I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-25)


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Sanskar wakes up nd sees ragini who was getting ready…he moves to her nd back hugs her ,ragini turns at him nd says sorry for yesterday night without my knowledge i slept…sanskar said k but i will not leave u today night..ragini smiles nd says go gets fresh…sanskar says come with me atleast we will get bath together…ragini says no sanskar i already got fresh…sanskar says no pblm again get fresh with me ,ragini said no i have to go down saying she pushed sanskar into washroom while sanskar pouts…after getting ready she went to kitchen…

After got ready sanskar came nd all r sits for breakfast..swaragini served bf to them…after serving they too sits…ragini sits beside sanskar…all r busy in eating …ragini kissed sanskar cheek without knowledge anyone as she did in a fraction of seconds…sanskar was shocked b, he was coughing hardlyby her sudden act…all r looks at him worriedly…ragini gives him water while saying is it spicy sanskar…sanskar says ha veryy spicy while givinging romantic smile to ragini…laksh who was sits besides sanskar says but bhai i was also eating that food only na i didnt feel spicy in it…sanskar says kiddo(laksh) didnt but i felt..laksh looked at him confusingly…sujatha says areh i think he ate chilli hena sanskar..sanskar said ha maa red chilli it was so hot…ragini smiles while blushing…they finished their bf…sanskar asks laksh still howmuch days u took to come office…laksh says im kid na ,how can kids going to office..sanskar says very funny…dp said strictly laksh enough of enjoyment,tomorrow onwards u r going to come office got it…laksh nodded like obediant child…they left for office..laksh immitates like ap swara looks at him smilingly…

@evening(ragini muh dikhai)
Ragini was hetting ready for her muh dikhai but she was lost in thoughts..she was talking to herself whole day i observed swalak they r behaving like strangers ,even they didnt also talk properly ,they got married for unite us..i have to do something to make them close but what should i do..her thoughts get distrubed by swara..swara asks ragini to come all guests r waiting …ragini nodded ,swara covers ragini face with dupatta nd takes her to down nd makes her sit …all ladies r sees ragini face nd complementing her…sanskar smiles while laksh teasing sanskar…all r enjoying d function…sujatha pari uttara wr dancing…uttara drags ragini for dance… ragini sees swara who was standing besides her nd looks at laksh who was standing behind swara…while dancing ragini pushes swara ,she thought laksh would catch her..but jst then laksh got a call nd he went aside…swara falls on floor…ragini was shocked nd she looks at laksh who was talking in phone..swara screams in pain…ragini worried nd moves to swara…laksh who was heard swara scream he rushed to swara…all r sees worriedly..ragini says sorry swara vo…i ,swara cutted her nd says y r u saying sorry it mistakenly happend..swara was about getup but she cant as her back was paining..laksh sees this nd lifts her in his arms while swara stares at him…laksh takes her to their room followed by ragsan..

while sujatha ap sending guests…laksh said i will call doctor..swara said no need it will be fine im k…ragini said what fine u have pain na..swara said jst light pain i will apply moove dnt wry..ragini feels bad as she is d reason for her sister pain..ragini nodded she takes moove frm firstaid box nd gives to laksh nd says apply to swara…swalak wr sees eo faces..ragini asks laksh y r u standing still apply ,i will come later saying ragini leaves with sanskar…laksh moves towards swara looks at her …swara says i will do it myself……he gave her…she takes it nd trying to apply to her back but she was unable…laksh sees this ,he weent to her nd snatched d cream nd asks her to turn back…swara says its k i will do it…laksh strictly said turn…swara nodded nd turns..he takes cream nd applying..swara shivers by his touch..laksh too feels goosebumps over his body..he massages swara back forva while, swara closed her eyes…..they wr distrubed by knock…laksh stands with a jerk nd goes to open ,swara too composes herself…ap came to know how was swara now swara nodded as fine ap leaves…laksh asks swara is it paining still…swara avoing eye contact with him saud now im fine..laksh smiles…

@ragsan room
Ragini scolds herself ,she says its all bcz of me …sanskar asks y r u blaming irself its galti se hogayi…ragini said no i only pushed her intentionally…sanskar asks with shock what?…ragini looks at him with pout..sanskar looks at her with confusion..ragini told him about swalak nd says i thought laksh would hold her but stupid laksh he went ,swara hurted i was d reason…sanskar said stop blaming urself u didnt want her hurt na it happend mistakenly,she will be k stop thinking come lets have sleep..ragini nodded ..sanskar pecks her lips nd says good night…ragini kissed his forehead nd they dozzed off in each other embrace…..

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