I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-6)

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Episode 5

sanskar calls his driver nd asks him to bring another car,nd he told adrees to him…while ragini was enjoying coolbreeze,with her eyes closed nd her both hands wide open,the moonlight fell on her face,which causes she looks even more beautiful..sanskar cutted d cl nd looks at ragini,he moved close to her,nd admires her angelic face nd he pecked on her cheek,ragini opens her eyes nd placed her hand on her cheek,nd she looks at sanskar,who was smiling at her…ragini asks what u did..sanskar says what i did(he said like he dont know anything)..ragini says u dnt know what u did…sanskar says no..ragini says dnt act smart,y did u kissed me..sanskar says no i didnt…ragini says s,i felt it..sanskar looks at her romantically nd asks what u felt..ragini felt disgusted nd started to walk fastly,followed by sanskar,ragini walks very fastly..sanskar asks wr r u going…ragini says far away from u(loudly)…sanskar says dont dare to think that in ur dreams also…ragini stopped at 1moment(she dnt know y,but she had strange feeling hearing this),she looks at sanskar,who was running to reach her..he reached her nd says how could u walk that much fast yar,see i got tired….ragini smiles a bit nd says im a running champion..sanskar says grt but dnt run leaving me like this….ragini noticed small dhaba ,some far away frm them….nd told to sanskar….sanskar says no that was not good place to see,ragini says how can u decide with out sen,im hungry i wl go,sayin she started to leave,

sanskar says k wait i wil come,ragini stopped nd they went..ragsan was coming inside,sanskar gets call,while talking,he bumped into one man,.sanskar mbl fell on ground nd broke..that man said sorry, sanskar gets angry nd hold his collar nd says dont u have eyes,nd sanskar started to argue with him..ragini stops sanskar,nd drags him to aside…nd says y r u always fight with others..sanskar says bcz of that stupid my mbl gt brk…ragini says it was ur fault,u hitted him, he said sorry but u argued with him…sanskar says k now u stop arguing with me..lets sit….they sits nd ordered food…food came nd they r having..some group of boys came nd sits beside ragsan..they(that boys) saw ragini nd commenting like hot ,se*y,some bla bla…which is causes sanskar gt damm angry,he fights with them…his hand gt hurt,it was bleeding but he doesn’t bothered about it,he beats them badly,while saying how dare u bastard to tease her,they run..ragini sees his hand nd told to sanskar….sanskar says its k,lets go….ragini stops him nd take handkerchief frm his pocket nd ties it while sanskar stares at her..after a while they went ,where their car hd stopped..nd sees driver was already there with another car..sanskar takes keys frm him nd asks him to get repair that car,he nodded..ragini says ur hand gt injured na,give me keys i will drive…sanskar nodded..they sits in car….both r silent for sometime,sanskar brk d silence ,he says y r u silent start ur lecture,y did u gt angry,y r u always fight,dnt behave like animal,behave like a him (he imitates her)…ragini glares at him…they reached home,went to their room,they gets change..sanskar sits on sofa,rsgini gave ointment to him,sanskar says no need its alright…ragini says i hsve no mood to argue with u..she holds his hand nd applies ointment nd bandaid it.while sanskar looks at her lovingly nd he says u r cared fr me,i cant believe this…ragini says im not like u,i have humanity,nd it is all bcz of me na thats y…dnt think so much,sleep..sanskar smiles…. they dozed off..

Epi ends..
Sorry,if any mistakes r in this update…i wrote it in hurry

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