happend .laksh said door was not opened..swara also tried they looks at eo faces…

Ragini stops sanskar nd hugs him…sanskar brks d hug nd says we should leave now…ragini says dnt be angry on me plz listen to me once..sanskar looks at her..ragini says i locked swalak in dressing room…sanskar asks what?…ragini tells what she did…sanskar laughed at her crazy ideas..ragini asks y is he laughing..sanskar said nothing lets go..
Swalak was trying to open ,ragsan came ,ragini unlocked d door nd quicklythey goes…swalak comes out nd sees no ome is there ,they wonders how can it be locked…ragsan came to them nd behaves like they didnt know anything…ragini asks where wr u both we r searching for u both….laksh said we r in trial room..swara glares at laksh while ragsan giggling..laksh realized what he said..sanskar asks if u want to romance with ur wife u should only told me na then we can go home…laksh says nothing like that bhai someone locked d door frm outside i dnt understand who can it be…sanskar says i know…ragini glares at sanskar..laksh asks who was that bhai…sanskar said i mean i knw that u r Lying…tell me first y u both r in same trial room….ragini in mind if they stretching d matter like this i will be out..ragini says k leave that matter..laksh says but ragini…ragini cutted him no buts nd vuts leave it lets go…swara said i will come after changing(she was still lehenga)…they nodded nd walks to bill counter…while changing swara thinks what had happend recently nd blushes…while laksh also thinking about swara nd smiles..ragini noticed him smiling nd feels happy…after a while swara came nd they r heading out of d mall…swaragini are walking front nd sanlak wr at back…ragini while talking to swara she bumped into one man ragini was about to fall that man holds ragini…his face was glowing seeing her face…he makes her stand ragini said thank u…he was jst stares at ragini..sanlak sees him ,laksh was surprised as he was his childhood friend…laksh goes to him nd said nikhil (nikhil frm swaragini)…nikhil looks at laksh nd hugs him…laksh brk d hug nd introduced nikhil to them..nd laksh introduced swara as his wife nd sanskar as his bhai nd ragini as his bhai’s wife…hearing this nikhil was shocked ,he looks at her mangalsutra nd sindhur …his face necome pale…laksh says after so many years i met u..nikhil smiled weekly…they talked for some time nd bid bye to nikhil while nikhil sees ragsan who wr talking nd smiling..he clenched his fist….
Ragsan wr sits in car,swara was about to sit laksh stops her…ragini asks kya hua..laksh said kuch nay he gave some address to sanskar nd asks them to go there..ragsan looks at them with questionmark faces…laksh said a small surprise for my dear bhai nd my sweet bhabi…sanskar says but laksh..laksh says dnt worry about us we will go on cab..ragsan smiles nd leaves..
Ragsan reached some hotel nd goes to receptionist nd told his name…she gives room keys which was booked with sanskar name….ragsan enterd d room which was fully decorated with flowers ,rose petaks nd candils…ragsan r surprised …sanskar says i dnt believe that laksh arranged all this(laksh tought he spoiled their first night si he want to give surprise he booked it online when he was in office)…sanskar closed d door nd he looks at ragini…ragini says i want to fresh saying she goes to washroom with bag which she brings frm mall…after a while she came wearing short dress which was sanskar asks her to wear trial room…it was baby pink color above knee length,backless nd deep front cut…she was looking very s*xy nd hot…sanskar looks at her seductively nd comes towards her ,ragini steps back while blushing,she hits d wall sanskar blocks her way nd looks at her top to bottom…ragini feels shy nd lowered her head…sanskar lifts her head holding her chin,he kissed her forehead ,then her both eyes nd leans to her lips nd gently sucking them ragini holds his shirt tightly…after a while sanskar brk d kiss nd makes her turn ,her back was facing him..he placed wet kisses on her bare back ,ragini clutched her dress tightly..he kerps kissing her back nd leaves love marks there..ragini moans a bit…she hugs sanskar tightly…sanskar brk d hug nd picks her in his arms nd placed her on bed ,he kissed her bith hands..he leans to her neck nd kissing sensuously…then he removed their cloths nd he kissed her belly wildly..ragini moans loudly..sanskar cant controlls himself..they consumated their marriage……

I will tell about nikhil in next episode…

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