I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-21)

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2days passed ragini hardly trying to control her emotions…..
@marriage day
Ragini makes swara ready with teary eyed….but she couldnt cintrol her tears today her sanskar going to be her sister’s husband…she excuses herself nd runs out of d room while wiping her tears..suddenly someone pulls her to room by hoding her hand…it was sanskar…ragini looks at him …sanskar asks dnt u make me ready..ragini leaves without answering him…after sometime

groom was sitting in mandap with flower veil around his head,pandit ji asks to bring bride..ragini takes swara to mandap nd make her sit…marriage rituals started..varamala completed ,7pheras completed ,ragini closed her eyes she cant see this ,she runs to room nd crying…someone came nd placed hand on her shoulder…she looks at him nd shocked to see sanskar…ragini asks sanskae what r u doing here..sanskar says how can u marry with out u ,u should come nd see then only i will complete remaining rituals…ragini asks u go i wont come…sanskar says y u wont ,this is ur sister marriage ,she will feel bad come saying she holds her hand nd pulls ,ragini escaped frm his grip nd says i told u na i cant come u go…sanskar says y u cant nd he again tries to take her ,finally ragini breaks down…she says i cant come ,i cant see ur marriage bcz i love u i love u so much ,

i cant live without u ,she cries whole heartedly…sanskar had tears in his eyes with happyness…he hugged her tightly ragini too reciprocates…both r crying while hugging….after a while ragini breaks d hug nd says no i cant do thks with swara ,u go swara must be waiting for u..,then only she noticed sanskar wore red color sherwani which is ragini selected for sanskar..(actually sanskar takes that
sherwani without knowledge ragini)…ragini asks this sherwani u rejected to take na then y did it came nd y did u wear this ,u came to mandap wearing swara selected
serwani na then ,sanskar smiles …

looked at sanskar confusingly nd asks y r u smiling..then they hears swara voice “i will tell u”…ragini looks at swara who was wearing mangalsutra nd sindhur..ragini doesnt understand anything..she looks at swara then sanskar..then laksh entered wearing sherwani which was swara selected…all family mem also came..all r standing silently ,ragini looks at all with confused face…sanskar asks y r u looking at us like this…ragini says i didnt understand anything y laksh wore this..sanskar says bcz he only groom,he married ur sister..ragini asks what ??…swara came towards ragini nd hugs her nd says y r u loving me this much..first for saving me frm sanskar u decided to spoil ur life without thinking about urself but i misunderstands u that time..now u want to sacrifice ur love for me…but now i dnt want to snatch ur happines…ragini says but swara..laksh interrupts nd says i knw what u want to ask i will clear ur confusion..

That day shek-sumi came with swara..when swa_san wr talking in room ,then only sanskar told he loves ragini nd he also told ragini loves him, nd he explaind ragsan convo at last night[where ragini asks sanskar to marry swara ] swara first gets
hurt but seeing her sister love towards her she was happy..swara says k i will brk this mrg,sanskar stops her nd says ur sister was so stubborn nd she will blame herself ,so we want to wait till when she will confess her feeling…she will definitely confess as she cant see with me another girl…so they planned this marriage after that laksh ,all family mem also involved in their plan they thought seeing marriage preparations and all ,ragini would confess but she doesnt…it was night beformarriage day ,sanlakswa r fed up as ragini doesnt change her mind…all r gets sad….shekhar said to sanskar ,plz stp this drama nd we should tell to ragini now
only,as it was not good to swara ,already once her marriage had brkn in mandap..if this happend secind time eho will marry her…all r understands his worry ,laksh said i will marry her(he said for ragsan to unite)…all r happy ,swara agreed for shekhar….
Fb ends[Hope u guys understand]
Ragini was happy seeing their love towards her..she hugs all family memembers..nd she looks at laksh ,laksh said dnt wry i will take care ur sister..ragini smiles nd she hugs swara ,swara said not only u ,i can also do anything for my sister nd dnt wry i forget sanskar when i got knw that u both r in love..i was very happy for u…ragini brk d hug nd says i also very happy laksh was very good nd caring,i knew he will keep u happy..laksh lifts his collar nd said thank u thank u..all r smiles…after a while all left leaving ragsan alone…

Ragini lools at sanskar who was angrily glares at her ,ragini asks y r u looking at me lile this…sanskar says now i feel i want to slap u hardly…ragini asks y with cute pout face…sanskar says dnt u knw y ,u…. before completed his sentense ragini kisses his lips sanskar widened his eyes in shock first but after he too reciprocated..ragini placed her one hand around him nd another hand passes through his hair…sanskar was holding her waist tightly…it was a deep kiss…it has been 15min butsanskar was not ready to leave,he kisses wildly by expressing his emotions…after a while they brk d kiss..but they wr very close to eachother…both r breathing heavily..they feel eachother heartbeat….then sanskar kissed ber forehead nd says i love u mrs ragini sanskar maheswari ,ragini smiles nd said i love u too mr sanskar maheswari..sanskar asks to tell once again..ragini tells moving even more close to him ,i love u my dear hubby…sanskar smiles he was abou to kiss her again..they hears door knock.. they part aways..uttara came nd said badimaa was calling u both…

ragsan went with uttara….laksh said bhai nd laado u have a good news …ragsan looks at him like what?..ap came to them nd kissed their foreheads nd says we want to do u both marriage once again with all rituals as ur first marriage has happend like that…ragsan smiles…panditji also there he fixed muhurt after 1 week….all r had some family talk…ap asks swalak to go ur room as today is their suhagrat…
swalak leaves to laksh room….but they both r nervous,they had done this marriage fir our siblings..laksh said u should sleep on bed ..i will sleep on sofa..swara says no i will sleep on sofa u sleep on bed..laksh says nopblm i will sleep on sofa saying he takes bedsheet nd pillow nd sleeps ,swara too lie ion bed…

Gadodia’s leaves…ragsan about leave to their room…ap stops them nd said uttara take ragini to ur room…sanskar asks y maa(almost shouted)…ap says it was not good to stay u both in ine room before marriage…sanskar says maa but we r already married…ap says dnt argue with me ,do what i said…ragini go nd sleep with uttara ,sanskar u go to ur room…sanskar nodded helplessely…they trio went to upstairs sanskar says to uttara i want to talk with ragini u go she will come after a while…uttara says no if badimaa knows this she will scold me…sanskar asks plz give atleast 5min…but uttara says no…while ragini giggaling..after requsting sometime
uttara agrred…sanskar takes ragini to theur room…

ragini says what u did sanskar ,what uttara will thought…sanskar says i dnt care…he saud if i knw it before i wouldnt have agree for this marriage..ragini smiles…uttara shouts frm outside bhai 1min got over…sanskar asks ragini give me a warm bug…ragini hugs him ,sanskar asks her to hug more tight ,ragini tighten her grip ,sanskar asks even more tight ,ragini did as same…they share passionate hug…uttara shouts frm outside as ap was coming upstairs.. but they wr not in this world…they wr lost in themselves…finally uttara banged d door loudly…they came sense nd

part aways while blushing..after a while ragini leaves with uttara…
Ragsan wr dozzed off while thinking about eachother…

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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