I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-24)


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Ragsan wr sits beside eachother all r applying haldi to them…laksh came to sanskar nd asjs he will also apply haldi…sanskar says k but apply lightly…laksh smiles nd takes handfull of haldi nd applys sanskar whole face nd shouting happy haldi bhai…sanskar glares nd laksh who was runs frm there..nd he looks at ragini who was laughing seeing his face…he gave angry look to ragini nd starts
to chase lakah.. ap asks ragini to get clean ur self…ragini goes to clean herself…sanskar runs behind laksh ,sujatha
stops them md says sanskar leave him na he was a kid…kid hearing this swara laughs laksh lost in it..laksh gets sense hearing sanskar voice maa he is married u r saying he was a kid…sujatha says ha he was chota than u na…ap stops their arguement nd asks sanskar to go nd clean ur haldi..sanskar goes..while he going he saw ragini in uttara room ..he smiles mischievously nd went to uttara room ragini sees sanskar who was bolting d door…

ragini asks y r u locking d door..sanskar doesnt reply he jst moves towards her ,ragini understands his intensions nd asks sanskar plz go…sanskar moves close to her nd pulls her holding her waist…sanskar says u laughed at me na now watch..ragini says no sanskar plz.,now only i have cleaned myself plz..sanskar doesnt listened to her,he leaned to her face nd gently rubs her right cheek with his right cheek…ragini says with closed eyes sa…san…san.ska..r p..l..z…then sanskar rubs her left cheek with his left…ragini lost in his touch…sanskar then nuzzles her neck with his nose…ragini holds his kurta tightly…they came sense when they hears swara voice who was calling ragini frm outside uttara room..ragsan looked at eo shockingly …ragini says see u r always doing like this only now what should i do..if swara will caught us what she thinks…sanskar says dnt be tensed u go nd open d door ,i will hide somewhere..sanskar hides in cupboard…ragini opens d door…swara asks y she takes this much time…ragini saya vo vo i was in washroom..swara asks y u havnt clean ur haldi…

ragini scolds sanskar in mind and says vo i got a call frm my frnd after talking i went washroom then only i heard u r calling me so without cleaninf i came…swara asks r u k ,y u r sweating this
much…ragini kuch kuch nay im k…swara ferls something weired..ragini asks her to go i will come after cleaning..swara leaves..ragini closed d door nd opens cupboard door nd drags sanskar out nd says no..sanskar says come we will clean together…ragini glares at sanskar..sanskar said k baba im jst kidding im going saying he leaves…after cleaning herself ragini went to hall after a while gadodias leaves…

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Ragini comes out frm washroom nd sees sanskar was sitting on bed nd smiling at her..ragini shocked nd asks sanskar u here today our marriage na then y u haveent ready yet…sanskar says i should only see u first in bridal dress..i wants to make u ready…ragini says but…sanskar says dont worry i dnt see anything i will close my eyes…ragini says if u r not also i have no pblm u have right on me…sanskar smiles…he takes her bridal dress in his hands nd closed his eyes..ragini stares at him lovingly…he untied her knot nd removes it…ragini feels his touch nd closed her eyes…he makes her wear bridal dress..he opened his eyes nd looks at ragini who was closing her eyes…he smiles nd he takes jewelry box..

he makes her wear necklace ,then ragini gets sense nd opened her eyes nd looks at her neck nd toches necklace nd smiles…sanskar makes her wear bangles ,earings ,mangteeka…he keeps bindi on her forehead…he takes her infrontvof mirror nd says now perfect…ragini hugs sanskar while saying i love u…sanskar brks d hug nd pecks her forehead nd says k i should leave now i have to ready…ragini smiles …sanskar leaves without knowledge anyone…ragini sees herself in mirror nd remembers how sanskar makes her ready ,she blushes….

in mandap pandit ji calls groom ,sanskar came in blue sherwani looking handsome ,he sits in mandap then pandit ji calls bride ,swara takes ragini ,she was looking like an angle..she came nd sits beside sanskar..ragsan looks at eo..pandit chanting mantras…they took 7pheras…then sanskar makes her wear mangalsutra ,then he filled her hairline with sindhur…marriage completed…pandit declared they r now hub nd wife…ragsan wr so happy ..they took elders blessings..swaragini ,sanlak hugs eo..nd they completed remaing rituals[i dnt know about rituals proparly thats y i jst gave shortcuts sry]…gadodia’s leaves.

Sanskar entered in room nd sees ragini was sits on bed with veil on her face..sanskar moves close to her nd sits beside her..he touches her hsnd but she jerked..sanskar asks kya hua..she doesnt reply..sanskar asks r u feeling shy…she moves her head as yes..sanskar says really u r feeling shy,but u didnt feel shy when i changed ur dress at morning…she removes her veil with shock…sanskar was shocked bcoz she was not ragini it was laksh who was sat with veil…laksh looks at sanskar with mouth opened…sanskar shouts laksh what r u doing here..laksh says what i was doing here let me think saying he acted as thinking…sanskar glares at laksh nd asks where is ragini…laksh says i dnt know..sanskar says dnt act…laksh says areh i really dnt know ,if u want u only search her..saying laksh leaves while smiling…sanskar goes to swalak room but didnt find ragini…he knocks uttara room door ,uttara opens it ..sanskar asks about ragini…uttara said ha bhabi is here…sanskar about to go inside uttara stops him nd says give me some money then only u can take ur wife…sanskar irritated he takes his wallet nd gives 10000 to uttara..uttara said i want more…sanskar keeps his wallet in her hand nd says take what u want now let me take ragini…uttara smiles seeing her bhai irritated face…sanskar went inside nd takes ragini to their room..

@ragsan room
Sanskar asks ragini u also involving their plan na…ragini says no uttara doesnt let me go what can i do she said whole pouting..sanskar smiles seeing her pout…sanskar says k leave that all nd he holds her waist nd pulls…jst then laksh knocks d door…sanskar asks being frustrated what laksh…lakas shouts frm outside plz bhai open d door…sanskar said no…laksh said plz bhai nd starts banging d door…sanskar opened d door nd asks what?…laksh comes inside room while saying i forgot my mbl here let me take it…laksh was searching mbl…sanskar asks how much time u will take laksh…laksh says till my mbl found..it has been 10min laksh was still searching…sanskar asks laksh i think ur mbl was not here go saying he holds laksh hand nd drags him outside nd says gudnite he closed d door…laksh laughs nd leaves…sanskar murmers this laksh na he was really behave like a kid idiot…sanskar moves to ragini who was sits on bed ,he sits besides her nd takes her hand in his hand nd kissed it…ragini looks at sanskar nd says sanskar…sanskar looks at her..ragini says vo..sanskar i was feeling hungry…sanskar asks what?..ragini says ha im very hungry…sanskar gave a sarcastical look to her nd says k u stay here i will bring something frm kitchen..ragini nodded…sanskar went to kitchen but there is nothing to eat ,he opens fridge his badluck there is even no fruits also..he noticed noodles packet he takes it but he dnt know how to cook(he doesnt know anything about cooking)…he gets annoyed nd he remenbers laksh made noodles for sanskar manytimes in their childhood…he runs to laksh room nd knocks d door..laksh opens door nd shocked see sanskar there..laksh asks bhai what happend …sanskar drags laksh to kitchen while laksh looks at him confusingly…sanskar asks him to prepare noodle..laksh asks what?this time..sanskar says ha ur friend was hungry ,i dnt know how to make this so im asking u…laksh murmurs poor bhai nd laughs…

sanskar says dnt laugh this is all bcz of u stupid ,laksh says u r scolding me i wil not prepare it…sanskar says k sorry make it fast…laksh was making , sanskar stands besides him…in ragsan room ragini sleeps while waiting for sanskar….after a while sanskar came with noodles nd sees ragini was sleeping in sitting position only..he moves to her nd wakes her up…she opens her eyes but she was sleepy she placed her head on sanskar shoulder…sanskar smiles he feeds 3,4 spoons noodles to her nd he removes her jewelry nd makes her lie on bed ,he kissed her forehead he too lie while hugging her..

Asw- tomorrow i will update bcz i love u..thanks for remembering that ff…

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