I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-17)

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Raglak nd family chit chatting in hall…sanskar came frm office nd goes to room while passing he gave a sweet smile to ragini she also smiles…he went to room nd gets fresh…ragini brings coffee for him…sanskar takes coffee frm her nd kept it on table ,ravini was about to leave sanskar holds her hand nd pulls her on him..she hits his chest..he encircled his both hands around her waist…this time ragini doesnt tried to free nr doesnt resist she looks into his eyes lovingly…they share an eye lock..after a while they brk it..sanskar
says ur eyes r telling something is it true…ragini says do u think that it was lie…sanskar says no i think it was true but i want to know this by whose belongs to those beautiful eyes..ragini smiles…sanskar says still i didnt get my ans…ragini moves close to him sanskar ear sanskar closed his eyes then ragini pushed him nd runs out if d room while smiling….sanskar opened his eyes nd sees ragini who was running he smiles nd he too went followed by her…

all r
in hall..then one girl entered…she wears blue crop top nd denium jean she was looking hot…seeing her all family mem got surprised….she came towards sanskar nd
hugged bim tightly nd says missed u so much..sanskar too hugs her back while saying mee too..which is all irked by ragini…

Ap:ishani[played by radika madan,sanskar uncle’s(ap’s bro) daughter,hope u guys
remember sanskar studied there so they wr that much close]
they brk d hug…ishani went to elders nd
takes blessings…she gave laksh to side hug…
Ap:ishu u here
Ishani:i got holidays i want to see u all especially my ssanky…so i came to surprise u all..

Ragini in mind who d hell is she….
Ishani looks at ragini who was in deep thoughts..she moves towards ragini nd said
u r ragini right..ragini nodded…ishani said sanskar told about u..she hugs ragini ..ragini gave a wk smile…ap said to ragini ishani is her bhai,s daughter…ragini in mind sanskar told to her about me but y he hadnt tell me about her….ap asks ishani fo get fresh…after she got fresh they had dinner…after dinner ishani asks sanskar for a long drive as she loves long drive…sanskar agreed nd they left…ragini comes to their room…

She was thinking about ishkar…what she is upto…y she hugged sanskar that much
tightly…how dare she..nd she looks at sanskar photo which was on d wall…she moves towards to it nd says what does u tbink of urself ha,u went long drive with her even doesnt told r ask me ,i hate u i hate u so much….
After sometime ,ragini was waiting for sanskar..sanskar came ragini lookat sanskar he seez ragini nd remembers ragini said once she was not used to sleep alone…sanskar says sorry i..before completed his sentense ragini switched off d light nd sleeps without uttering a word…sanskar feels weired nd he too dozzed off on sofa….

Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar was not there she walks out of d room nd asks laksh who was passing ,did u see ur bhai..laksh said he went with ishani for jogging…ragini says but be was not used to it…laksh said ha but ishani used to it..ragini was burning in jealous… She felt sanskar ignored her but when sanskar wokeup he kissed ragini forehead nd said i love u,this is unknown by ragini as she was in sleep…she gets fresh nd
went to kitchen….

Ishkar came…they got fresh…all r sitting breakfast ishani sits beside sanskar..ragini ,ap came with dishes nd placed on table while ragini gave death glare to sanskar…
ishani says wow these all r my fav dishes…ap says ha sanskar asks to make this all for u….ragini was hurted…she served them bf..ap asks ragini to sit…ragini says no maa im not hungry saying she leaves to room…then only sanskar realized she feels insecure about ishani…

Ragini sits on bed,nd says to herself i cant see them close it hurted me somuch ..but he doesnt bothered about it…jst then sanskar came with food..nd sits near ragini ,ragini about to get up..sanskar stops nd asks kya hua.,y u havnt had bf…ragini said i told u na im not hungry plz leave me alone…sanskar asks r u feeling jealous…ragini said no y should i..sanskar says i knw but its not like that what u had though she is my goid friend thats it…ragini says whatever i dnt care…sanskar asks really…ragini says ha..sanskar said then k,she asks me to take out but i saud no to her bcz i felt u dnt like..but now u said u have no pblm so i will go with her bye saying he about to leave ragini holds his hand…sanskar smiles nd turns to her ragini could speak anything ishani came there by knocking door..ishani asks am i distrubed u both…sanskar said ha ishu u came in wrong time..ishani said sry guys actually i came here to bid bye as im going to delhi…

sanskar asks y so sudden…ishani said my bf was coming today frm london so i have to go….ishani moves towards ragini nd said u r so lucky ,he was with me lastnight but he ate my brain by telling about u,he loves u somuch ,ragini smiles nd felt bad as she thought wrong about her…ishani hugs ragini nd sanskar nd left…sanskar asks ragini to have brkfast we r going somewhere…ragini asks where..sanskar asks first u have bf…ragini had it while sanskar admiring her….ragini asks now tell where we r going..sanskar said dnt ask any questions till we reached there.. ragini nodded…sanskar hugs her tightly nd said i love u so much..ragini confused by sudden hug….they leaves….

After sometime they reached that place ragini was shocked…it was badi …ragini asks y r u took me here ,sanskar asks dnt u want to see ur family..ragini says ha but they wr angry on me na..how will they react…sanskar says dnt wry come with me..

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