I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-15)

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Nextday @night
Its 11.30 pm sanskar hasnt come yet frm office…ragini was roaming here nd there nd thinks y he wasnt come yet he always used to come early,should i call him…she takes her mobile nd dials,but quickly she cuts d call nd says to herself y should i call him ,btw ragini y r u tensioned about him..y should u bothered about him…it was good hena u get rid of his irritated talks…dnt think about him sleep…she goes to bed nd lie on nd covers herself with blanket…after 10min she removes blanket as she was not geeting sleep…she sits on bed nd takes her mobile nd calls sanskar but he wasnt pickup d call…ragini thinks y he doesnt pickup…she goes to laksh who qas in deep sleep.. .

Ragini:laksh laksh(she pats him)
Laksh(with half opened eyes):kya ladoo y r u disturbing my sleep…
Ragini:laksh ur bhai hasnt come yet its 12..
Laksh:dnt worry he will come
Ragini:is he informed to u about his late arrival
Laksh:no yar i think he waa strk with his work..u sleep nd let me also sleep saying this he false asleep
Ragini:laksh utho utho

Laksh:laado plz
Ragini:how could u say that he waa bsy with work..he doesnt picked my call also..
Laksh:y r u tensioned yar….i think he was with work r meeting ..he used to it..saying this he again fall asleep…
Ragini goes to her room while murmuring how careless he(laksh) was about his bhai…its 1am…finally snskar came seeing sanskar rgini takes a deep breath..sanskar was surprised to see her awake…
Sanskar: u haven’t slept yet…
Sanskar:y u r waiting for me..
Ragini(she dnt know what to tell):vo..vo..y should i waiting for u…im not used to sleep alone thats y..

Ragini:ha saying she lie on bed nd thinks how she tensed about sanskar but she doesnt realized that she fell for him…
Sanskar gets fresh nd takes his mbl nd sees ragini miscl..seeing this he was happy as firsttime she called him nd felt bad as he didnt pickup her call..nd he looks at ragini wbo was sleeping he gave her goodnight kiss on lips nd he dozzed off..

All r having breakfast…ragsan sits beside each other…laksh says to sanskar bhai y did u late last night u know how much laado tensed about u…ragini who was eating food splits nd says in mind oh god this lucky na….sanskar smiled at ragini nd says i got struck in some meeting…laksh said i already told it to her..but she doesnt listened she hasnt sleep nd she spoiled my sleep also…bhai if u would late plz inform ur wife or else she will eat my brain with her questions….ragini angrily looks at laksh while all r smiling….ragini gets embarresd nd leaves to room…In ragsan room ragini thinks if sanskar asks her what should she tell…sanskar came nd moves towards her…

Sanskar:so u tensioned about me
Ragini:n..no laksh was lying
Sanskar:y should he lie
Ragini:im just asked him when u will come
Sanskar:y did u want to knw that nd y did u called me
Ragini:i told u na im not used to sleep alone..i was scared being alone in room thats y i asked him but he did a drama..
Sanskar(moves close to her):really
Ragini:ha(she avoides eye contact with him)

Sanskar(moves even more close to her): u r lying
Ragini:no im not lying saying she goes to hall …sanskar sensed she was lying he smiles…nd left for office…..

Sanskar ws in room…raglak wr in laksh
room…they r watching horror movie…ragini tightly holds laksh hand nd shouts when she saw some scary scenes…laksh says stop it yar then y did u asked to watch this movie u r like bhai only…ragini asks im like ur bhai matlab…laksh said he seems to be very string but he was scaring about devils…many times i asked him to watch horror films with me but he resists…ragini in
mind mr sanskar maheswari scared by horror filmsnow see mr maheswari what can i do she smiles evilly…

@ragsan room Sanskar was sleeping suddenly he hears some scary voice he wakes up with a jerk…he gets up frm couch
…then that scary sounds became loud..sanskar sees around nd he sees some shadow at balcony he opens balcony suddenly one girl wearing white saree nd
her face covered with her hair jumps infront of him…sanskar got scared nd shouts loudly ahhhhhhh..seeing this that girl smiles she is nonother than our ragini…she removes her
hair frm face nd laughing…sanskar looks at her nd asks u did all this…ragini says mr maheswari scared by me yieppe….sanskar pulls her by holding her waist..ragini stops

laughing…sanskar says u make me scared na now see…ragini says sorry…sanskar says i dint need ur sry ,u know what i
want…ragini says in mind are buddhu u thought to scared him but u didnt think after consequences…sanskar shakes her…she says sorry plz leave me.(she askd
very cutely)…sanskar says not that easily ,u have to give a kiss to me…ragini widened her eyes and says no way…sanskar says u have to orelse i will kiss u infront of whole family…ragini shocked nd says u cant do like that…sanskar says i can do…ragini in mind oh he can do anything now what will u
do…sanskar asks tell me fast which option u want…ragini says k i will kiss u…sanskar smiles…ragini holds his face nd placed her lips on his cheek gently she kissed there..

sanskar closed his eyes nd widened her both hands nd fell on bed while saying mein margaya….a beautiful smile appeared on ragini face seeing his act….

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