I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-14)

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Sanskar comes frm office nd sees whole hall was beautifully decorated…nd he looks at raglak who was busy in decorations…sanskar asks y r u decorating is anything special….laksh said ha bhai
today mothers day na so ragini planned surprise for our moms….can u join with us…sanskar goes to his room while saying im no interested…..
Ragini:lucky i forgt to ask y ur bhai was behaving like that with them…
Laksh:he was angry on them
Ragini:angry but y
Laksh:mom papa all r pampered bhai since childhood,they gave full freedom ti him…when he was schooling he become
careless ,irrespectable nd he doesnt listened to anyone he did what he wants is it goid or bad…so many complaints r came frm school about bhai…all r scared about his
future…so papa nd rp chachi decided to sent bhai to sharma uncle(ap’s bro)home who was in delhi as bhai can only listened to him…first maa suji chachi doesnt agree but
papa convince them..bhai also doesnt like to
go there but papa send him…when he came here after completing his studies..he was behaving like this…maa chachi tried to talk
him but he doesnt cared……still he was angry on that thing….
Ragini listened carefully….nd lost in her
thoughts….laksh asks what happend….ragini
said nothing and they started doing sompe more arrangements……
After a while family mem came nd
surprised to see all tge
arrangements…raglak goes to them while
shouting happy mothers day….first laksh
wishes ap nd suji nd hugs…after ragini
…they felt happy …but sujatha searches for someone …ragini understood she was waiting for sanskar wish…ragini goes to
sujatha nd says dnt wry ma he will come….i will call him…
Ragini goes to their room nd sees sanskar
was standing near window…
Ragini holds sanskar hand nd asks come with me..
Ragini:to hall…if u would wish them they will be happy…
Sanskar:if i didnt also..they will be happy …
As they didnt loves me
Ragini:who tild u like that…
Sanskar:i knwe they always want to me go away frm them..
Ragini:no sanskar u r misunderstood them…
Sanskar:no u dnt knw anything…plz stop this matter here
Ragini:i know everything…u r thinking wrong about them…they loves u so much
Sanskar:if they loves me then they cant send me like that…
Ragini:what they had did its all for u…they send u bcz they dnt want to spoil their kid….they send u bcz they want their son become good ,,responsible…do u know everyday suji maa ,ap maa r crying bcz of
u…they r craving for ur love…..u know what they also knew about our marriage that u r married me by blackmailing….sanskar looks
at her with shocked face…ragini continues one day uttara listened our conversation then only all knw about it…but they didnt
asks u anything .. bcz if they asks u anything u will feel bad…they cant see ur pain…they loves u that much…still u thought they didnt
loves u then ur wish saying ragini left..sanskar was deep in thoughts..

Ragini comes to hall sujatha looks at her nd
asks wr is sanskar..ragini says he will come…ragini sees all r looking dull..ragini says are y r u looking sad dnt like
surprise…ap says nothing like that beta…ragini gives one look to laksh…laksh
smiles nd he cheers up all..but ap,sujatha continuously looks at stairs for
sanskar…ragini says k another surprise for u all…all r looking at ragini…ragini asks them
all have sit…they nodded nd sits then ragini
brings projector nd she puts cd in player…it
contains childhood pictures of sanlak nd their family….nd contains some videos…
In one video sanlak wr fighting(childhood)
,sanskar fault was in it but all r scolds laksh as sanskar was their pampered kid…
In another video how sujatha ap cries when sanskar going to school firstday..dp rp
laughs at them…

In another video- oneday sanskar got angry nd breaks d things in home..ap comes there
nd looks at sanskar nd says dnt break beta
u will get hurt…im hena saying this she starts breaking d things which is caused
sanskar smile….
And some of video about laksh nd sanskar pranks on laksh ..nd some funny family
videos…. Seeing all this all family mem had
teary eyed..laksh got emotional nd hugs ap
nd sujatha….some one also got emotional seeing all these…it was sanskar who was
seen this frm stairs….tears rolling down frm his eyes …he runs to ap nd sujatha nd hugs
them tightly…all r shocked as well as
happy…they cries(happily)…sanskar says sorry maa im really sorry while crying…ragini was surprised to him crying nd
felt happy…after a while sanskar brk d hug nd says maa will u plz forgive me…..ap wipes his tears nd says no need to say sry
beta…sujatha caresses his face nd kissed his forehead …dp nd rp also moves to them sanskar also hugs them nd said sorry…they all have a family hug…this is all seen by
ragini who was standing some far away frm them she felt happy…she rememberes her family nd tears starts frm her eyes ap
noticed ragini and asks her to come near them…she wiped her tears nd goes to them ap caresses her face nd says thank u beta its all bcz of u we r very lucky to have u as a
bahu nd she hugs ragini.,dp rp nd sujatha also appriciates her…sanskar smiled at ragini with moisty eyes…laksh said ok now
all stop crying…we should celebrate now…maa chachi come cut d cake…ap nd sujatha cuts d cake both r first feeds ragini..nd after sanlak….laksh complains see
na bhai our moms instead of feeding us first they feeds their bahu first how bad(he was just kidding)…ragini says dnt be jealous saying this she takes cake nd applied laksh
face..runs .laksh also takes cake nd chases ragini…ap says to sanskar im very happy about ragini she was such a sweet girl ..thank u for gvng ragini as a bahu…sanskar smiled…ragini came nd hides behind sanskar …sanskar said leave it na lucky …laksh said oh u r supporting ur wife na…sanskar says its not like that i was hungry come lets have dinner saying sanskar drags laksh…ragini smiles ….they had dinner

@ragsan room
Sanskar was in room ragini came nd says mr sanskar maheswari bacame cry baby today great.. sanskar doesnt said anything he hugs her tightly….ragini shocked but she felt comfortable with his hug..sanskar said thank u make me realize thank u so much….ragini was about to hug him back laksh knocks d door…sanskar broke d hug…ragini compose herself nd goes with laksh….

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