I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-19)

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Ragini calls all family mem to hall..sanskar also came there…ap asks kya hua ragini..ragini told about swa__san marriage…all r shocked to hear this…all r looking at sanskar..sujatha asks sanskar y r u silent y ragini was talking like this…sanskar says i want to marry swara…they wr hell shicked now..but no one can agree for tbis ..but ragini convince them as how to she convince swara ,shekhar ,sanskar..nd she told about ragsan went fo badi ,sanskar told everything to ,shekhar nd shekhar also forgave sanskar nd all..nd she also tells swara with sheksumi r coming here to talk about marriage..ap was about to speak sanskar stops her nd says no maa dnt say anything to ragini ,she only wants
her sister happiness thats it..all r leaves their respective rooms angrily..sanskar too leaves followed by laksh…ragini feels bad all r angry on her..

@ragsan rm
Laksh came to sanskar nd asks bhai whats going on ..y r u agreed for marriage,i knw u loves ragini ,but what is all this..y ragini
wants to marry u with her sister..sanskar angryily says y r u asking me ask ur friend only..she said she doesnt lovs me ,laksh says but it was not true she loves
u…sanskar says i knew but ur friend na she wants to become a mahan…she doesnt care about my feelings ,she only cares about her sister let her do what she wants…..saying this he leaves….laksh waa speechless he dont know what to do….
After sometime swara came with shek sumi as ragini called them…ap suji gave a fake smile to them ,they gets nervous as they dnt knw what to talk as well shek sumi also nervous…ragsan lak also comes there…ragini hugs swara…they all sits but kept silent..sanskar brk d silence nd says maa call pandit ji nd fix a muhurt for marriage…all r looking at sanskar but doesnt say anything…ap cals pandit ji..while swara says i want to talk with sanskar..sanskar nodded nd they went to room…
In room sanskar asks forgiveness to swara as he played with her emotions..swara forgave him..

Laksh came to ragini who was teary eyed..laksh says y r u crying u want tbis only na be happy now..ragini says im not crying these r happy tears..laksh gives her a irritating look nd goes frm there….swa__san came after talking…pandit ji says there is a muhurt after 5 days..sanskar asks him to fix it…all r nodded helplessly…after a while gadodia’s leaves….ragini thanking to ap for agreex for marriage..but ap goes frm there without uttering a word..ragini feels bad…

Ragini was crying in room remembering all moments with sanskar…she goes infront of mirror nd sees her vermilion nd mangalsutra..she touches it nd rembers their marriage…she closed her eyes nd wipes sindhur on her vermilion nd removes her mangalsutra…she wipes her tears nd says to herself u have to be strong ragini dnt cry…she takes her clothes frm cupboard nd packing her things…sanskar came nd sees ragini was packing…snskar asks y did she packing…ragini moves towards sanskar nd she takes his hand and keeps mangalsutra in his hand nd says now no need of this. im going to badi…sanskar gets angry but controls himself..he snatchs d bag frm ragini’s hand nd says u r not going anywhere…ragini asks plz let me go it is not good to stay here..sanskar asks to stay till marriage..ragini says no i cant…sanskar asks y …ragini says nothing i want to go..sanskar asks stay for these 5days after that i wont stop u, plz stay as a friend’.ragini agrees unwillingly….she runs to washroom as she cant control her tears…in washroom she cries…sanskar looks at mangalsutra which was in his hand tears rolling down frm his eyes…he wipes his tears nd says i hate u ragini….

Ragini wakes up nd goes towards sanskar who was sleeping..she lools at his face for sometime nd about to kiss his forehead but stops herself nd goes to washroom…after got fresh she went to kitchen,she tries to talk with them but no one can talk with her….ragini leaves with moisty eyes…ap ,sujatha also gets teary eyed…ragini comes to room nd bumped with sanskar who was jst comesout frm d room…ragini about to fal l as usual iur sannskar holds her..they have a painfu eyelock..sanskar brks it nd makes her stand and says sorry…before ragini could speak he leaves….

Ragini sits in bed nd lost in her thoughts…sanskar came frm office,he got fresh nd bd getting ready in 3piece suit…ragiini in mind y he was getting ready ,is he going somewhere but he doesnt told me anything…jst then ragini mbl rings…she lifted d call..it was swara…ragini asks ha swara bolo…swara asks what is sanskar fav color..ragini replied as red …swara thanking her nd says vo sanskar asks her for a dinner date so i want to wear his fav color so im asking..hearing this ragini gets hurt..swara cuts d call while saying i have to get ready…ragini lools at sanskar but sanskar was busy in combing his hair…laksh came there nd says bhai u r looking handsome..sanskar smiles nd thanked him…laksh says k go fast bhabi must be waiting for u..sanskar leaves while bidding bye to laksh…laksh said enjoy bhai with u r would be wife.. he said this while looking at ragini with corner of his eyes…he also leaves.. Ragini sits on bed nd sobbing…after a while she wipes her tears nd says no ragini no ,u should be happy now..sanskar was trying to move on let him…dnt let u wk…

After sometime sanskar came nd sees
ragini was sleeping ,he moves towards her nd he noticed some tear drops on her cheek
,he wipes it nd covers blanket over her nd he too dozzed off…

Im sorry guys..some of u disappointed with this track ,so i want to end this track soon…

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  1. Unite them soon

  2. Shana98

    Awesome ?? and amazing epi but feel sad for Ragini

  3. no it is intresting

  4. no it is very much intresting good going

  5. AMkideewani

    I’m not dissappointed, your story is outstanding

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  7. Jazzy

    its amazing

  8. Emotional epi…poor ragsan…keep rocking…

  9. awesome amazing next part soon

  10. Awesome

  11. Ragz_teju

    awesome… I loved it.. I think its Sanskar plan to make ragini realise…

  12. Nice…

  13. Nice…

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    oh awesome, fantastic! Just like it how she is jealous! continue lol

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    this is so interesting update soon

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    amazing dear… feeling bad for ragsan…waiting for nxt one…loved it dear….tkcr

  17. Feeling bad for ragsan…idiot ragini…waiting for next episode…plz unite ragsan…

  18. Richa19

    Amazing… I guess it’s swalaksan’s plan Unite ragsan….

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    Please unite them soon
    Feeling sad for Ragsan

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    Y sorry? Its gud dear..loved it soo much

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    reunite them i can’t see them like this.xx

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  23. Feeling bad for ragsan….plz unite ragsan….waiting for next part soon….

  24. Gud going dea.. n think they 3 (laksh sanskr n swara)plan to realise ragini…

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