I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-18)

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Ragsan entered d house where sumi ,shekhar nd swara r present..seeing ragsan shekhar gt angry nd says to ragini y did c came here ,i already told u dnt have any relation with us get out frm here..ragini eyes got moisty…sanskar says uncle plz listen to me once..but shekhar holds ragini’s hand nd about tovdrag her ,sanskar stops him nd said uncle plz listen ragini doesnt dd anything im d one who did this all…all r looking confused..ragini stops sanskar as if he told d truth her family hates him which is hurts ragini ,she doesnt know what to do..she looks at sanskar nd signals dont tell anything…shekhar asks what r u saying…sanskar gives a helpless look to ragini nd said ha uncle i only did all this..i want to marry her bcz of my revenge…swara who was besides shekhar was heart broken as she thought sanskar loved her nd ragini only cheated her…sanskar continues swara slapped me
which is hurted my ego so i decided to take
revenge frm her..on marriage day ragini got
to known this so ,before he could continue shekhar holds his coaller nd slaps him…swara runs to room while
crying…shekhar says how dare u to do this with my 2daughters..nd he again tries to slap sanskar , ragini holds shekhar’s hand nd says papa plz leave him…shekhar says y

r u supporting him i cant leave him…ragini says papa he did wrong but now he changed..but sekhar doesnt listened to
ragini he continuously slaps sanskar ,ragini was scared ,she cant see sanskar like that..she holds shekhar nd asks sanskar to leave frm here..sanskar says no ragini i have to be punished what had i did…ragini
says plz sanskar go for my sake plz she

request him nd says i will come later..sanskar nodded nd leaves while feeling guiilt…shekhar asks ragini y did she stopped him…ragini hugs shekar..shekhar too hugs nd cries as he misunderstood his daughter..shekhar asks forgiveness to ragini..ragini says papa plz dnt talk like that…nd they had some emotional talk(sry i didnt get any dialogs)…ragini says i will talk to swara…saying she goes to swara room but she doesnt find swara..she was about to return her eyes got struck on something…it was swara’s dairy which was opened..she takes it nd sees sanskar photo pasted on it.. she started to read it…after reading she was shocked…it was all about sanskar…how much swara loves sankar written in that..when sanskar nd swara wr in friendship..when san proposed swara then how much she felt happy nd about their marriage proposal frm sanskar(swara madly loved sanskar)..when ragsan got married swara committed to suside as she cant live without sanskar(i didnt informed about it but she attempted shekar came in time nd stopped her)..ragini was hell shocked reading this…tears rolling down frm ragini’s eyes ,she doesnt knw swara loved sanskar tbis much…she closed d dairy nd goes to swara who was in shek-sumi room…swara holds sanskar photo which was in her mobile nd crying ..she was talking to that photo..how could u do this to me sanskar ,i truly loves u nd i thought u also loves me but y did u do this to me…when ragini got married to u..that time only i broken i decided to forget about u..but i cant..u r my firsrlove i cant able to forget u…ragini was seeing all this near d door with teary eyed…she wipes her tears nd knocked d door…swara looks at ragini ,wiped her tears nd hugs her tightly…swara says sry ragini ,i took u wrong..u did this for me but i misunderstands u…will u forgive ur sister…ragini stops her nd says dnt say sorry i can do anything for my sister…both r crying while hugging as they missed eachother…

After a while they brk hug..ragini wipes swara tears nd swara wipes ragini tears…both r sits on bed..
Ragini:did i ask something
Swara:ha ragini
Ragini:do u still loves sanskar
Swara(shocked):no ragini
Ragini:dnt lie ,will u marry sanskar
Swara(hell shocked): r u making fun of me
Ragini:no swara i really asking..will u marry sanskar
Swara:no how can marry him who cheated me..nd now u r his wife
Ragini:swara i agreed that but now he changed he was not like that rude sanskar…he was now good caring nd responsible person…nd about our relationship i did this marriage only for u..there is nothing between us,jst we r husband nd wife for name sake only(crying
Swara(she dont knw how to react):dnt u love him
Raginii(turns otherside nd wiped her tears ):no
Swara:but ragini
Ragini(stops her):he did a mistake , he want to rectify this ,he also loves u(ragini lied to swara)..he acted infront of u but he has fellings for u
Swara:but ragini i cant to this marriage
Ragini:y..i only brk u both relation nd now i want u both become one..
Swara hesitates first but ragini makes her agree…then ragini goes to shekhar nd tells about swa–san marriage..shekhar got angry..ragini asks plz give him a chance to rectify his mistake plz forgive him papa… ragini convince him as now he s not old sanskar nd bla bla..shekharunwillingly
agrees(he also knw how much swara loved san )….they talked for sometime…sanskar called ragini..she went to a side to talk him..sanskar asks is everything fine there…ragini says ha,sanskar asks about shekhar..ragini says he forgave him now he was not angry on sanskar..sankar asks where she will come here..ragini says i will come by evening…sanskar said k im waiting..ragini smiles weakly nd cuts d call….sanskar was happy ragini parents forgave him now there is no pblm bw them(ragsan)..he goes into his dreams with ragini…
Ragini was crying nd says sry sanskar ,swara still loves u..i can do anything for my sister…saying she wipes her tears…after spending some time with her family she leaves while saying i will talk about swa–san marriage to maheswari family…

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Sanskar was waiting for ragini ,he was looking very happy…ragini came with pale face..sanskar looks at ragini before could she speaks sanskar drags her with him…he takes her to terrace which was fully decorated ,nd he climbed terrace wall nd shouts frm there i love u mrs ragini sanskar mabeswari i love u…ragini controles herself..samskar asks frm tbere only tell me mrs ragini sanskar maheswari will u be mine forever…ragini asks sanskar plz get down or else u will fall…sanskar asks first ans me…ragini asks get down first i will tell u….sanskar gets down nd moves to ragini…

Ragini:howmuch u loves me
Sanskar:even i cant express how much i loves u…i can do anything for u
Ragini:really u ll do anything for me
Ragini:promise me
Sanskar:promise(wihout thinking)
Ragini:u should marry swara
Sanskar:im not in a mood to enjoy ur jokes
Ragini:this is not a joke..plz marry swara
Sanskar(shocked):r u got mad..how can i marry her..i love u
Ragini:but swara loves u
Sanskar:she loved me once but not now..
Ragini:no she still loves u..nd she told what had happend in badi…she told him swarag convo nd about their mareiage nd all
Sanskar:how could u tell that i also loves swara u know na i loves u..
Ragini:she maddly loves u ,she cant able to forget u nd u r d responsible for her..u have to rectify ur mistake
Sanskar:then what about u,r u happy with this
Ragini:ha i will be happy
Sanska:oh really
Sanskar:dont u loves me
Ragini:now this is no need to know
Sanskar:but i need
Ragini:then listen no i didnt love u
Sanskar(claps ):wow u thought u r a mahan to sacrifice me for ur sister but i m not ready to marry ur sister..
Ragini:u promised me u have to keep ur promise..plz marry swara she was perfect for u ,u will also start loving her..if u r not marry her im also not ready to live with u ,i will go far away frm u…
Sanskar:k im ready to marry swara..now be happy saying je leaves frm there angrily…ragini felt happy as well as sad but she consoles herself…
Sanskar in room says i will see how can u see my marriage with ur sister…

I cutted some of conversation as i thought u will feel bore..hope u guys like this twist

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    Seriously justvthink ragini is dumbo what happen to shejar and swara

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  5. Malika

    Superb my friends hehehhhhhh what I will say. This ep was awesome. I’m sorry if I didn’t comment on previous ep I was really busy. But not now. I love this ep. ….ragsan conversation was whattttt. ..!!!Oooh ragini don’t be mad…… Why are you forcing sanskar to marry swara…..???? Update soon dear eagerly waiting for next ep. ….. I love ragsan a lot……. Love you… For writing this superb chappy. ?????

  6. Crystal089

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    No what is this
    Shocking twist
    What happened to Swara and her parents whether they have gone mad
    Please don’t separate Ragsan please please please please please

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    awesome…. loved it

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    awesome dear…..loved it….
    u give big twist in thz update….
    plz don’t separate ragsan…
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    Arghhhh..i hate this mahaan sacrifices…bt love ur story..hehe…

  19. AMkideewani

    Awesome, but Shekher and Swara shouldn’t agree to Ragini’s decision, cause true love mostly always wins

  20. A.xx

    superb yar loved it as always but plz don’t seperate ragsan where is Lucky yar he should get with Swara so she will spare my Ragsan…..keep rocking but waiting for Rags’ confession and further drama… loved it update soon.xx

  21. Awesome epi….poor ragsan…pls don’t separate ragsan…..

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